The old 15th anniversary stick


I planing on putting the xbox 360 fightstick pcb in there and switch out the button and joy with sanwa part will it work?


Switching the buttons and joystick to Japanese parts isn’t going to be an easy task, they mount quite a bit differently from the American parts. You should be able to throw some competition buttons and an iL stick in there without any cutting involved, though, if you don’t mind the feel of American parts.

As for the pcb, I’m assuming you meant a fightpad pcb. I’d personally try to find a cheaper alternative, like the CG madcatz pads that gamestop sells rebranded as their own, or the NeoSE that walmart sells, it’s also a rebranded madcatz. Both work great for making a stick, and shouldn’t set you back nearly as much as a fightpad, even if you have to buy new.


What about the happ perfect 360 anyone know? If it doesnt work then whats better happ competition joystick or the il 8 way? Whats the difference between them anyway why does the il 8 way cost more than the happ competition stick?


The il was what Happ used as their default stick before the comp stick ever came out …or is that the other way around. Anyway, you can’t really tell the difference between the two although some say you can. I went with the Happ comp stick and it’s exactly what North American arcades use at least here in Toronto. My buddy has the il in one of his mods and to me it feels pretty much the same.

As for A Perfect 360, it’s great but also costly and the comp stick will do just fine especially for its price. But if you have the money go with a 360 although I never had one and would not know if their easy to hook up or have issues etc.