The Official: What's happening to Conan O'Brian is bullshit. Show your support


Hey, I don’t know what everyone else knows about all of this, but Conan is basically getting fucked.

First read this

After reading that, if you’re a Conan fan and you don’t join this facebook group, you’re an ass.

I’ll keep adding more if more bullshit occurs. Please feel free to post your thoughts on this matter as well.


Millionaire’s show is pushed back a whole 30 min and continued to be paid millions. awwww. Conan is MUCH funnier though.


It’s the principal. He’s worked damn hard to get where he is. If it were someone you know getting worked you’d be pissed.


Yeah this is pretty bogus. Leno isn’t even funny…

at all.


I always wondered about his hair.


You can keep track of stuff here as it happens.


I’m gonna have to humbly agree…I didn’t think the news I heard earlier was true but now that I’m reading it on SRK…just wow




Just give up leno…you have enough fucking cars.

Conan is the man. I fucking grew up with him. I still find myself going back and watching alot of his skits (colonial baseball, the walker texas ranger lever, conando, that time he saved lincoln). Those were all genius, and i’ll be damned if he isn’t the most unique personality on late night. I was always scared about him going to the tonight show. At first i feared that he’d give up all his stuff for leno’s formula, but that was all laid to rest when the firts episode aired. Regardless what’s happening to him is fucked up. NBC need to hop off leno’s dick because that guy is a has been.

This man picked up his whole life, and that of his family and moved everything to LA to do this, and this is exactly how NBC repays him? Fuck that noise, get rid of Fallon, cause right now the only thing going for him is The Roots…



Man, I just heard about this and it is utter bullshit.

I remember watching this man when he had that 10 dollar fan on far end of his set and this humor was just too damn good and I was around 9 or so laughing my ass off. He worked damn hard to get where he is only to be screwed over by someone who was supposed to have retired.

Hopefully Conan will find a good home somewhere else, preferably that isn’t Fox.


this is the official thread? what abou tall the discussion going on here:


Didn’t Conan get a ridonkulously huge severance package? I mean, millions of dollars? Forty million, to be more specific? Yeah, I feel really sad for him. Why act all outraged by this? I mean, come on, $40 million is a lot more useful than principles. Silly people.


Too bad none of these guys supported Conan in the only way that mattered. WATCHING THE FUCKING SHOW.


Way to fucking necro bump a thread, when theres a huge one discussing the same thing that was newer.

Also, watching the show doesn’t matter, your view isn’t counted unless you’re one of the few people with a nielson box. So if you are one of the 25,000 people with a box, you can magically determine what the 114 million viewers are watching, and determine the ratings. It’s a bullshit system that isn’t even remotely accurate.


Not that it would have really mattered. As far as I know, the way ratings are calculated are through Nielsen boxes, and I would feel pretty comfortable claiming that the majority of the people who watch Conan’s show–the 18-29 year old demographic–wouldn’t exactly have them in abundance. It would be different if NBC actually incorporated other factors like Hulu or DDLs or torrents, but they don’t do that.


The network makes its money on advertisements. If you’re not watching that, the show isn’t making money. Those are the numbers that matter. The boxes are one of the ways these surveys are determined. It’s not some hokey backwoods magick ceremony. Millions of dollars are made on this shit. They don’t just count the aged crowd that falls asleep to Leno after the local news. I’m not in the business of making bad faith arguments like this, it’s silly. If shows with much smaller potential fanbases succeed all the time, than maybe it’s time we acknowledge that all these coco heads simply haven’t been doing their part. I’ll admit, I don’t watch the guy because I’m not REALLY FROM THIS COUNTRY AND I HAVE MY OWN LATE NIGHT DEMI-GODS, GOD BLESS THE QUEEN/JONATHAN ROSS.

I mean before his show moved times, he had a huge audience, that was apparently noticed by these very same boxes that just magically stopped recording all the people watching his show in his new slot? Was that what happened? Or did the audience simply not follow him? The network panicked, no doubt, but that’s only part of the problem here.


advertisers rely on neilson ratings


Those same Nielsen ratings rated his show very well when it was at its old time. So we can assume that the fact that the boxes aren’t in the homes of the people watching the show isn’t the issue. It’s that the audience simply isn’t following him to his new time.

People need to watch the adverts that support the show. This renders the fact that he has lots of viewers from torrents and Hulu irrelevant.


Conan is heading to TBS this fall!