The ongoing history of the GTASF


The first ECC I went to was brutal.

iirc, there were only 3 people from Toronto (maybe Canada) that even went: Me, Greg (ChunnerV?) and Shawn(DrunkenB). Getting lost on the NJ Turnpike is probably one of the worst things ever since every sign is covered by a fucken tree, the roads are worse than Detroit and Jersey itself is a fucken dump.
Oh, and fuck toll booths.
Come to think of it, I think Spence rented the car and drove us down there.

But yeah, this ECC was around the time CvS1 was absolutely massive. Things that stood out:

  • I thought Ricky Ortiz was a girl since he had long flowing hair that looked sexy in the wind, and some hellokitty? taropanda? backpack/purse thing. Could have sworn he had tits too.
  • JWong getting 99+ wins with Marrow, Guile and Cammy.
  • MvC2 cab fucking up and losing all the characters. What do you do when such a thing happens? Finger the machine until you get all the chars. back.
  • Grimey Break Steaks that, to this day, do not compare to anything aside from the Philly Cheese Steaks across UP.
  • We didn’t stay in a hotel, we stayed in Philly. 2 hrs away from 8 on the Break.

So, you can imagine us going to 8, driving to Spence’s appartment, sleeping for a few hours, then driving another 2 hrs back to 8…
It didn’t help that one night, we stayed until 5am because Shawn wanted to finish his mvc tournament match.

CvS1 matches took 20 mins each since everyone had to pick 4 ratio1s. Faggots.

Anyway, we drive around to get some lunch. Pull into some parking lot where this cunt just stops her car right in front of us and wuddya know, we rear end her. She gets out of her car, holding her neck, looking at the license plate and just tilting because a) we’re Canadian b) Spence is black c) she wants to sue us because she’s suffering from whiplash.
I don’t remember how that turned out, but we ended up going to Taco Bell.

Greg and I finished top 30 in CvS1. Spence does pretty well in A3 and ST I think. I remember playing A3 casuals and getting away with a lot of stuff with Gief. Then I get owned by Chun stomps because I can’t do shit about it. I think I was playing Jeron’s Chun.

Tournament over, I think Spence drove us back to Toronto since it was his rental car. Probably one of the most awkward conversations I’ve ever been a part of involves Shawn asking us if we know what “tossing the salad” was.

Send data
Fat greasy fuckers playing DDR
Nickel arcade where half the games didn’t work

White Castle
Shit buffet with some sort of syrup, soup, salad dressing container.
Kin’s trivia games



I have a shitty memory, but here’s what I can remember from what Jay posted.
first TO vs MTL tourney in Scarborough:**

Man the trash talk online back then was epic. None of us had played each other before, so when we got there we had no idea what to expect.

When I started winning with Silver Samurai and servbot before the tournament people started freaking out. I think that moment was when the MvC2 TO crew decided to get their act together, because all the times I went afterwards, the comp was on par with MTL.

I think the last one I went to was T3 (or maybe 4), where Josh Wong and Spidertao came down. I remember having a lucky time in the tournament, having John beat Josh and Arcadekid beating Tao (I think). Then Arcadekid losing in the semi to (omni? not sure) because he picked tron assist againt storm. The final was completely one sided, with people litterally screaming CHIP! CHIP! CHIP! the entire set. I think the TO crew complained MTL was too noisy lol :p. An epic tourney for me, and my fondest memory of MvC2.

March Madness

I was there the year TO and MTL slept and Dave Spence’s appartment. I remember we had problems at the border because of Marco, but it worked out. I remember Arcadekid’s dad not wanting him to go to Philly (or was it for the TO tourney), and me telling off his dad by cellphone. :stuck_out_tongue:

Philly was a great place. Eric, the tournament organisor, was like teh coolest guy ever. Cheesesteaks were really good, but the BEST ones are in NJ at the arcade that used to host ECC. Those were fucking epic.

I remember getting owned before the tournament by JWong. He had Guile and Tron, and he raped me. That tournament was a very humbling experience. I learned a hell of a lot though.

EDIT: Shit, if your guys have footage of my matches, post em up !! :smiley:

I think I was there that year. I even had a picture of me taken at the tourney show up in Tips n’ tricks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ricky O and Sabin as team glitter was fuckin weird. I remember watching CvS1 matches from the restaurant next door. That was cool.

And man, those Break cheesesteaks were awesome :smiley:

I remember going to ECC 3, for MvC1, and I was the only Canadian there. I don’t remember how I placed in the tourney, but I had a pretty good WM/Wolvie team, and ppl were telling me how I had the best WM on the east coast.

That didn’t last, everyone started playing him, probably better than I did lol. That year, they took a group picture for Tips n’ tricks magazine, and i missed it cause I was playing a match! And my friend that tagged along with me was in it, and he didn’t even fucking participate in anything.



It’s stories like these that make me wish I hadn’t stop playing when I was young (only to come back to it 10 years later).



