The old school game magazine scan thread


The other day I went into my chest full of Electronic Gaming MOnthly and Gamepro magazines (lots of mags from 1990 and beyond) and thought I’d decided to scan impressive stuff and show them to y’all. So I think I’ll start this off with old Street Fighter and SNK related ads, articles and other shit like that.

First the Street Fighter 1 lookback in EGM, June 1993.

EDIT: IN this case, Fighting Street for Turbografx 16 CD.


cough cough cou-Fighting Street-gh


The SF Timeline in the same issue, the latest was when SF2: Turbo was released on SNES and Champion Edition on PC Engine Hucard.


Street Fighter Alpha…er…Legends.


Bring on some Streets Of Rage…


Hmm haven’t scanned any SoR stuff yet, but now that you mentioned it, I think I’ll do just that. Aight, Samurai Shodown II preview, November 1994.


Oh man, I have that issue somewhere and I remember wanting that game so badly. I think it was an EGM2 mag.


I remember reading those mags back in 6th-8th grade. Good ol’ EGM, those were the days…

Classic SF2, Mortal Kombat 2, Final Fantasy VI, Killer Instinct…

Good times, good times…:smiley:

major props if you can find BOTH Sheng Long April Fools’ jokes…