The ongoing history of the GTASF


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I think I saw pcat on there, but i wasnt cool enough to be his friend I guess. Shrug





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"Now, I’m going to mention the Montreal screw job. This may, or may not be accurate, as most of what I’m going to talk about is hearsay. But this is basically what I understood.

JFL and Prez are in winners finals, and I was waiting to play the loser for 3rd. JFL mentions to Prez that he didn’t know how to fight EX-Bison, but Prez did. So the deal was for Prez to lose to JFL, eliminate me, and then split the pot. Prez ended up destroying me, but when he went back to JFL and said “So we’ll split the pot?” JFL ended up saying “No, let’s play for it”. They did, and Prez won.

I’m sorry if this is a total fabrication; please correct me if it is."

that suck if that;s true! im gonna ask jfl next time i see him



OMG dont Turtle… I like to call it selective attacking :rofl::rofl:



Sounds like the Sauga marvel screw job.



The sauga marvel screwjob was the key to Jigga getting really good at marvel



I gotten into playing streetfighter ,when i moved to john frasier highschool in grade 11. Before then, I loved video game but never actual owned a console ( super strict parents), and go crazy when I go to someone’s house and see that they have video games there.

When day of school at John fraiser, I didnt know anyone, so i decided to walk to the mall, and grab lunch. As i walked in and try to look for the food court, and i stumble onto skybox, lunch all forgotten, I spend the rest of my high school lunch and sometimes skipped class to go there.

I mainly went there to play mvc 1. I sucked hardcore, and my quarters got sucked away by ken, calvin, and clayton. After 2 or 3 months, of semi button smashing, ken and calvin started to teach me the basic of the game. I end up learning spiderman and wolverine as my char. I still sux compare to them, but now that i actually learned to air combo and certain cheap strats, i was able to beat most of the other ppl that goes there. I end up playing 3rd strike while waiting in line to play marvel, since they always lines of quarters, and usually takes like 7-8 games before your turn. For some reasons, no one plays 3rd strike at that arcade, everyone was all about the vs games. There were 2 mvc1, 2 streetfighter vs marvel, 2 xmen vs street fighter, and 1 3rd strike game. Through out gr 11, I played the games there enough to be consider one of the good azn there, and ppl didnt want to put there quarters down when they saw that i was on the machine.

Along came mvc 2. I picked spiderman since that was my main in mvc1. and picked juggernaut and guile as my other char, and sent when it became unlocked. I learned how to be cheap and was consider to be a top player at the acrade. then along came the rest of the sauga crew. They were starting to learn the game, and knew what they were doing. They all knew what the top tier char was, but somehow i was able to beat them with spiderman. After months of training their team, my spiderman, juggeranut, and sent combo was not working anymore, so the team evolded into team scrubs. but somehow i founded my spiderman, cable, and sent/ capcom was more effective.

By the time cvs1 came out, i was basiclly losing almsot all my marvel matches, and decided to try cvs1. I loved it, and ditched marvel to learn it. And continue playing cvs2 when it came out, and forgotten about marvel all together.

I graduate and went to waterloo. Where i found the cove, this is where i polished my 3rd strikes skills, and learn how to play dudley fom ben. Almost meet g3en there, and destroyed him with spiderman, in his early phase of his marvel game. Ocving many times with spiderman, wish i could still do that now. :wasted:
I also meet kin in waterloo. answering to his reply of who goes to waterloo and play streetfigher. I think we end up playing for an hr, at a dollar of a game on cvs1, when cvs2 was already out. Kin though i was a super scrub and just used a sandbag team on me, when i started beating him alot, he switch to his ex bison, which i never played before. after 20 games later, and 20 bux later, i left, and only see kin during Toronto trny.

Sauga sf scene was booming back home, while i was in waterloo, where there was no competition at all. i came back weekly to hit the arcade, and owned noobs, and played with the better players. During the summer, I learned that the sauga ppl were on a msg board, and was talking to ppl from tosf. There were playing on hosting a trny from skybox and ppl from tosf were coming. My first trny was a big disaster. I was overconfident of my skills, as i was consider top 3 in the arcade, after calvin and ken, in cvs1. After learning that the game was all about patience, and bread and butter combo, i reworked my game.

Sauga began to host monthly weekly and dailies trny. I try to come back each week from waterloo to joined them. The earlier trny, ex_matt and I were in charge of running cvs2, while i belive it was gerjay and chris that was running marvel. Eventually ex-matt got too lazy to run it, and i end up running cvs2. This is the period where js master came each week. He comes and win marvel and cvs2, while me and calvin fight for 2nd place each trny. Eventually, the rest of the sauga crew catch up, since i was only able to play the game every weekend, and only to play trny, and became washed up.

