The one question everybody is REALLY wondering about Vergil



When he does Forward C (Stinger), why does he put the sword away behind his back? AS IF HE IS DANTE OR SOMETHING?

This is quite infuriating. Its been bugging me every single time I throw out a random stinger in a match without canceling it with anything else and letting the animation idle (Which is often).

Its gotten to the point where I’ve began dropping combos because i can’t stop thinking about it. I mean…why? There is no sheath there, Vergil! It’s right there on your hip, with your sword still in it! What the hell are you doing!?


I believe he has “swords” like in the dmc games. Basically think of it as a beefy spiral sword.

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A nice attempt, Mr. “I send things from my DROIDX using Tapatalk”. But This answer will not satiate my thirst for truth. His spiral swords are blue and meager in size, and are thus not Virgil’s signature weapon. Hell, they can’t even kill anything- they just float around his waist and gently prod enemies. During his level 4 super they don’t even fly into the enemy- they just hover around them and making “whoosh” noizes and such while their HP drops frm something else (Shame from Vergil turning his back on them?)


I think you are referring to Force Edge. In DMC 3 when you are playing as Vergil he has two swords: the Yamato, which is the one in the sheath, and the Force Edge, which is the one he use stinger with. i may be wrong because i haven’t played DMC 3 in a long time, but just like UMVC3 he pulls the Force Edge out of his back and puts it back after Stinger.


Yeah thats what I was thinking but it looks like its a force edge with the same energy as spiral sword. Its in the canon like how his katana doesnt stinger and he uses another sword for certain moves. Its been a while since I played dmc also.

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he puts his sword away behind his back in his victory pose, too.
also, a bunch of his moves look like dante’s.


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lagoon has it right, his stinger is with the force edge which is also why it doesnt cancel projectiles like the yamato (stand H)


He is using force edge just like said in dmc 3 he has two swords the one he carries around in his hand, then the one strapped to his back. I guess capcom just didn’t want to add the force edge to vergil’s character model.


yeah man, thats force edge, the sword dante begins DMC1 with. thats why vergil does dante-ish moves with it like stinger and helm smash!


this is pretty much answered, Vergil uses Force Edge for stinger.
Force edge is also used for round trip and helm breaker.

Interesting fact: when round trip is on the screen, Vergil loses the ability to use stinger and helm breaker (weapon missing, lol)


His Sword is Force Edge its from DMC3 The Katana he uses is Yamato.Pretty funny because Vergil never uses Yamato much and also when he “Died” he didn’t use Yamato.I think if Vergil was really used how he is in DMC3 than the game would be hell of broken since Yamato could cut through space and at rapid pace.But of course they won’t do that lol.


It’s funny how the OP implies that really everybody’s asking themselves why, when in truth he’s the only one that doesn’t know…


And high time.

So many lost otgs…