THE OMG SALE! (a lot of good stuff, look)

  • Paypal only.
  • First come first serve.

Comic Books/Manga:

The following are $5 a piece unless noted (all are in paperback form and not in comic book volumes):

Crying Freeman Vol 1
Lone Wolf and Cub Vol 1
Hellboy Vol 1
Hellboy Vol 2
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol 1
Thor Essentials Vol 1-3: $5 a piece or $12 for all

Hong Kong Comics (All Jademan US version):

Oriental Legends (I have most of the volumes, I just missing about two or three volumes of the later issues and then I would own all the volumes). $1 a piece.
Iron Marshal (I own a number of volumes of it): $1 a piece.

Manga US Comic Book editions (mangas that were brought to the US and release in comic book style):

Baoh (all issues, eight of them I believe): $10 for all issues.
Cobra (all issues, good comic): $15 for all issues.

Criterion stuff:

The 400 Blows Blu-Ray: Watched it just once, mint: $20

I’ll try to see what other crap I have for sale, so keep looking I guess!


Some items has been sold!


Videodrome and Joystick has been sold.