The Official Unofficial Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Evo2k8 Tournament!


WHEN: AUG 8 - 10 Friday - Sunday

WHERE: The Tropicana( Evolution 2k8 World See official site:

Highlights at this years EVO for GGXX:AC

  1. Special Event to be voted for. (See polls)
  2. Around 6 to 10 secured TVs in the BYOC room (providing west coast help out allot… I need systems and tvs guys ^^).
  3. Finals to be watched on big screen pending SRK’s staffs availability and judgment.
  4. Contact with Mint and Ruu is being made and will most likely be coming this year. (Need some help on confirmation of them and Miu also.)
  5. West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, Bama, Texas, and Florida collide!
  6. Judges to watch over matches.
  7. Digital Brackets that players agree upon before tournament time.
  8. Hellmonkey vs. Doren2k $100 match (More $$ to be added and more matches.)
  9. Direct PC recording able to capture hours of footage as well as open digital recordings… No waiting for DVDs this time boys and girls. Finals are fair game.
  10. Our own rules (with respect to SRK of course.)

There will be three different style formats this year. Here are the pending times (subject to change based on community) and dates:

4 Man pools of round robin. The size of the pools may increase based on preregistration size. Winners advance into bracket tournament.
Winner keeps the same character and the loser can change characters.
Starts: 1:00 PM Friday Aug 8 (Players will have pools and broad time slots for when they have to play)
$10 per player
Payout 70% 1st, 20% 2nd, 10% 3rd (of total pot)

3 man team in double elimination bracket (until something better is proposed)
Each character can only be used once in a team of 3 (e.g. two players. cannot both play Sol).
Each player in the tournament must stick with their character of choice for the entire duration of the tournament.
Each match begins with 1 player from each team playing against each other. The winner of that game remains at the console while the loser must leave and allow another member of his team to play. Once a player has lost, he may not play again. In this manner, the first team to accumulate 3 win (defeating all 3 members of their opponent’s team), is declared the winner.
Teams may choose which order their team members will fight. This decision does not need to be made in advance.
At the beginning of a match, the winner of a coin flip will be given to option of choosing which side they would like to play on (P1 or P2) or whether they would like to choose their first team member to play second.

Starts: 1:00 PM Saturday Aug 9 (Teams are expected to keep track of their teammates.)
$10 per player
Payout Winner takes all! (Subject to change based on prereg list.)

Special Event
Result of the poll TO BE UPDATED
Starts: 1:00 PM Sunday Aug 10
All details TBA

PLEASE START PREREGISTRATION FOR SINGLES HERE >>>> <<<<< . (Spirit Juice has offered his assistance in updating it daily for us.)

All finals of the events are also TBA when we receive confirmation on the large screen use.

All issues within the tournament will be handled by judges. If anyone has a problem with me being the end all say all (with of course taking others input), please let me know. We can work something out.

Pausing the game will result an instant loss against your opponent.

Button mapping allowed.

Changing your buttons or getting another stick/pad results in a loss for that game (not whole set.)

As always, if you have another game to attend to or have to be somewhere, please let me know ahead of time. Hopefully pools and teams will help this. If you are more then 15 minutes late, you will be disqualified.

Any distraction of the players equals disqualification. (Cheering and going crazy is fine tho.)

I am thinking of taking an extra 10 dollar entry fee from anyone who enters any tournament (only once, kinda like entry fee.) and putting it towards a winner take all pot for the special event. Thoughts?

Thanks goes to ShinBlanka as I used his FRXI post as a template.

I truly want to see numbers and expect numbers here. Final Round had 128 Guilty Gear players… A record for anything outside of Evolution and Asia. Our scene is growing huge and so is the hunger. This tourney is gonna be hype I promise. Come and still support Evo to help get back GGXX:AC next year… Or for haters, “If you can’t join them, beat em!”


This isn’t about hate or opposition. This is about our game and its community. Come support both and kick some ass at the same time.

All these other anti EVO/SRK threads and comments stop now. Please insert tourney hype. This is happening.

good shit. make things happen in the byoc! i will enter this

could we do same character alowed for 2v2?
Steve and I always wanted to be on the same team.

Only if you can sing Okkusenman perfectly while doing a handstand.

Sorry, everyone has to copy some guy that copied some guy that copied some guy that copied some guy that said hey lets force different character usage so we can pretend whatever game we’re talking about is balanced.

I’m in

<3 heidern- thanks for stepping up

most/all of houston’s gg players were set on skipping evo this year… hopefully this changes their minds.

i wasnt :frowning:

i need to step my game up tho. Good shit on this tourney.


I have 20 on doren aka worst jam alive aka mixups so bland makes starbucks taste poppin’

^his Jam can’t be worse than mine.

I’ll be expected to be @ EVO but not as a player, but I will accept any challenges, except MM’s, as casuals.

I love GG. count me in guys!!!:tup: