The Official Unpopular Food Opinions Thread

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(You can and should expect to read things you disagree with in here. That’s kind of the idea.)

First- While it’s true that gas station hot dogs are an appalling concept, sitting on rollers for God knows how long…They are ridiculously good. Sure, you feel like a hobo that finally collected enough change to nab a 2 for $2 deal at On The Run, but mm mm bitch.

Not gonna lie, those 7-Eleven hot dogs are pretty clutch. The Monterey Jack Chicken taquitos aren’t too bad either.

Popeye’s has the best fried chicken, fast food joint or not.

Pho sucks.

I had no intention of going further than that. Just come in, hit the thread with a guitar, and walk out.

Are we including beverages?

Basic Starbucks coffee sucks imo. Too bitter.

Chipotle is actually pretty good. Not even close to true Mexican food, but very tasty for gringo wraps.

pulled pork is shit, why would you want to shred meat to the point where you’d destroy probably the 2nd most important aspect imo of food and that’s texture.
Dont get why people champion it so much

i really really really like dunkin donut’s chicken biscuits

every bite makes me pre yo

I like frog legs.

Durian does not smell that bad

Chipotle is wack as fuck, but I do understand the appeal. A safe bet for when you need something ASAP Rocky and don’t want your asshole to blow out.

Black pudding is the best breakfast food.

Prawns are disgusting, they look like fucking insects, might as well be dunking grasshoppers underwater for a few days then eating them.

I must confess i’m not american so it’s quite a new thing here, maybe in the last 5 or so years so we dont have the variety you guys have so all i’ve had is our version which to me seems like something you’d give a person if there face had been caved in with a sledge hammer and were unable to eat solids.

Another one, takeaway pizzas, again more uk bashing on my part, but all or most of our pizza chains are terrible pizzahut papajohns dominos, especially dominos, there pizzas are substandard, now i’ve had real italain pizza and you’ll never ever replicate how the italains do theres but what you dont do is put shit like tandoori chicken or chinese chicken on it, barely put any topping on it barely any cheese and then charge a fortune.

And then all there sides like wings and stuff potato wedges are just nasty, i’m no food critic but it’s barely fit for human consumption, i could forgive all this is if it was cheap, and you can say “you get what you pay for” but all those major pizza chains are so expensive, there profit margins must be massive

  1. cheese, potatoes chips, and mustard sandwich is godlike
  2. ice cream with orange juice in it is good
  3. cinnamon toast crunch is still unfuckable with (go ahead a name a cereal that can compete, then smack yourself for that thought)
  4. the cook out has the best burgers in my area, there’s a red robin but you have to drive 30 miles to get to it
  5. Jamaican food is top tier
  6. People sleep on liver with gravy and rice
  7. Kroger’s (a grocery store) has the best fried chicken in their deli, it cost a little more but fuq it
  8. Macaroni and cheese with baked beans mixed in is god
  9. Pizza should only be eaten every know and then otherwise its going to taste terrible
  10. Deez Nuts for President

I’m out

yeah man shadow ace most west Indian food is top tier, man fried plantain is the ultimate, goes with everything, rice eggs beans, it’s the dogs bollocks i would recommend it
curried goat was good to but i’ve not had it for ages now

Smoke a pork butt for 10 hours and you don’t even need to pull it apart, it’ll just fall apart on it’s own if done right. Put that on a roll with some bbq sauce and coleslaw and it’ll be the best lunch you’ve ever had.

Seriously. I’m so glad i was born in the southern U.S… Sometime I meet people who have never had real BBQ and I’m like,“Why live?”

Also, deep dish pizza can suck the fattest dick. New York style all the way.

On those 7-11 hotdogs: They are selling those a buck apiece today and tomorrow. I feel like a super hobo but you only die once. Hypertension ftw.

Well done steak > rare steak.

The best meal ever is a well done Filet Mignon reheated in the microwave + ketchup.