The first toronto trny i went to was t3. I was in dogberry car with afro rich, and 2 other ppl, i fogotten who. I enter only in cvs2, since that time, i pretty much given up on marvel, since i see ppl doing infinite and stuff, and i didnt have the patience to learn it, or the moeny. since i didnt own a dreamcast, i could only pratice in the arcade, which was busy all the time.

First round was omindragon, and i end up roll uppercutting with sagat, and roll throwing with iori, and turtle with honda, for a 2-0 wins. All of tosf was shocked, as some no name guy from sauga just beated one of their decent players. 2nd round was someone from detriot, and i end up winning with ease. 3rd round was against wing, which nak destoryed me both games. i was send to losers. and waited like an hr for each matches. it was like 2 am in the morning, and dogberry wanted to go home. he expected taht everyone was done,( almost all of sauga went out the first round of loser or 2nd round of loser) and he was tire and sick of watching sf. I was busy playing cvs1 with afro rich and kin and i think hyt. I didnt notice the time. I told dogberry i was still in the trny. Dogberry was shocked, and ask how many ppl wehre left. I asked darkdragon, and he told me i was in the top 10. The very next game i lost to kam. Apperntly ppl didnt like downtown, and both tosf and sauga ppl were cheering me on. I think i die to a throw.:sweat:

My first unlimted night at orbit was a fun trip. THe day started to a sf trny. and i wanted to join, but had work at bubble tease. So i got afro rich to call in sick for me, since it was my last day of work. After the trny i learned that there was a unlimited night at orbit. I told wing i drive him there, if he give me instructions. This was my first time on the highway by myself, but i didnt tell wing, cuz i dint want to freak him out. Lucky, or unlucky, there was major traffic, and i end up driving like 30-80 max on the highway the whole time. That where i also learned that to go to p-mall, u take the 404 new market and not the other exit, as wing lean me 3 times thru that exit, and then telling me to go back. I finnaly didnt trust him and took the other exit, and he realize taht this was the right way.

The 2nd time i went to unlimted night, i drove team white boys. Chris and James. We end up 30 mins in the underground parking trying to find the exit. After hrs, there is only 1 exit open. and somehow when we were following hte signs, we keep following the exit signs taht leads to the door tat was close for the night.

the 3rd and last time i went to unlimted was the most random things ever. I was coming home, when i bumped into gerjay, jigga, and anant i think. they told me it was unlimted night. i asked if they had room in their car. gerjay’s mom was driving them there. I was also short 5 bux, and they told me they didnt had any extra money. i told them to wait 2 mins, i came back out in 1 mins, and told them i had the moeny. I walked to the hat store, which a frd was working there, and told him to paid me back 10 bux he owns me. But somehow after that night, sauga think i was some gangster, and i went and mugged someone for that 5 bux.

During the summer of second year of unviserity, i was in hardcore mode for trny, travling to toronto for major trny, and going to sauga each weekend to play in the trny. I also was seeing a girl in scarbought, so i came to p-mall to play sf once in a while. I still didnt own a console, and my only way of pratcing was at the arcade, and hopefully with ppl and not the cpu. Skybox was not cutting it, skybox was not as pack as it use to, as ppl started to stay home and play on ps2, or going to arcade was not consider cool anymore, as they were less highschool kids gong to arcade as before.

Then i discovered bbc. I missed a turn on derry and kept heading north, and somehow ended in braompton, bbc to be exact. I was like, wehre the fuck am i? so i decided to head to the mall and to ask direction and to eat something. There i discovered the wizard arcade there. It was like a time warp, back to highschool. The arcade there was huge, jsut like how skybox was, and there were packs and packs of highschool noobs. I went to play cvs2, and end up with 50+ wins steaks and left, as i remembe i still had to go home for dinner, and still have no idea wehre i was. Bcc became my new pratice ground. The kids there would continue playing u, regardless how hard you own them. noodleman, pete, gandi, steve, tehre were all there. None of them had any trny experince. At bcc i learned how to do a groove combo, and everything. since for 50 cents, i have hrs of free pratice on real players. I shared the sercet with ken and calvin, and the summer, instead of skybox, we travel to bcc to pratice up.

