The Olympics Thread


I doubt if Kyokushin makes the cut…


I would love it if it was Okinawan as that is what I’m familiar with.

Would there be a problem with just allowing any type of Karate, just as long as it’s an established form of Karate?


WKF rules, probably. You could be from any style you want as long as you use the WKF ruleset.

Expect to see some ITF TKD guys pop up, too. The rules are similar.

I don’t know if Kata is an event, but WKF allows most Kata from most Karate styles.


Cross posting

Not only did the US own in Rio this year, but they also showed the chess world which is also recognized by the IOC:

Final standing:


@Wasted and everyone else

New news:


Remember this:

From wikipedia:


Apparently tickets aren’t selling nearly as well as expected due to NK being in the news. Might be able to scoop some seats to the less popular events for hella cheap.


Curling is good




This is the only good to ever come of curling:


We had this almost 10 years ago:


Michelle Kwan today @ 37…


I like the reactions lol


those Russian girls on the curling team are hott!!!


USA winning with those asian genes lol


This Girl Wins the Olympics

Sorry for not finding the original Twitter post, but I got some burbon chicken here for lunch


No, no…


Anastasia Bryzgalova


Thank god for almost nothing but women’s coverage of the Winter Olympics on NBC :clapdos:



who won?