Nowadays people know me at The Godfather of the GTASF. I run just about every tournament there is to run in Ontario. Back in 2003 I was just another player on the scene. My first big tournament was at T3. A lot of people probably don’t remember but T3 was held in the dead of summer during A GARBAGE STRIKE! Scarborough was covered in garbage that hadn’t been picked up for I believe 3 weeks at that point. Simply put, the city stank to high heaven. On top of that, VA/VF had no circulation. So it was probably 30 - 35 degrees outside, it stunk from garbage and the inside of the arcade was probably somewhere in the 40 - 45 degree temperature range as it was completely packed with sweaty guys the entire day. In any case I’m getting side tracked. I went into that tournament and met Doug and Nassim for the first time. If I recall correctly Doug was basically running the Toronto tournament scene at that point. I remember looking at that gigantic CvS2 bracket (56 players for CvS2) and wanting to take on something of that calibre in the future. I offered to help Doug at the time but he didn’t know me from any other scrub on the scene and basically blew me off. Truth be told I’d do the same thing nowadays.

Well when T4 rolled around, Doug had stepped down as director and Nassim (Arctic Ninja) teamed u with Ryan (King Of Naboo) to run T4. I had already participated in a couple of tournaments but as I documented my only experience running a tourney was in Brampton and the top 8 didn’t finish. Not a great debut. So for T4 I got to run a semi major tournament and work with complete strangers. They gave me the responsibility of running Soul Calibur 2. What a complete disaster. Do you know who takes registration and then stalls a tournament for two hours waiting for 3 players to show up from Cleveland? That’d be me. Do you know who drops $250 in an envelope on ORBIT’s floor for 1/2 hour and has a minor freakout thinking he’ll have to pay out of his own pocket? That’d be me. Do you know who put his own wallet down for two hours in an arcade known for theft because he’s too stressed to remember to pick it up? That’d be me. As a tournament I had a great time at T4 but as my first shot at directing in a major it was a disaster in every conceivable way. I must be sick in the head to have stuck with it this long.



Results from ECC6. Didn’t even realize Prez was there too.

Fucken Luc, winning MvC at a T tournament.



Ah! 17th in MvC2! I suck lol.

That’s the pic that ended up in tips n’ tricks eheh. Some of the other pics are cool too. There’s tons of em!

Does anyone have the results of the past T tourneys? I can’t remember how many I participated in. At least 2, maybe 3… I can’t remember.





Too good haha.



The Gospel of #tosf, according to Kymah

Prologue: Street Fighter

SO I started playing Street Fighter 1 when I was a kid. Well, to put it correctly, I actually watched people play SF1 because I never had any quarters. The machine was located at Spadina and Dundas, inside a Chinese jerky shop, which happened to have arcade games as well. At the time, I thought it was the coolest game ever.

Then came street fighter II. The first machine I saw was in Chinatown centre, outside a video game store. I used to save up the change I got from buying chinese food every Sunday ($5 from my dad, -$4.25 for Beef Ho-Fun = $0.75 for 3 games of SFII), just to play WW. I only played against CPU, used honda, and all i did was headbut, grab and hundred hand slap. And I would never make it past Vega. Never. But every sunday, I would try and try again.

Corner stores and pizza shops were basically the only places I played street fighter; WW, CE, Rainbow, HF and SSF2. And every summer, I would beg my parents to take me to Ontario Place. Why? Because of the Nintendo Power Pod. It was basically a room in what is now Atlantis Nightclub, that was filled with demos of SNES, NES and GB games. And of course, they had WW on SNES. I would go there every day during the summer and beat down everyone with Guile. And to ensure that no one would pick Guile first, I made sure that I got there before they powered up everything, and entered the Mirror code: Down, R, Up, L, Y, B, X, A. That was from memory btw, I didn’t google it.

This of course was before I had even heard of an arcade, let alone seen one. Then one day, I had a P.A. Day, but my dad had to go to work. So he took me to Funland. And I thought I found paradise. They had SSF2 Tournament Edition. 4 machines linked together. I played there ever chance I got. I would skip school to play. If I found a quarter in the couch, I would sneak out and play. When ST came out, I did the same thing. Old school rules still applied: Throwbacks, mercy rounds and no hitting on dizzy. I remember going to New York, and played some dude in MSH, and he kept throwing me and didn’t give me mercy. I thought “Americans are cheap.”

Alpha 2 (Sakura), COTA (Cyclops), MSH (Blackheart), XvsSF (Sabretooth, Juggernaut), MvC (Chun-Li, Strider). I played these games to death. And then SF3 came out. And I didn’t like it. Didn’t get the parry system, didn’t like all the wierd characters.

