The Official Yatterman 2 Question and Answers Thread



since no one has made the thread yet, i don’t mind making one…:razz:
Here we should ask questions regarding stuff about ym II. such as combos, rave strings or hc setups adv. techs.
i should start first.

Does Yatterman II and Yatterman I make a good team?(not that i would want ym I on my team ew :crybaby:)


I’d say yes, but I wouldn’t play that team with Y2 on point. Y1’s assist is horrible, all he can provide is an amazing Variable Counter. Y2’s assist, however, is godlike - It’s very fast, maybe the fastest in the game, hits high and causes surprisingly long hit-stun and block-stun, making it great for Y1’s resets, pressure and combo potential.


oh lol i hate ym1 Dx. another q. im new here, can someone explain to me whats all this tlk about “2A 2B 5C”


Its called 4 button notation. Its the notation people use for this game. If your new here go check out the Basics Thread, and also the shoryuken wiki for tvc. I’ll do you a solid and stick the links below for ya k buddy :smiley:
The wiki explains 4 button notation. Try to learn it and you will learn this game a lot easier.


which partners are best for yatter 2 i wanna play her but she doesnt combo into anything but lvl 3 i think im new so i think im lookin at the wrong things as far as how this game goes… like wat are the main elements in having a successful team? and who does yatter have these elements with?


oooooh ok thanx bruh. :smiley: ok tell me if i got this right. 2A = 2 Lows? 2B = 2 Mids? 5C = Launcher?


The number in front of the letter determines the position of the joystick. Look at your numpad on your keyboard. The 2 is on the bottom, so the means “2A” is a crouching light attack. “2B” is a crouching attack also, except you use the medium attack. “5C” isn’t the launcher, “3C” is. “5C” is just a neutral heavy attack, while “3C” is the launcher for every character, meaning you hold the stick down-forward, just like where the 3 is on you numpad.

Hope that cleared things up XD


thanx hellsoldier i watched a vid that made it easy sorry you guys >.<

Allright, I must know. Us vs PTX? Ai Chan Downhill Battle?


No problem.

Against PTX…yeah, thats not a very good match up. Unless you are very good at blocking, then you are going to have a hard time. If I’m going against either giant, I’m going to at least have Saki or Tekkaman Blade on my team. There’s just no much you can do against him with her…except do her mash attacks XD


What you should be doing against PTX is using Chun Li tactics. Get above him and spam C stabby stabs to keep him locked in super armor, then summon a tekkaman assist. Also remember to call your robot all the time, because it’s very annoying.


lulz yeah i cp tekkaman blade against giants.:rofl: