The Oklahoma State Fighting Game Championship Results

The Oklahoma State Fighting Game Championship Results.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

1st) Joey (Ultimate Faust)
2nd) Blake
3rd) Phoung

Capcom vs. SNK 2

1st) Wes (SNK Guitarist)
2nd) Eric v2.0
3rd) Matt

Hyper Street Fighter 2: Aniversary Edition

1st) Wes (SNK Guitarist)
2nd) Dark Geese (Dark Geese)
3rd) Eric (DaytoendallDays)

OSC was f**ken awesome guys. The shit rocked. Hope everyone had fun. Thanks to Shawn Barfield and his Wife for coming down and getting alot of good footage. Can’t wait to get the vids, I can only post up so much though, cause the DVD will be on sale some time in early 2K6. Thanks for letting me host the first OSC guys, it was a pleasure. It went very smooth too, and thank you to the people that provided equipment, even if it wasn’t used. Can’t wait till next year. Thanks for coming!!!

Yes indeed it was good!!

Fun indeed, must do again…please keep me posted…I will want to come back down again to play some more…

Good job to everyone nice meeting everyone Good Job again Joey beasting with Q…:clap:

I gotta enter CVS2 next time…

GG’s to everyone, 3s could of gone anyway between 2nd-6th…

I am eric btw…

Oh, thanks

wow. small turnout for 3s.

There where more then 6 people in every tournament, I just didn’t pust them down.

What were the numbers for the tournaments?

Hey Li, when are you gonna put some match vids up??:karate:

Sence I can’t capture audio on my jacked up laptop, I’m going to have to take it to Shawn’s house so he can fire wire that shit. Then, I’m more then likly going to put up one match. Due to the selling of the DVD, I wouldn’t like to actually put to meny matchs up on the web so, I hope you understand.

The entire tournament only like 35 showed up. We had like 50 up first, then alot of them jumped out in the last 2 weeks (not bashing, just saying). Hopefully, after people see the skill that the OK crew has (on the DVD), it will seem like a worth while tournament to go to next year.

This is our goal!

Can you post the top 10 out of each tourney?

Can you post the top 10 for each tournament and in brackets say how many people were in each tournament? This goes to my record book.

Thanks Li and sorry if this caused you some inconvenience.

No prob. At this time I don’t have the brackets on me. Ill get to them when I can. Peace.