So I stopped playing. Sure, I played MvC2 when it came out (Sim, Cammy, Amingo…(high damage), but after awhile, I stopped playing it as much when the novelty died down. I finished HS, met my current gf, and we went off to Waterloo together. During my 2nd year there, I bought a Dreamcast, so I could play MvC2, even though my gf told me not to :devil:

Then one day, Capcom vs SNK came out…

Chapter 1: #tosf and

Now, I only played CvS by myself. No one, as far as I knew, played street fighter in Waterloo. Feeling kind of homesick, I yahoo’d “Street Fighter”, and “Toronto”. A forum link came up. And it was the results of a recent CvS1 tourny. 1. Cameron Dhanraj. 2. Greg Baba 3. Devon. I got excited. Apparently, people still play seriously in Toronto. I thought to myself, “Who are these jokers? I bet I could beat them” So I registered an account on Jan 2001, and posted “Where do you guys play?”, and waited for a reply. The next day, I checked the forums, and got a reply from one of the players in the tournament.

A player by the name of Jay Wang.

He told me that most of the good CvS players either play at STC or VA/VF. So one weekend, I decided to come back to Toronto and check out VA/VF. My first impressions were not good.

For those of you who have ever been to VA/VF, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s located in a mall, near Brimley and Eglinton. And by mall, I mean strip mall. And by strip mall, I mean ghetto strip mall. So I started at one end, and walked my way towards the other end, trying to find the arcade. All I saw was rundown fabric store, dollar store, Arabic grocery store, textile store, closed store, closed store, closed store, chinese take out Store, arcade, fabric store…wait, found it.

So I go inside, and there’s no one there. Granted, it was 5 pm. But at 5 pm, downtown funland is full of people who will stab you for a quarter. Anyway, I lied. There was one person there playing CvS, and for some reason, he had it on ratio mode, and was using Nak/Yamazaki. He must be pretty good, I thought, so I put my quarter in, picked EX Bison/ EX Bison and challenged him.

I destroyed him. He played me 2 more games, and I beat him 2 more times. And then he stopped playing me. But he didn’t leave. He just watched me beat the game. Twice. I thought he was waiting for a good time to punch me in the face. I later found out that this was Bryan (Tommyboi). Anyway, I was hungry, so I decided to go to KFC, and hopefully, when I was done, there would be more people.

When I got back to the arcade, the place was pretty packed. A lot of Marvel players, some 3rd strike players, and some kid sitting on the CvS machine wearing a wool hat indoors. He was using Balrog and gathered up a nice win streak. So I put my quarter up, next to the other 5 quarters on the top of the machine and waited to play him. I picked EX-Bison, and EX-Yuri, and right away the kid turns to me and says, “Hey, are you kymah?” I said yes, who are you?

“I’m Jay Wang”.

So we play a few games, and I beat him with EX-Bison scams. I ended up staying there and playing the whole night. Huge streaks on CvS, discovering that people don’t play Marvel on high damage machines, getting owned by Jay Wang’s Blackheart, and not knowing what I was doing in 3rd strike.

All in all, I had a great time, having not played this level of people in god knows how many years. I went back to Waterloo, but would come back ever so often to play at VA/VF, and STC, meeting new people each time.

The first time I went to STC, I saw a little kid just destroying people with Ken. All he would do was Jab uppercut, Super. But he would hit psychic uppercuts all the time, only missing once or twice. I though he was a guru or something. I played him, a lost a couple of times.

Me: "You’re pretty good, you must me psychic or something"
Player: “No, I’m Wing.”

So we played a few more games, and he beat me a lot. And then I was going to leave to go to VA/VF, until I heard someone say “Hey Girls”. Enter the Gem1nite entourage, which consisted of Barry, the fob in the hat with glasses, and some wonder kid. Barry, Hat and Glasses Fob, and Wonder Kid started splitting games and ended up beating Wing with Honda/Guile.

And then I went to VA/VF and met old man Greg, who kept throwing me with Blanka and then supering me. And then he would just destroy me with Chun.

I went back to Waterloo feeling defeated, but spent hours, just practicing combos and tricks with EX-Bison, hoping that they would run another tourney that I could join.

That day would eventually come.

Chapter 2: Kymah’s first tournament, or how I met Team Montreal

One day, while checking the Toronto forums, I found a post left by DrunkinB: Upcoming Street Fighter Tournament. CvS Team Tournament, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and 3rd Strike.

YES!, my day has finally come! I started practicing even more, and started watching match videos they posted on SRK. John Choi vs JChensor was a match that I watched over and over, and learned how to exploit EX-Yuri.

And then, [media=youtube]Ki1la6cHDok"[/media] got posted. And that video just fed my hype.

There was only one problem; I needed a partner. So I made a post requesting a teammate. Bryan (Tommyboi) was the first to reply, so we teamed up.

The subsequent posts on the tourney forum basically consisted of people trying to team up with each other. One post, however, caught my eye:

“Hello, we are a group of players from Montreal, and we are interested in coming to your tournament.”

Montreal?, I thought, do they even play street fighter?

I wasn’t sure if they were going to be much of a challenge, but I still wanted to know what I would be up against. So I asked who they used in CvS:

“Well I use Sakura, and my teammate uses Evil Ryu”

LOL, Sakura and Evil Ryu??? Surely they must be scrubs.

