The Official Work It thread

The series is about to debut, and we’re on the ground floor.

It’s on! It’s on! It’s on!

Tom Hanks was the exception to the rule.

The rule being, “Lol - what career after drag?”

This is the best show of all time, so far.

I’m left to wonder if shows like Modern Family and The Simpsons were initially slept on.

Work It walked the fine line between raunchy and tasteful, leaving the naughty up to the viewer’s imagination. The guy from How I Met Your Mother and Sucre from Prison Break have been cast in what will no doubt be known as their career-defining roles, hereafter.

The plot left me thinking, “I can see where THIS is going,” only to be pleasantly surprised and proven wrong. It also offered thought-provoking insight on gender roles, especially in the work place. After last night’s pilot, I’m confident we’ll have season after season of this show to enjoy. Don’t miss out, guys.

Moments before the show returns tonight, I’m happy to report Work It is going to get a FULL 10 EPISODE RUN. I obviously won’t be on SRK for the next half-hour, so if you need anything…Too Bad!


Oh, I thought this thread was about hot girls moving seductively.