The Oily Parry: A Discussion Thread?



Watching the matches this weekend from EVO made me realize one of the bigger holes in my game, and that would be my lack of working in a proper usage of focus attack, focus cancel dashes, and FA parries.

I believe part of the problem (and not just with me, but a lot of players from what I’ve seen) is that there is not a great way to establish good habits with these moves in real matches. This is a shame, as I really believe that Hakan’s malleability with his focus attack is what could truly give him an advantage in a competitive setting (especially in correlation with his very, very adaptable and usable normal moves).

I certainly feel that these points I’ve listed is what is keeping me, personally from improving more, as I feel like I’ve hit a wall in my game after a year and half of play with him.

So, I figured it couldn’t hurt to open a theory and application discussion on the best ways to practice and enforce good habits in matches to use crisco canceling, parrying via focus attacks, and general, entry level focus attack shenanigans using Hakan.

I’ll add more myself later (oh, being at work…) But, if anyone wants to get the ball rolling with a question or comment their own, please do.


I’d like to ask the people who can do focus parrying, how they manage to do it so quickly? Is it just raw speed or is there some buffering or something involved?

For instance every time I try I seem to always see like half of the dash before my normal comes out (, most of the time). However if I watch someone like Samurai Drew his seem almost instant.


I mean, it’s just something you learn to do. It has become a habit for me to do and is second nature. Thinking someone is gonna poke? Parry it into something. You can’t really explain to someone when or why to do it, it just comes with experience and testing.


Well, the way I do focus parrying is to input either the forward dash for the back dash motion, and on the second input of either the forward or backdash motion you press any attack button at around the same time, almost plinking. So it would be Forward Forward+lk or Back Back+lk. Also, when you want to focus parry into a crouching normal, input a Forward Forward->downforward+attack or Back Back->Downback+attack. Its easier than it sounds once you get the hang of it, you pretty much drag your thumb (or joystick) after you input the second motion downward then attack.

Also, Hakan has like a super tackle when you input Forward Forward->downforward+HP. That move covers like 70% of ground from a full screen away. Its ridiculous.

Hope you guys post vids of your focus parrying skills!


I’m already a lifetime member of the dnc cr.hp club, so awesome as you can often get the tick into SPD afterwards if people aren’t aware of it.


I can relate to the issue of having trouble understanding how to parry react so quickly. I think, though, that part of my problem is holding on to the FA buttons for too long, when instead I should just be hitting them and letting go.

I’ve recently starting trying to control the ground game with mid screen footies, using F+HP, F+HK and F+MK. I feel like that between those and Hakan’s moveable FA, he has a lot of ability to control movement (not to mention you can sometimes catch backdashers off guard with an oiled slide if you haven’t been slide-spamming.

I guess my next question would be involving the application of focus parrying and dncing into Hakan’s SPD. Is this the prefered up-close punish after a successful parry, or should you be considering linking into oil slide with F+lp or crouching MK? I guess there is some merit to the oil slide followup, since you get a potential free oil, but maybe this is more situational than I am giving it credit for.

I need to get my digital camera in working order so I can do videos.


I also forgot to mention something about the timing on when you get hit, I find that if you can time the hit to the point where right when you get hit, you input your first forward or backdash motion at the same time, then follow the second directional input with an attack, it really helps out. I first learned in the training room by setting up a yun to dive kick and mash cr.lp afterwards. But that’s if you are anticipating an attack and have that focus attack held down. Ideally you’ll want to try and almost plink all the inputs so its less obvious and the moves come out quicker.

You know you can also tick into spd with Forward+MK? That caught me by surprise when I discovered it too haha. Good stuff man.


I’ve always meant to try the parry, but the problem for me is, well,… people press buttons… As much as I love the concept of this, either the jump in is already safe and too deep for me to punish, or even I try to parry during frame traps and I end up eating an attack.

What would really help is if someone who really knows how to use and apply the Oily Parry makes a video showing how to properly perform this according to different situations. Right now, I can’t find a good vid except for the Low Tier Entertainment video. But I think as a community, we can pool together and flesh out a real tutorial.


I was going to mention that Low Tier video, as that’s really the only instructional I’ve seen. I do remember UltraDavid posting some very rough edit videos of showing some Hakan-based oil shenanigans, but they were a bit hard to understand.

I played with my girlfriend last night, with the idea that I would practice trying to get parries off, only to run into that same problem. I either do it too early, or I try to hit too many buttons or the buttons too fast and instead of dashing out of the parry I just stand still and eat a follow-up.

Also, I guess it doesn’t help that she uses Cammy and has so many freaking armor breakers that the point was moot.


Parrying isn’t necessarily about punishing things, if that’s the case you’re not thinking about it right. When you talk about parrying jump ins, you’re not using it to ‘punish’ a jump in, what you’re doing is taking an offensive manoeuvre by the opponent, and turning it into an offensive situation for yourself. So not only do you have a plethora of options afterwards, (Hit confirm into slide, SPD, pressure) you’re putting the opponent on the defensive, and there’s a good chance you’ll make the opponent second guess themselves too. Remember you don’t always have to parry a jump in, you can use focus attack level 1, and cancel into something to create some offense.

What I’d say to work on is parrying into jabs or st.lks, that way you when you do it you can either hit confirm it into slide, or tick into oil rocket. It all depends, what are people having trouble with, parrying jump ins or using it on the ground?


Odd thing is, I do try on parries to FADNC into crouching light kick so I can tick to SPD. And yes, I concentrate on parrying jump ins, but I guess I still have trouble with timing (like DCing the FA too early).


has anyone tried fadc->kara focus?

edit: I couldnt get it to work, but I remember a while back reading that doing focus off of s.F+rk gives you focus and the autotech. :-\


Not sure I understand. I do remember AGES ago Ultradavid mentioning something about kara’ing (is that right?) Towards HK into focus…giving you an unthrowable focus attack. I think he said it was incredibly hard to do though and got it like 1 out of 50 attempts…


i’m messing around with it all. and just so other people are clear about oil and throws(b/c I wasnt), hakan can only s.F+rk tech when oiled, and is throw invincible in EX squeaky dive when oiled.

edit: I rescind my comment in another thread. oiled-EX squeakydive does infact protect him against all throws >.>