Me: Are you guys good?
Temujin: Well I’m pretty good, and Prez is one of our best players

Alright, I thought. Sakura and Evil Ryu. Nothing to fear. So I thought nothing of it.

The night before the tournament, I took the bus down from Waterloo, to get a few games in before the tournament, and to practice with Tommyboi. I got a huge win streak, and went home confident, even though I hadn’t played any Montreal players yet; they were arriving the next day.

My confidence was further boosted when I logged onto SRK, and found a post in the Strategy forum:

I went to bed feeling very good about winning the tournament.

The next day I got to VA, and Montreal had already arrived. And Prez was just killing people with Normal Ryu. Sandbagging, of course. Anyway, I took a look at the teams that were formed:

Greg “Chunnnerv” Baba + Cameron Dhanraj, aka Team 2nd and 1st at the last tournament.
Gem1nite + Fob with hat and glasses, aka Barry and Jahingir “YellowS4” Ngoy
^Flightwing^ + Wonderkid, aka Wing Siu and !Jonstar
Prez and Temujin
And, JayWang + random Montreal Guy.

Apparently, some Montreal guy didn’t have a partner, so JayWang offered to be his partner. Which caused the rest of us to call him a traitor for the rest of the day.

That was some stiff competition. Several top players grouped together. However, once the tourney started, everything started falling into place.

  • Wing was so nervous playing in his first tourney, that he couldn’t play at all, and him and !Jonstar pretty much went 2 and out.

  • Greg and Cameron lost to Jaywang and mtl guy, because Jaywang did Nak’s healing super in the last seconds of the final match against Greg for the win. This was the first and only time I’ve seen Greg smash the buttons after a match.

  • Me and Tommyboi sent Barry and Jay into losers.

So now it was me and Bryan vs Prez and Tony in winner’s finals. We lose the first match in a very close game. The second match, Bryan takes out Tony’s sak, and it’s my EX-Bison vs Prez’s Evil Ryu. Prez would constantly hit me with crouching jab, crouching jab, crouching roundhouse xx lk hurricane, fierce uppercut. Then he would cross you up and do it again. So I did the only thing I could: Delayed Get up. That messed up his game enough for me to throw him everytime he went for the combo. Both of us got down to a pixel of life. I headstomp him. Prez Fierce DP’s after blocking it. I fly away, and then fly back and hit him with the headstomp followup to tie the match at 1 game a piece.

3rd game? Tony’s sak OCV’d us. :sad:

Now we had to face Barry and Jay in Loser’s Finals. Barry switches to S-Groove and uses Guile and destroys us by doing his rush super. If you blocked it, he would do super again, and you would get hit, because you pushed something. And then he would combo it into flash kick super. And then we died.

Oh well, now we get to watch Barry and Jay vs Prez and Temujin. Let me tell you this: the room was super hyper. Nobody thought Barry and Jay could win from Loser’s Brackets. But everytime Barry scammed Temujin and Prez with roll, roll, splash, roll, roll, throw, roll, roll, super, the crowd exploded. As they came closer to winning, everyone started the “na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey-eh, goodbye” chant. Eventually, YellowS4 beat Prez for the win, and the bragging rights.

That tournament was very exciting for me, as it was my first one, and it had so many great matches. And it was great having players come from out of town to play in the tourney as well. I started wondering if maybe I should do the same.

Chapter 3: Kymah goes west, or Journey to MWC

I’m playing at VA/VF one day, and in walks White Reflection, Dennis Kim and Andy. Apparently, they just came back from a MvC2 tournament out of town. I didn’t even hear about it, but it turns out they took top 3.

  1. White Reflection
  2. Dennis Kim
  3. Andy (using Megaman)

I thought that was pretty awesome, so I asked them where they went.

Jack: "London."
Me: "London?"
Jack: "Yes, London."
Me: "So you got 1st place in London?"
Jack: "Yes, London."
Me: “So you’re like…God.”

And that’s how Jack is God started.

But this got me thinking…How well would I do in a tournament outside of Toronto? And it just so happens that DrunkinB was there. Apparently, there was some US Tournament going on in Chicago, and he was planning on going. So he asked me if I wanted to go, and I said sure, why the hell not?

The people going were:

Kin “kymah” Mah
Shawn “drunkinB” Brown
Wing “^flightwing^” Siu
Bryan "Tommyboi"
and…Spencer, from fairview.

We all decide to meet at fairview, because that was easiest. Shawn was driving, and the idea was that halfway there, Spencer and him would switch, since Spencer is the only other person with a driver’s license.

So we get close to the border, and the conversation goes like this:

Shawn: "You want to switch driving after the border?"
Spencer: "I didn’t bring my driver’s license"
Shawn: “…”


So Shawn ended up driving us the whole time. After what seems like forever, we finally reach Illinois. Time to fill up on gas.

We come to what I can only describe as the ghettoist, most run-down, sorry excuse for a gas station on earth. There were potholes everywhere, and a burnt out car to the side.

