The old SRK and the new SRK

I joined under Jion_Wansu as well back in 2001, but somehow my SRK account got deleted through the migrations or something. DevilJin 01 know who I am.

Oh, and this below is still hilarious:

A post from the above link:

I also miss Rsigley troll threads, they were some good times. Also Million started the Hot family members thread a LONG time ago, that was some really really funny stuff.

Times have definitely changed. Can’t believe I’ve been part of this forum for so long. GD was like crack back in the 2002-2005 period, guess it had a lot to do with the posters of the time. I still laugh about that bait thread called, “Girlfriend is preg what do I do?” where the guy was complaining that his girlfriend was asking him to help pay for an abortion because that was money he was saving to go to EVO. Guys were so mad in that thread lol.

Rsigley’s bait threads were good early on but felt a little forced later. How many of you remember Bloody Youkai and Red Queen? They don’t make em’ like that around here anymore. Oh, SRK golden years…

The raids…

Sort if, he was talking about not eating for a month and living solely off of sunlight. I could probably necro the thread.

DAMN, just clicked a bunch of old posts and came across this. I kind of remember using that K-Groove Yun team:

From here: The 707 Sonoma County Thread

I’ll go check waybackmachine or something to find that hilarious post with SAVALAS/Johnny Justice, etc. Also, yeah, Pertho, would be interesting to see that Apoc one again.

Also, why hasn’t the greatest thread of all time been stickied? I basically lived what jcasetnl wrote about and I added my 2 cents to that thread as well.

All you new schoolers need to do is read the first page:

@Preppy is it possible to see these threads? How would the current URL be written if these threads have not been deleted…

Gaia invasion (2004). SA.M and some others went SKEET bombing on another forum, it started out as jokes but it turned personal.

The old thread IDs usually map to current thread IDs, so you can use base
to find some threads. Other threads are harder.

HOWEVER. During the transition from … vBulletin to … XenoForums (I think) some older dead accounts got converted to dead accounts. Then when we upgraded to Vanilla those dead accounts got converted to SYSTEM accounts. Due to a bug in Vanilla, those accounts could be logged into and updated by anybody and so threads got thrashed. As part of cleanup, all threads created by long dead accounts got purged and are gone forever from SRK. So. I don’t know what thread you’re talking about. Some will just be gone, such as the PNW’s legendary GET TO KNOW A NEGRO… BETTER! thread. rip :sad:

edit: The Wayback Machine can be used to find some if they don’t exist on SRK any more. :\

Word…feels like I been posting here forever. So much shit has come and gone and, sad as it is, I dont really remember much of it. Some of them old names though…Jive Turkey Jones, Souporman…whatevers…shit.

Anyhow…the old SRK = Wild West movie style (anything went as long as you could hang). SRK today = get banned sucka

I went to the first page of this thread and recognized some names from when I signed up here. Took me back.

Nope, didn’t work?

That last thread was the HSF2 Bad Games Thread or something from 2006 I think… With Original Don, Beef Bowl, and that guy that used WW Guile and only used jab, dizzy, jab, redizzy…

Anyone tried those websites that archived old sites?

Try It goes back to 2000
Forums -

lol forgot about the days when the site would go down during holidays like Thanks Giving :rofl:

Some old skool logos

What’s the actual old URL for this missing thread?

That’s a good thing. Take that cosplayer wigger wearers!

But I don’t know if all you newfound Star Wars fans are a good thing…

gonna geek this place up with your full body animal hair suits :wasted:


Proof I was here before 2011. Scroll towards the middle-end of this page…

Anyhoo, this definitely brings back memories, and Weeks’ summary of the situation is still hilarious: