The ongoing history of the GTASF


York Tourny Log

This is by far one of the best tournys I’ve been to in awhile, so I decided to log it.

Team Tourny

Noodleman and I decide to team up with A-groove. Since it’s only the two of us, we each have to pay $7.50. I give him a $10, and this is how the team name “you owe me $2.50 is born”. Then Jiggabry wants to join us as well. So he owes both of us $2.50

On to the tourny.

vs. Team Hammer (Veggiebob2002/Fobhunter/WB!)

Bryan basically waits for Fierce punch with sagat and kills the first guy. Then I come in with Todo and grab cc everyone to death until I get to Jaime, who plays Chun-Li2 as the anchor. I lose, then Jason comes in and…gets combo videoed. Wow. That should go in the trailer. Wait, it wasn’t taped. So I just switch to Mai, who counters chun-li, and Jason doesn’t get to play Jaime. EVER AGAIN.

vs. Team Cocky (Flightwing/JS Master/Ratio1beatdown)
Roger is playing MvC2, and Wing and Eric, being team cocky, decide to play us anyways, with Eric saying we won’t make it to Roger anyway. So Bryan comes in and punches the shit out of nak, leaving her with little life. Then I beat wing with a jump-back fierce, and then Eric comes in with Cammy. And gets cc’d and command grabbed to death. All I hear is Wing and Eric shouting, in the fobbiest and most annoying voices ever, “WOGER!!! WOGER!!! YOU NOW COME!!! YOU ARE PLAY NOW!!!” They hold back on the stick until Roger is able to scramble to the machine. He kills us, but I still thought it was funny.

vs. Team Unleashed Fury (Nagata Lock II/Ack/Gerjay)
Best 3 out of 5.
1st round. Bryan plays Ack first and manages to kill him everytime with Sagat punches. Then Nagata comes in with Kim. And I rush the fuck away with Mai. He doesn’t touch me once during the first round, and all I hear is “FUCK!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!” Then I take out half of Gerjay’s A-Blanka. And then we lose.

2nd round. Same thing. Bryan Punches, Ack Dies, Bryan get thrown, I run away, Justin snaps, I take out half of blanka and we lose.

3rd round. We were actually able to win this match because I was able to put Gerjay down to 25% health.

4th round. And then…Justin switches to Vega. I hate vega. Vega claws me for free. And we lose.
Fun tourny though, we got 3rd.

Tekken 5
I’m so go at this game that I…
Get peaced out in 2.

R4 Challenge!

This was the absolute highlight of the tourny. Everyone joined. Ack, Stephen…even Antoine.

Justin tells me to pick a character right away, so I’m like “Umm…C-Yun”


Now what happens next will forever be known as “the journey”. It’s the story of how a C-Yun climbed all the way to 5th place. That’s right, C-Yun. Taking out Blankas, Vegas, Cammys, in the most exciting matches possible. Shall I describe them? No. You will have to get the vid.

edit: found them on youtube.
vs.Poke Guy vs.Darren vs.ACK vs.Gerjay vs. EX-S vs.X-Pac786 vs.RPGv2

Marvel 2.

I only remember 2 matches:

vs. Noodleman.
I play Amingo/Storm/Tron Bonne. All I can say is Amingo/TB Satellite is broken, and noodleman didn’t have a real good AA assist. Does so much damage, and then I just DHC to storm and runaway.

vs. Nagata Lock.
He picks commando, and right away I know I’m gonna have problems getting in. Well guess what? The controller is kinda busted on my side, and I can’t really jump forward, so every time he calls out commando, I’m safe. Again, Amingo-Satellite does a lot of damage. It comes down to Storm/T.Bonne vs Storm/Command. I randomly hailstorm, the screen freezes, and I see Justin’s Storm doing Tri-Jump Fierce, and commando doing AA. So I mash the shit out of the machine and win. Giving me a 4th place finish.

Oh yeah, there was 3rd strike too. Umm…We lost. To get a sample of my 3rd strike skills, here’s a snippet of a conversation I had with Antoine.