Shawn gets out to pump gas, and this random black guy, who doesn’t even work there comes up to him and starts pumping the gas for him. Immediately, Spencer locks all the doors. I repeat, Spencer locks all the doors. The biggest dude in the car locks all the doors. Not me, not wing, not bryan, Spencer.

Anyway, after the random black guy finishes pumping the gas, he sticks his hand out, and shawn gives him a $10. Shawn goes to pay for gas, and we leave.

Spencer: "What did that guy want from you?"
Shawn: "He just started pumping the gas"
Spencer: "Why did you pay him?"
Shawn: “Because I didn’t want to get shot.”

Fair enough.

So we start making our way to the hotel to get some shut eye.

The next day, we start making out way to the arcade.

When we get there, who greets us? None other than David Spence. We chat for a bit and then head on inside. I find out for the first time that, it’s Nickel City, and it’s the Mid-West Championships. So all the games take nickels. Awesome! All I have to do is pay the entrance fee, and I can play all these games for a nickel! Which is misleading of course. It really should be called Nickels City, plural. Because the newer games were like 7 nickels. And the slots always got jammed. Remember those old machines in your local arcade where sometimes the coin slot would jam? Well take that sometimes and times it by 7. That’s 7 chances to get your nickel jammed. I’m pretty sure I paid $1 for some of those games. However, there was also a free section, where some of the games were on free play. I spent most of my time there, when I was waiting for matches.

We all start signing up for our games. I signed up for 3s and CvS. Then we started playing some casuals, but the machines are just crowded. The lineups were huge. Wing, however, gets on a machine and starts racking up like 15+ wins. And everyone was thinking this kid is like Jimmy Woods from the Wizard. Eventually, we met up with team Montreal, and we just hang out for a bit, shooting the shit. I finally see a free CvS machine available, so I jump on it. I pick EX-Bison, EX-Yuri, and start the game. And then someone challenges me. I look over to see who it is.

Oh shit, it’s Alex Valle!

So he puts his quarter in, and picks Evil Ryu. I’m gonna die, I’m thinking. But I play him like I played Prez, and I win somehow :amazed:. Then he puts another quarter in, picks Evil Ryu again, and I win again. :wtf: And then one of his friends walks by, watches us play and says “Let me play a game”. So Ricky Ortiz picks Evil Ryu. And I win again :encore: Valle challenges me with Evil Ryu again, and in the middle of our match, I hear “Alex Valle to Marvel 2, Alex Valle to Marvel 2.” But of course it’s Alex Valle, and they’re aren’t going to disqualify me. So he keeps playing, and eventually hits me with Raging Demon, and leaves to play his match.

But I’m not dead yet. So I kill his Evil Ryu.

And that’s the history of my signature. Yes, it’s that old.

Anyway, the CvS tourney is about to start.

For some reason, they decided to run the tournament a little differently. Firstly, they separated everyone into 14 different pools. Only the player who got first place in their pool advanced. Secondly, they offered a re-entry tournament. That meant that, if you didn’t win your pool, you had a chance to join another tournament, and the top 2 people of that tournament would make up the 15th, and 16th player for the final 16. :wtf:

I ended up losing my first match to a random guile player, so I had to dig my way out of losers.

Now I don’t remember all the players I beat, but I do remember two in particular:

Viscant. And Ed Ma. That’s right, they both fell victim to EX-Bison scams.

I made it all the way to Grand Finals in my pool. And had to play Ricky-O. And I died. His Nak just had a field day with me.

Oh well, at least I had a chance in the re-entry tournament. However, due to time constraints, they change it to a single elimination tourney. I lose to another random Guile player, and I’m out.

And who were the two people that re-qualified?: Viscant. And Ed Ma. :sleep:

That was pretty much the end for me. In 3S, I got killed, because I used Urien SAI, and all I did was wait for shoto sweeps, and then counter with TYRANT SLAUGHTER!. And then I lost to Jason Cole’s Chun-Li.

Other matches I remember:

  • Wing’ Ryu is winning against Jason Cole’s Balrog in CvS. He hits Jumping HK, Crouching MK xx Fireball, Cole doesn’t die, SUPERS Wing for the win before Ryu can recover from the fireball animation.

  • Bryan plays 4 Ratio 1’s against Jason Nelson’s Guile and gets Shut Down, including 2 perfects. He later comments about how he wanted to punch the screen halfway through the match.

  • I see Tony (Temujin), walking around, absolutely livid. I ask him what happened:

Kin - "Hey Tony, how’s it going?"
Tony - "I’m fucking mad, I just got eliminated by some guy from Detroit"
Kin - "Oh yeah? He must of been good?"
Tony - “No, he’s a fucking scrub, all he did was use S-Groove Iori, and do his Level 3 Fireball super over and over again.” Walks away.
Kin - "Where are you going?"
Tony - "To plan his murder"
Kin - “…”

Poor George Massau.

