The Official "Which character should i play?" Thread


I see questions like this come up all the time and i have yet to see an official thread for it. If we had an official sticky maybe threads like that wouldn’t take up space and get locked instantly.

So if we can build a list where.

If you like playing Remy in SF3, then you will probably like playing as guile.

And could perhaps build a list for people who play X character in Y game so they have a general idea.


I’ll start the first one.

I have a friend who wants to try SF4, longtime SF3 player on GGPO.

He loves playing as Urien with Aegis. Who would be a good character to start with?


There is a reason there is no official thread for this. There is a reason I close it every time it comes up.

The shorter version is: don’t be lazy. You’re one step away from asking people how to turn the game on. The harsh reality is, if you gotta ask this question, you need to spend more time in the Saikyo boards. You’re not ready for the other boards yet.