The Ohio State University Marching Band (TBDBITL) halftime tribute to video games (must watch!)


This happened last night at the Nebraska game during halftime. A must watch for anyone who loves either video games/Ohio State/marching bands/drills and/or music. Please watch!!

Games include Pokemon, Tetris, Mario, Halo, Zelda, Pac Man & more!


HD version of this performance with Script Ohio at the end!!



GDLk especially galloping epona, must have taken a long time to memorize.


I didn’t understand the initial Halo formation.


ive watched this at least 3 times this morning. this is amazing! lol


go buckeyes!!!


I’m ElderGOD and I rate this thread absolutely GODLIKE.


HD version with Script Ohio after the game tribute!



When the mario theme came on I am pretty sure I creamed my pants.


The horse


makes me miss drum corps :sad:


too fucking godlike!


This would so be awesome in the VIDEO SECTION. It would even be better if it wasn’t already posted in the Lounge as well. I bet the last time Tim Static was impressed with something, he had discovered one of those new fangled hand wash sinks that automatically turns on and off for you.


this was um… cool.