Afterward, we all go back to the hotel to play some casuals. Except that the tv’s in the rooms had no a/v input. So we decided to buy an RF adapter at the local store. It’s $8.95 US. I give the cashier $10 US. He gives me $10.05 in change. I leave. That’s what happens when all your money looks the same :lovin:

So that was my first US National tournament. Humbling, yes. But we all took back tricks and tactics to use against everyone at our next local tournament. Hopefully, they will prove to be useful.

Chapter 4: T2, Judgment Day

After the events of the CvS Team Tournament, Montreal wanted revenge. And so, Shawn decided to host another tournament. This time, however, it would be a singles tournament, so no one could blame or rely on their teammate; it would be every man for themselves. We all started training every weekend for this event.

On July 14, 2001, the day of reckoning was finally here. In addition to Montreal, however, several players from Detroit came to, notably VDO or RDG. And Massau. Tony’s gonna want his revenge.

So Montreal had several players, Detroit brought some of their best talent, there were players from the filly as well. And then, London, Ontario sent 2 players. Arctic Ninja. And Geese.

Geese is like “that piece of shit that you keep flushing and flushing, but you can never get down the toilet” - Shawn Michaels. Everybody hated him. He’s been banned from SRK, had several death threats against him, and has been ridiculed on irc more times than I can count. But he decided to come to T2 anyway.

I don’t remember how he placed. I’m going to assume two and out in every game. But I do remember that whenever he played, people started booing him, and cheering for the other player. In fact, when he was playing me in casuals, someone threw a water bottle at his head. I think it was full.

Now I learned two important things coming back from MWC: Learn Nak, because she’s cheap. And sandbag, so no one can expects your shit until they face you in the tournament.

So that’s what I did. I learned all the cheap stuff with Nak. And when I played casuals, I sandbagged with Guile. I still racked up a huge win streak with though.

I joined every tournament. Even MvC2. I picked Bison, and went two and out. Everyone told me to stick to CvS.

CvS finally started. And from the get go, it was clear that something was clearly wrong with brackets. Instead of seeding people, everyone was placed in the brackets by region. Which meant that top players from one city ended up facing top players from another city. In the first round.

I ended up playing a young player by the name of Freddy. Freddyloco. I picked EX-Bison and EX-Yuri. It was close, but I ended up losing, much to the delight of the Montreal Crew. So after the first round, I was sent to losers.

I was pissed. So I tore through most of the losers bracket by steamrolling people with Nak. I didn’t care who they were, I played them like I was playing against Rickey Ortiz.

Now because of the way the brackets were set up, I ended playing a LOT of good players in losers: Temujin. Jonstar!. Greg. JayWang. and Wing. I somehow scammed them all with EX-Bison.

  • Warning -

*Now, I’m going to mention the Montreal screw job. This may, or may not be accurate, as most of what I’m going to talk about is hearsay. But this is basically what I understood.

JFL and Prez are in winners finals, and I was waiting to play the loser for 3rd. JFL mentions to Prez that he didn’t know how to fight EX-Bison, but Prez did. So the deal was for Prez to lose to JFL, eliminate me, and then split the pot. Prez ended up destroying me, but when he went back to JFL and said “So we’ll split the pot?” JFL ended up saying “No, let’s play for it”. They did, and Prez won.

I’m sorry if this is a total fabrication; please correct me if it is.*

  • End warning -

So that’s how T2 ended for me. I had a great time though, had a lot of great matches, and ate a lot of Fu Man Chu. That’s not slang for pussy. It’s the name of the Chinese take-out place next door, which I can only assume made most of it’s revenue from arcade goers.

And in typical Tournament log form, here are some highlights:

  • Massau hitting everyone with the S-Iori gimmick. He would constantly charge his meter to almost full. Then, we his life got to flashing, he would charge it fully, and then throw the super out. If it hit you, he would charge his meter to almost full again, super combo you, and then run away, finish the charge and start all over again. If you blocked it, he would charge the meter full. And because you are in block stun, you couldn’t get to him before he had full meter again. I don’t know who beat him, but I’m glad they did.

  • Temujin promising to end my life, because I scammed him with EX-Bison. He also threatened to kill Jonstar! for scamming him with Honda, which he only learned that day. I think he’s going to do it at TX

  • 3rd strike finals were so sick. Final match, final round. Oro vs 12. [media=youtube]rSmjZ0jyX18"[/media]. Remember, this was 8 years ago. I promised to never play 3s again, after seeing all those sick matches. I would later break that promise.

So that’s my log for T2. For me, that was the pinnacle of competition between all the original members of TOSF. Everything just seemed a little different afterwards. Some people still play. Some dropped off. Some got married. Some got jobs. Others went to jail.

But that’s the great thing about Street Fighter. No matter what’s happening with your life, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen your old Street Fighter buddies, you can always just pick up your controller, call them up and say, “Let’s play a few games.”

Epilogue: Dawn of the new players.

To be continued.



