The One Fighting Style you want to see in more games


You know, you have your grapplers, shotos, zoners, etc. But which would you like to see more in fighting games?

For me, I’d love to see more of the Zui Quan style (Drunken Boxing), especially in 2D fighters. Chin on KOF is the only one I know of that uses it. I’d love to see some young practitioners of the technique as well, like Brad Wong. Not every stinkin’ drunk is an old man, you know.


If weapon styles count…

More characters wielding a kusaragitama, a la Axl Low from the Guilty Gear series…just with more explosive flair.’s_Instant_Kill/296px-Axl_Low’s_Instant_Kill.jpg


Earthquake & Basara.


whatever the thing that carl clover is (clap loop), i guess theres also kohaku x whoever in melty and to a lesser extent, the puppet chick in arcana and rachel alucard

rocket racoon is pretty fantastic too

yeah so i guess… shitty characters people dont use so that my ego isnt too threatened, but who still have endless shit to try

oooh i also love post-nerf yun no joke

edit- saw a japanese marvel stream and must retract any implications that RR doesnt get played lol, he like japanese ryu now


More Shotokan


Maybe an exclusive BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) practitioner…incorporated through a grappler obviously.


I painted a redesign of Scorpion from MK that used kusarigama. I’ll post it up when i’m not on my phone.

Honestly I’d like more transforming fighters kind of like bloody roar, but maybe with a super sentai theme or something like the Parasyte comic.

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Here it is.


A Sonny Chiba character from the Street Fighter.



Runaway ala MvC2 Storm.


why dont more people rep bloody roar!? i have never been a worse person then i am in that game as long za tigah =D

also, great scorpion painting


Shun Di in Virtua Fighter uses Drunken Kung Fu.

As for me, more hydro characters. Water is underrepresented when there’s so much fire and electricity going around. Notable hydros include Rikuo/Aulbath from Darkstalkers, Rain from MK, Nagare from Rival Schools (who fights in fins?), and Ayame form Power Stone, I guess. I’m sure I’m missing some.


crab style kung fu.


Whatever style Shen and Shenlong had from bloody roar, my first fighting game. I loved those guys and that game.


Carlos from pychich force.

I’m not sure whats its call but I liek characters who primary traits lies in counter or attack nullification.
examples. Blazblue hakumen, Guilty Gear Anji/Baiken, Fate Unlimited Code Assassin, King of Fighters Seth/Kasumi/Chang/Maxima


It would be cool to see a fighter who’s meter can be dedicated to achieving a more powered-up form. And I don’t mean like Jean Grey where it’s automatic; I mean where you can choose to go into that form and activate it at anytime, even in the middle of a combo. Kind of like Frank West.


Pro Wrestling. Tekken’s got King, VF’s got Wolf, DOA’s got Tina. I want to do shining wizards and giant wings in 2D fighters too.


SLAMMASTERS II-Ring of Destruction, if you can get another human to play it with you while drinking, you will have a good night


Whatever it is people in the various armies of the world use, whether it’s the SAS, the Israeli Special Forces, the Gurkhas, etc.

Eskrima/Kali from the Philippines.

Karnov’s fighting style


Its the same fighting style as Yun & Yang mixed with moves from Fist of the North/South star,

and with that i want to see more fist of the north star style fighters in games :tup: