The One Stop Skullgirls Mechanics Thread


I’m not sure if there’s a thread out there already like this, but I would like to have a thread here that posts ALL of the game’s system mechanics in detail so that EVERYONE know’s the game’s rules. I was inspired by Pyrolee’s podcast where he said that in Japan, everyone puts all the information out on the table so everyone is on the same page, and THEN we see who the best is.

So I would basically just like people to put out information about the game that they know and we make a huge repository in this thread. No piece of info is too “stupid”. So submit at will.

Here’s my knowledge!

Attack Mechanics

Normal Moves can ONLY be canceled into another normal move if the next normal is of a **Higher Tier **than it(Ex: LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> HP) OR cancel into itself, if it is a Self Chaining Normal (such as Valentine’s c. lk2 or Parasoul’s s. mk2).

Normal Moves can be canceled into other Normal Moves on Block or Hit but not on Whiff. Self-Chaining Normals are exempt from this rule, but they too cannot cancel into another normal on whiff. (Ex: Valentine’s HK * 3, Parasoul s. mk*2, etc)

Normal Moves can be canceled into Special Moves or Super Moves, on Hit, Block OR Whiff.

Special Moves can be canceled into Super Moves on Whiff, Block or Hit.

Defense Mechanics
If you try to Chicken Block, (jump away with up back), you cannot block low, as there is a small set of frame(s?) where you are jumping away and are vulnerable to attack. (It would be great if someone found out exactly how many frames you are vulnerable for). You can block high blockable moves while chicken blocking however.

Normal Ground Jumps Are Unthrowable During the Startup of the Jump, but are susceptible to low moves.

Double Jumps are also Unthrowable during the Startup of the Jump.

You can Block High while Forward Dashing on the ground. This makes dashing with Two Punches(PP), very useful and efficient.

Blocking Low while Forward Dashing, stops your forward dash usually immediately.

You cannot Block at ALL while Back Dashing.

You cannot Block during ANY **Air Dash, **backward nor forward.

You can Block for the entirety of any **Jump, **including Dash Jumps. This makes Dash Jumpsa “safer” method for approaching in the air over a large distance than Air Dashing.

Movement Mechanics

Dashing then Immediately Jumping, gives you momentum for your jump which extends it’s distance. We’ll call this a Dash Jump.

If you Dash and then Jump Immediately you go about Half Screen Distance from Full Screen (character dependent).

If you Dash and then Jump Late in the Animation, it keeps momentum for the entire dash animatoin, and can send you up to 3/4’s of the screen distance or more (character dependent).

Here’s some good videos showing the difference. Much thanks to Rizhall!


Meter Mechanics



Punishable Moves: ???


Cerebella’s Pommel Horse (Charge Back -> Forward and LP + LK) is an Overhead and a Grab, but is actually quite difficult to punish even blocked. Be very quick when punishing this move.

Cerebella’s s. MP put you in a stagger state on hit but not always.



Valentine’s j. HP is similar to C. Viper’s Burn Kick (From Street Fighter 4), where it works really well as an ambiguous crossup move.




On the ground, Painwheel has a very visible animation to signal if she’s getting crossed up or not. Her Pinwheel spins the exact moment someone starts to cross her up. This might be useful when grounded and fighting against mixups.

Ms. Fortune

Random Questions

Question: If someone jumps in and whiffs a normal near to the ground, are they punishable? If they are punishable, how long are they punishable for?

Question: Under what conditions is a jump in vulnerable and under what conditions is a jump in safe?

Question: How many frames of startup is it until Valentine’s Level 2 Super is active? How many frames is Valentine’s Level 2 Super Active For?

Question: Is Peacock’s j. mk a high or low block?(The move where she chomps at your feet while jumping).

Question: Sometime’s Cerebella’s s. mp will stagger you, and sometimes it wont. In what situations does it not stagger and in what situations does it stagger?

Question: Can you mash out of the stagger from Cerebella’s s. MP?

I’ll write more later. If you have notes to add, please add them and I’ll put them above. Thanks!


You only get a single stagger per combo; future staggers will be normal hitstun. Being nailed to the floor by Painwheel counts as a stagger but you cannot be thrown out of it. Stagger results in a 60f hitstun period that can be reduced by 15f if you wiggle the stick (4 separate left or right inputs are required).

Peacock’s j.MK is a mid, blockable low or high.

Valentine’s counter super becomes active in 4 frames as far as I knew, but the wiki says otherwise which means it requires testing.


You have less then 1 bar of meter you can whiff attacks to get meter (until you get 1 bar of meter)


last I recall, “chicken blocking” refers to empty jumping while blocking



I think what he means to say is if you’re on the ground, and you start holding upback FOR chicken block while in a ground combo/blockstring. All low attacks will hit you, and give a ground combo in this game (where it would give a reset in most other games)


Both high and low attacks will hit you of you’re chicken blocking and they hit you within your prejump frames.