How I entered TOSF

LOL I love these. Brings back alot of memories…

When MVC2 came out, I was happy, not cuz it was a new game…but cuz now everyone will have to start out from scratch and i’ll be able to own…right? Kinda.
Got raped for a while but eventually i got ‘decent’. By this time, I actually became friends with one guy who used to destory me in the past. He was one of the top dogs there so it was cool. He was the only arcade guy I ever talked to. I wish I could remember his name cuz he was one of those cool types you could just chill with. Eventually I got better than him and he vanished…not just him, alot of ppl would just vanish. Times were changing.

This was the same time I found srk. I forgot how I found it but I did. Also, this was the same time I started to notice ppl ive never seen before come, RAPE and leave. These jerks were from…TOSF.


The day these asshole came to MY arcade and wrecked everyone’s shit was the most horrible sf day ive ever had…to them it was tuesday. Actually it was a Saturday.

A little while before these day, I remember playing this tall rice farmer who would use tron. He was really good, friendly and wouldn’t hesitate to run his mouth. This guy was an asshole…this guy was marvin li. We would sometimes chat it up and he’d teach me shit. He still remembers when I posted on SRK for the 1st time asking for him. He thought I wanted to fucking fight lol. Anyways, back to TOSF,.

Ok one day a bunch of this pricks come into farivew and pretty much cheesed us out with horrible strats. There was a korean guy that would whore mags/cable, and brown guy that whored sent/cable another korean that sucked but was able to waste everyone that wasn’t with him and this short chinaman who was the cheapest but, had some sick traps. If anyone wanted to know where and Why I used BH/Doom to this day, was cuz of that day. Granted, I didn’t use the team till years after (I was still stuck in the cheapness reality the fairview arcade created).

EDIT: Andy (the “other” korean) might not have been there. I could have been jack…sorry I know Dennis, Fireclit and Jaywang where for sure…Jaywang should know for sure).

Honestly, I think That day made me realize that there were players who would really go all out. To use any means to destroy your opponent. Fuck man these guys broke all the rules. They threw me and didn’t even give throw backs.

Long story short. I ending up leaving Fairview for any arcade I could find. There I learned that the Fighting game scene wasn’t centred around Fairview. It was a great yet shocking learning experience. Soon I learned aboout T2 (the 1st time mtl came to battle T.O) which was held at probably the greatest arcade in toronto. VA. I beat a guy then lost to a guy I recently made frends with. It was all good…motherfucker.

Quick Notes during VA’s time

Met up with those TOSF asshole and became friends. Trained at their place in preperation for the 1st London tourny.
After said London tourny, we went back to VA wich was always packed on friday/sat nights. * always*
While watching mvc2, this chinaman comes up to me:
Chinaman: "hey man, did you go to that london tourny?"
DarkDragon: "yeah, I did shitty"
Chinaman: "oh shit YOU’RE DARKDRAGON? I thought were a chinese guy"
DarkDragon: "…wait what?"
Chinaman: "Its the name…why didn’t you call yourself BLACKDRAGON"
DarkDragon: "…lol"
Chinaman: “…lol”

Anyways the guy was AznBomber, or as the newschool ppl call him “guy in the suit”.
At that time he was the best mvc2 player in t.o. He came 2nd in that T2, after banshee. Hes one of the reasons why I got much better in that game. I don’t like falling behind people and like all chinamen he would rub it in my face so I fucking had no choice but to get better, while holding on to the characters I loved.
Soon after I started training with him at his place and fuck did I get better. Through him I met all the old school people; yellows4, ritchie, barry, drinkunB, jason mah, brian, wing, kymah and…yeah…jon…the little faggot.

I miss VA



you guys forgot to mention the first time JSMaster and crew went to ECC, and we talked mad shit to eash other and that weekend everyone accused JSMaster of giving us SARS :looney:



Secret Canadian cheating tactics…



There was a time when Stephen, Jon and I went to Dennis’s house with a birthday cake.



lol this thread is amazing already



i was there!!! that birthday cake was the bomb…but i forgot what it said



“Fuck You Dennis”



the real archives



The Kin log is too powerful. (Edible food ftw)

That was, and always will be, my favourite tournament experience. That ECC was godlike. Canada repped ourselves fairly well, I started my curse of dominating pools and then not being clutch enough to break into the top 16 (aka the curse of 17th place) as well as my curse of losing to Commy in MvC2. It was also the first time I realized that people other than the locals kept an eye on our tournament footage. Basically, I go up to the CvS2 machine, pick my garbage team of Blanka/Sakura/Eagle, and some guy is like “Holy shit, you’re Gerjay right?!!!”. I also learned that no matter how well you do in casuals, some guy is still gonna smoke you in tourney with your own tactics unless you can keep your cool :frowning:

Best tournament and I completely agree with Kin; everybody needs to hit up a US National at some point if they really love the tournament scene.

Maybe I’ll post a log later about my introductions with all the sauga people to go alongside Anant’s log in progress. It’ll include the story about the jerk that claimed my colour sentinel was the “Super Sentinel” as well as the story of the asian dude who watched marvel for seemingly hours at a time and would never play. . . even though we all know I’m talking about Teddy. Oh yeah, and lets not forget the guy who cried in the Jurassic park machine after losing :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, I’ll post it up later.




