The OFFICIAL "yo he got the mango sentinal" Color Edit Thread

A lot of people have been asking me for this one, so here it is…the Official Mango Sent featured in that infamous video we have all come to love.

I actually only kept this Sent in my mix for a short time, who’d of thought it would’ve caught on so much. I’m not even sure how the fuck it got to Ohio to be honest, but oh well. I’ve also included the “Superman/Minty Magnus” even though I never intended him to look like superman.


Mango Sent Color Code


Superman/Minty Magneto Code


Here’s some screens from the upcoming mix.

Updated 3/29: (the beam flickers so the cap was at an off reflection, it looks flawless in motion)

Updated 3/31:

Aw shit the knicks! and damn doc that golden Cable and Doom is looking pretty sweet :lovin:

excellent doc!! wait…how the hell am i supposed to figure out those color codes foo!

You copy it, go into PalMod, select all, and paste it. :arazz:

thekid raises a good point, I’ll see if I can tweak the palmod code to accept color strings with the damned SRK space in them ( “(#10000F111FFFFF5FFF5DEF3AEF04AFFD9FFA8FD87FA51FC1 5F904F803F402F201)” shouldn’t have a space in it).

edit: nevermind, works fine in the latest code, like i thought it would. good work suupabuu. you have an earlier version.

CRIMSON E.M. DISRUPTOR!? :woot: Hot fire!

fucking dope ironman there and sents there

Thats sick darth mags FTW!

how friggin wack :annoy: palmod wont let me paste the code…


The source code suupabuu uploaded fixes this. If you want to use my private palmod version, that would probably work. My private palmod is not supported: suupabuu is the only one you should really trust to produce builds.

My unsupported build of palmod:

BACK UP YOUR FILES. Just in case.

still no dice…:shake:…
Edit: preppy your version doesnt on my pc it just says “error could not load resources”…although im runnin vista, which might the problem no?..

Paste the string you tried pasting here.

It seems like a lot of colors have been thought up by multiple people already. I thought I was the only one with a King Midas Doom edit.

Now I need to work on my “Gang Warfare” mix, which will feature nothing but gang colors.

I just tried pasting the sent. code without the space, near 8 towards the end…

You fucked up. Look at the string again. You decided to leave out characters, thus: fail.

(#10000F111FFFFF5FFF5DEF3AEF04AFFD9FFA8FD87FA51FC1 5F904F803F402F201)

What happens if you just copy that full entire string? Magic, right?

Magic and kittens!

Apoligees for my ignorance…:sweat:…thx for the help

You guys are too good with the colors now. But if I ever start seeing yall change the stages then that would be too sick.

Very nice thanks doc!:tup::tup: When will this release of the mix come out btw?

Good shit with the color edit guys.