Eventually I lost interst in sf, and interest in gambling, clubing, and raving began. Once in a while i join a trny, but wasn’t as interested as i once was. I was disappointed that my skills got deteriorated so much, and that everyone also lvl up, and the gap was little now, and for some, they surpassed me. I missed out on the t trnys, and basic only play sf, when i need some time to kill while waiting for frds at the skybox.

along came t5, or t6. justing decided to do pools instead of normal brackets. I end up with the most easiest bracket ever. The hardest players in my pool imo where freddyloo ( who i almost beat) and ex_matt…(who doesnt even play tat game anymore) i came in 2nd and end up in top 16…then i played prez, and got ocv twice. fun time.

eventually skybox close down, which basicly close down the only place i play sf. I was not as close with the rest of the sauga crew. as they were not in my age bracket, and didnt go to school or chill much together, and never really ask to go to their casual or gathering.

sauga sf basiclly became srk thread board, where ppl just talked, and hosted causal to play marvel. eventually that dies off from wow.

somehow, sauga sf became to come alive again, even before sf4 came out, and with sf4 out, it seems sauga sf coming to full force again, or not. Calvin, ken, alex, been dragging me out to lovegetty to pratice sf4, and been bugging me about sf4 trny. so team fob from sauga may show up again for tosf trny.



I rush



good old days… thanks for this thread



holy shit…old school bh



david tran outta nowhere ftw



Ron still posts a lot in GD, he’s changed from DeadlyRaveNeo to Sheng-Long.

He also posts in Image mishmash.

EDIT: Oops, he’s at the top of the page. :rofl:



HOLY SHIET! david tran!!!
aka yorkdale GANGSTA!




To be call superfob, from someone that use to go to pmall all the time, and see fob 24/7. :xeye:



Remember playin marvel at Streetsville Bowl?

This is Matt btw



Nice thread. I never got into the tournament scene, so I dont’ have much to contribute. I only played at Funland and would meet random TOSF players.

When I started out, I would only watch players on the “good” 3S machine near the front of funland because I sucked and was afraid of looking bad in front of the pro players. I practiced on the scrub machine and would play on the front machine if no one else was there. I was there pretty often (a couple of nights a week) and eventually talked to a few players. People that I remember:

Toan (short Vietnamese guy that played Ryu. Sometimes he’d pick Akuma, but mainly stuck with Ryu) - we became friends and hung out outside of Funland.

Kei (short Chinese guy, kinda stalky, always ears a cap and fob glasses) - He was the best 3S player I’d seen and absolutely hated when you threw too much or did the same thing more than twice in a row. I think he got banned from Funland a couple of times. Never really gave me attitude but would sometimes roll his eyes or mutter stuff under his breath.

Simon (Chinese guy that usually had a band-aid on his face) - played Elena exclusively, then switched to Dudley. Would always nod his head when you hit him or did a combo. Was a really nice guy with a good attitude.

Drunk/High asian guy - he looked a bit older and played Alex. He was drunk/high every time I played him. I could never beat him at first and it took me a while before I started beating him consistently.

A really big, tall black guy with glasses - played Hugo. Used to hand my ass to me when I sucked, but didn’t see him much after I learned the game better.

A tall black guy with a shaved head - played turtle chun. Turtled all day. Didn’t do anything. I couldn’t beat him at first but after learning his play style, it wasn’t too much of a problem. By this time I had also switched from Ken to Necro.

R_T_S_D - Eric. Akuma player. Nice guy, had a great attitude and never got mad while playing.

Samir - One of the best if not the best 3S player I’ve met. He’d beat Kei and Kei would get mad and start cussing and threatening him, causing him to get banned from Funland.

I’m sure there are many other players that aren’t coming to mind right now, but I’ll update if I remember any more.

I stopped playing months before Funland closed and haven’t played 3S since (well, a couple of games here and there but nothing serious). 3S was fun.



Wow, that was an awesome read… Lots of history in our SF community. It’s too bad I only found out about it this late…

I Love it. Too bad Funland is closed now, I can’t find time often to go to Lovegety. when there are people are actually there, I have to go because I have to catch the last bus home (Aren’t most routes supposed to run till 1:00am now?) =(

It’s also nice to know the big names in the local tournaments aren’t robots and are only human as well. Although they sometimes seem to be when you’re an unknown. cough JayWang cough

I’m definitely subscribing to this. I love these stories. Hopefully in a few years I’ll have stories of my own to share.



Hey BananaWeed,

Do you remember the guy that plays Dudley too? i think he was Thai. Anyways, he used hang out with Kei and when they would play each other, its usually almost pretty even between them but Kei would beat him more times though. I think he won T3 in third strike, back “in the days”. I could be wrong. He also plays twelve.



Yea your talking about Joe, man I havent seen that guy in a long while would be nice to see what he doing these days