The Olympics Thread


Who’s ready?


Can’t wait for the Zika to go global.


Fucking bots


Zika Olympics 2016 is gonna be all sorts of hilarious. But im ready for gymnastics, tkd, judo and wrestling


Well considering kai greene prob isnt entering i think phil heath will win his 6th olympia easily #LE6ACY


I heard karate will be added to the 2020 games.

I’ll be watching wrestling and the other martial arts


Oh, it’s WKF/Shotokan rules.


Come back when Sanshou is an olympic sport (Punch/kick/knee/throw)


I don’t know w abut you bit back in 2001 went to an event in HI where chops, takedowns, kicks, punches, shins could be used


Rio sure as hell isn’t ready.


Oooh… the symbol for this year is a satanic penis. Illuminati really stepping it up now!



It would depend on the event, mostly.

WKF-style competition is usually point-stop, like Olympic Taekwondo. No low strikes, elbows or knees. But, you can strike to the back, as well as the back of the head, and you can still do leg sweeps.

Something like Sanshou would be a really good fit because it basically combines Muay Thai and Judo. It uses a red/blue uniform system, and most of the striking is long range, like the other Olympic martial arts (boxing/taekwondo). You can’t clinch for more than 5 seconds unlike MT, and you usually can’t elbow, but you can legit throw people, like, full-on Judo-style throw, instead of just tripping or sweeping.


Yeah after the throw you got to do a follow up, like a punch or kick or it doesn’t count


Not in most Sanshou rulesets. The sport is generally about knockdowns, not ground fighting. Bouts are paused after a successful throw, you don’t go to ground like MMA.

Typically it’s like:

2 points: kick to body or head, any knockdown where attacker remains standing, or any throw where the attacker gets up immediately.

1 point: leg kicks, any punch, any throw reversal, any throw where attacker doesn’t get up immediately.

IKF awards 3 points for explosive throws (say if you managed to cleanly suplex or slam someone).


US won the 1st gold medal. Way to go!


So this woman ais 41 years old competing against girls half her age. Age is just a number…


Looks like Phelps is back in the game. Bolt and Phelps ftw


In gymnastics, age is a death sentence. She’s a diamond in the rough, most gymnasts still retire in their 20s, if not before.


I think it also has to do with what comes with the age. A lot of these girls are competing while they’re still growing. Height is a big disadvantage. She’s 41, but she’s actually shorter than Gabby Douglas is now. Also women’s bodies fill out differently than men do when they finish puberty. The interesting thing about Simone Biles is that she’s 4’9", but she’s 19. She probably isn’t going to grow anymore. She may be able to compete for a while.


its not age its damage. what this sport does to peoples bodies before they hit 20 is criminal. so few can sustain such a high level for long. i know alot of gym rats and the amount of acl,mcl, back,neck injuries sustained before college is insane.

i do like that their are alot more avenues for gymnasts once their done. like mma did for wrestling, parkour/ninja warrior/stunts are doing for gymnasts.


Absolutely. The price you pay for perfect form is arguably too much.

You do tend to find older gymnasts amongst the men, though (perhaps because they don’t do things like beam or uneven bars, but do a lot more upper body events), but from what I understand the women especially tend to retire younger.