The On Blast Show Ep40: Going Ham Exposing All

(Episode40 Preview)
The truth lies and everything in between will be exposed tonight!

Also Final Round after match!
What happened who did what and how did it go!

Injustice Demo is out so we will give our thoughts and everyone else to see how they feel about the game!

All this and more on the show Tuesday Night at 10:00pm Est!

(Questions Updated)
We will be taking questions over twitter and we will be reading them live on the show.
You can use the Hashtag #TheOnBlastShow to submit your questions!

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(Last Week Episode39)
Guests List: Jebailey, NycFurby, Rolando, Triforce, Tom Brady, Cdjr, Phase 3, SwiftTomHanks, Pherleece, Alex Panter, Kelvin/Buck, The Truf, KingofSarus, Macewind, DevilMaySpy, Crossner, Skeletorg, Digimon, Josh Rodriguez, Mrjaha & Mfbiscuits