For those of you that don’t know, I held a console tournament once per year between 2003 and 2005 (technically mid December 2004). The first one was held in August 2003. My parents had gone away to Montreal for the weekend. I elected to pass on having a house party, mainly because I didn’t want to burn money on alcohol and the last time I had a party it got really out of hand. Buuuuut that’s a story for another time. Anyway, I elected to hold a console tournament. The premise was that we would have tournaments running on all three floors of the house. To the surprise of nobody, that idea went to shit and everyone ended up playing casuals instead. Side note, you know which parents are overprotective? BROWN PARENTS! One of the kids that showed up went by the name Oxygen. His mother showed up with what I can only surmise were 2 more generations of overprotective brown moms to meet me and apparently look my house over in case it was for sale. Seriously, they walked through my main floor looking it over like an open house. Then the calls started. In the span of 8 hours, the guy’s mother called SIX TIMES! Anyway, the tournament/casual was a big success. We had around 30 people come out from across the GTA and it started what I was hoping would be a tradition.

The second NLD was far less notable for the people (we only had around 10) but far more worthy for THE SCUMBAG CHIPS! Jay (YellowS4) elected to be a good guest and bring over some Miss Vickies chips for everyone. I don’t believe Jay got to eat a single chip. They weren’t shared though. Steve (Original Gatsby) ATE THE WHOLE BAG! We’re not talking over 15 minutes or something. He destroyed a large back of chips within… 3 minutes? 4? I’m pretty sure CQ saw the whole thing go down and couldn’t believe what he’d seen. So Jay got owned up HARD. Then on top of that, Gordon (Tigerlee/Superman) comes out of nowhere and wins the 3rd Strike tourney we put together despite DarkDragon and YellowS4 both entering. From what I understand, the ride home for TOSF was pretty harsh as the second NLD was held in the dead of winter in 2004 and Stephen’s windows wouldn’t go back up. Apparently they drove an hour in blistering cold and basically froze their asses off.

The third NLD was held in December 2004. My parents had gone away to the Carribean and once again I held a console tournament. This time we managed to play through a host of tournaments. I have this odd recollection of everyone getting themselves disqualified from the Marvel tournament to play poker though. MOP THE FLOOR!

1st - Team Luckfest (JS Master/G3nn)
2nd - Team Sweep The Floor (Jiggabry/C-Royd)
3rd - Team Grey (Dark Dragon/Tigerlee)

1st - Gerjay
2nd - G3nn
3rd - JS Master

1st - JS Master
2nd - TigerLee
3rd - Nagata Lock II

1st - DarkDragon
2nd - TigerLee
3rd - Dogberry

NLDIV was held in March 2008. It was a long overdue return and didn’t disappoint. The tournament was notable for a few reasons. First off, we had over 30 people across 8 TV’s for this one, making it the biggest NLD to date. You honestly couldn’t move in my basement, we had so many people. This tournament marked the death of my Dreamcast after 9 years of loyal service. It was also a reunion for Team BCC as Ultimate Rugal was by some act of God in town (he lives in Calgary now) and indulged Jason in what turned out to be a marathon session of Capcom vs SNK 2. Noodleman played CvS2 for 14 straight hours. He only left that TV on the main floor to eat dinner for about 10 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone play CvS2 or any game for that matter for such a long period. I always hear about Sauga playing marathon sessions of Marvel but I’ve personally never seen anything like it. To Byron’s credit, he played Jason for 8 - 9 of those hours. Absolutely sickening. My parents home was a pretty big mess after that all went down. I went to bed around 6:00am and left Sauga + DropTheSky to play Chinese poker until 10:00am, at which point they left my place unlocked. Nice… So I woke up and I might as well have held a house party. There were bottles, cans, food, pizza boxes, and snacks everywhere. The one thing that drove me NUTS though were the beer caps. I was finding beer caps for DAYS after that tournament. In the end it was all worthwhile though and as some people already know I will be hosting another NLD this coming year. The date hasn’t been set yet but everyone will know sooner rather than later.

Oh and before I forget. Nobody is able to understand how to get to Pizza Pizza from my parent’s place. Apparently “go to the lights. Make a left. Drive until the stop sign. Make a right and you’ll see the mall” are mind blowing directions that NOBODY (it’s not like it’s one bad driver, there have been MANY DRIVERS across all four NLD’s) is able to comprehend. I don’t know if you have to live in the city to actually see this phantom Pizza Pizza the first go around but it sure seems like it. Lastly, $20 is a fair price to pay for a six piece chicken nugget meal. Just ask Dogberryl.

(Coming up next - London)



lmao…that was a fun tourney…someone stole our canada flag. downtown ny was fun…0 visibility…lmao
i remember using ratio4 rugal was ricky in the tourney.



oh yeah?!!?