The OLD Orlando Thread

New thread!

I swear you guys go through threads like hot cakes.

We should just make a list of people who aren’t going. It’ll be shorter.

I’m now a proud owner of a working TvC, After hours of hard work and sweat Anthony isn’t the only one in Orlando with it. But I have to say that game is way too easy and cheesy at the same time. Look forward to playing with any of you. I’m forced to learn the game on a Classic Wii Controller lol.

told you. if its in final round tough im playing it.

speaking if which. am i in?

Had a little snag with TvC. Anyone else that has it ever had the system just freeze right after you beat the game and watch the end scene. It happened to me, Had to pull out the power cord and restart my system but then it worked again no problem.

jose: Are you in what?

alex: money match tonight? GOGOGOGOGO!

I’m a lil sick so I’ve just been laying low, Once I feel better I’m in. Haven’t played the game enough yet to get stuff down, but I’ve read the wiki and know how to do everything.

Question Warlock,

If my brother bought a newer Wii, can they be downgraded in firmware, or buying an older one from someone is the only bet?

What’s the point of a money match if you know what you’re doing? I’m trying to rape you with the two button lockdown.

Firmware can be downgraded. I had to downgrade mine.

A i’ll be comming to the tourny in daytona i wanted to know if you able to solder a ps2 controller board for me, the stock one in my anniversary stick just wont work with Adaptors at all i hate that, so if you able to do one for me then mail it down to me i can surely pay you for it, and if oyur also able to do 360 ones as well i have a second anniversary stick i would like to use that one on or just do two in one, let me know… :Thumbs up:

Tired of people that i should and can beat, beat me because my stupid xbox pad wont move or charge at all

Amp, do you have HD remix?


Then you should play more often. It’s only fair I beat you in HD as you murk me in TvC. Also, I was watching youtube vids of the girl with the yo-yo, she’s good. I have an eye for talent. Your ninja is broken, too…

for the final round tourn mennnng. im asking if i can roll with ya. u know u gotta add me to your roster. me lee and calm are like the oreo stooges lmao

Anthony, are you down tonight? I think I fixed my car. I need to test it by driving to your place.

wassup with this weekend guys?

My bad yo. i didn’t even see this message until today. I’m down tomorrow if you want to roll through. I’m trying to get as much practice as I can before FR.

The UFC is tomorrow isn’t it?


Nobody I care about is fighting. Shit looks garbaj in my opinion.

Tomorrow as in Saturday? Or Tomorrow as in “Still feels like yesterday” tomorrow? Which would be today.