The One Reality Project (big read, big concept)

Ok this is probably the nerdiest thing Ive ever thought of but I think it has some potential for growth and even a little fun. I have dubbed it the “One Reality Project” or ORP for short. Basically Id like to create a continuity where all fictional realites (comics, videogames, animation, etc) can coexist.

Ive even started writing a sort of mission statement If you’d like to read it:
One Reality Project


To combine reality and all fictional realities in the most believable and entertaining way possible, applying story changes/redesigns where needed. Personally, I would like to draw as many of the characters as I can just to see if I can draw them all in the same style. I beleive this would also help unify the characters and again, make the whole idea of them existing together more plausible. Needless to say this is a huge concept and Im very open to suggestions and deliberation. I believe the only exception to this reality may be anthropomorphic animals or objects such as the looney tunes and Disney characters (Mickey, Goofy, etc).

The Universe:

This Earth is big. This Earth is old. In order to accomodate as many realities as possible, the geography and history of Earth will have to be expanded considerably. Fictional cities, such as Gotham and Metropolis, and ficitonal Countries such as Latveria, are all included and have their own political and socioeconomic influence on the world around them.

The history of Earth will be much bigger and complex than the one we know. Six thousand years ago our Earth may very well have been called Eternia. Twelve Thousand years ago Some may have called it Hyrule. You can begin to see how many fictional worlds can be intertwined in this manner.

Space is seemingly limitless. It is not difficult to imagine other worlds out there much like our own. Krypton, Tarnax IV (Skrull homeworld), or even Planet Namek could easily coexist in the same universe. To make things more epic however, I would like to allude to the idea that Earth is the unnofficial epicenter of the Universe. As if the planet itself has a grand destiny.

Other Dimensions and alternate universes exist as well. The 5th dimension, Outworld, and the like are all accounted for as well as all magics, scorceries, etc. Remember this whole thing is ALL INCLUSIVE.


Anyway, I figured I’d get some feedback before I start going crazy with this thing. I was thinking about starting a forum for it (basically a fanfiction/fanart forum but all based in this one reality. I’d like to incorporate real events from our world (like the Iraq war) and Global events (like a meteor or something) and let other people write about whatever characters they want in relation to the rest of the universe.

Sounds interesting! If I wasn’t working on my current fan fic among other things I’d be happy to help out. Still curious to see how everything turns out! You may want to try to pitch this in the Street Writer Forum if you haven’t already. :smile:

Though yeah I often have these kind of thoughts, like when you combine two universes and certain things are similar, which things do you keep or reinterpret? Can you make everything fit or is it best to just omit things that don’t fit? I dunno, I find this kind of stuff fascinating. Figuring out how to go about it is part of the fun. :tup:

Sounds very difficult but the stories that can come out of it would be so entertaining! I’d read them.