Kin: "Hey Antoine, my Urien’s pretty good, huh?"
Antoine: (pauses)…“this conversation is over.”

So the tourny is over, and we all shake hands, and some of us go to kbbq. And pretty much just talk shit all night long.

However, RPGv2 gets his ass handed to him by Fobhunter, because Rey is sitting on one end of the table, Fobhunter and the other, and Rey just keeps talking for the longest time, and Fobhunter is just like “uh-huh, yup, yeah, got it” And then Rey ends off with a question. Complete Silence. A tumbleweed goes by. And then Fobhunter says “Dude, I didn’t hear a single word you just said”…AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!. Good lord, that was better than Justin engulfing Gordon at the last kbbq.

Anyway, to those who went, it went well, the rest of you can go to.

Kin “kymah” Mah



T5 Log

Thursday, August 12th.

So it’s one day before T5. I go to work as usual and take my gf home and hang out at at her place till 10 pm.

Time to go home to clean up, since a couple of people are sleeping over on friday. Ah, what the hell, I’ll just check SRK before I go.
Originally posted by (THE) Geese
yo im at orbit. kymah could u come pick me up or something lol cause i have nowhere to sleep. =(
What the fuck!??! This guy isn’t supposed to come until friday. So now I have to drop by Orbit to get this idiot, even though my gf told me to leave his ass there. Guy doesn’t even have my cell phone #.

So I drop by Orbit and we take the bus to my place. It’s late at night, and there are a couple of ‘thugs’ sitting in the back. Now, for some odd reason, Geese is wearing a giant fanny pack around his waist. And starts pulling out 20’s and counting them. Jesus Christ, we’re gonna get robbed. I tell him to put the fucking money away. It’s at this point that I realize that this is going to be one of the longest weekends in my life.

Anyway, we arrive at my place and order double double panzerottis. This turns out to be a very bad idea because, for the rest of the weekend, he can’t stop talking about them. I mean they’re good, but he thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Apparently he kept talking to Paul Lee about it.

So we play some games after, and Geese INSISTS on showing me some elite tactic with Q vs Chun-Li. It consists of Q hitting standing roundhouse, Chun Li supering him with SAII, Q blocking the rest of the hits. Wow, that’s beautiful, block super, that’s awesome!

More on elite Geese 3s Tactis later.

Friday, August 13th.

I tell Geese to head to Orbit by himself so I can go pick up my gf. Anyway, I head off to Orbit after dropping her off, and looks like people have started arriving for T5. This is the best T tournament ever, there are so many people here.

I start looking for people to join team tournaments with. And let’s see who I find:

CvS2 - L.S.D. That is all.
AE - Angry Black and Dogberry. But that get’s cancelled.
3S - Gerjay and …GEESE.

Someone give me my money back.

Anyway, I walk around, watching people play and see THE WATSON tearing people apart in AE.

So I decide to play a game. And win. And spend the rest of the day doing this:

Me: "Did you see Watson play ae?"
Random person: "Yeah, he’s a fucking beast!"
Me: "Yeah he is. You know who kicked him off the machine?"
RP: "Who?"
Me: “Me”


Team tournys are starting, so here we go!

Team Tanzir (Kymah, L.S.D.) vs Team SoCal (Paul Lee, Watson)

I pick R2 Yun and Tony picks R2 Bison. Now, he’s been talking to me all day about how his Bison is fucking awesome. Ok. So I beat Watson and half of Paul Lee. Here comes R2 Bison with full life and full meter.

I sit back and chat with Wing, then look back. WTF!!! Why does Bison have NO LIFE? OMG. I see Tony trying to mash lvl 3 super the whole round, and keeps dying…finally kills Paul with it.

This is not good. But we win anyways.

I forget who we played next, but i do know we got eliminated by:

Team Tanzir (Kymah, L.S.D.) vs Team Pokeguy (Pokeguy)

Ok, Pokeguy picks Ratio 4 K-Rock, and fucking beasts on Tony. I think he got one hit in. So I have to beat him with R2 Yun. I’m doing pretty good, getting a lot of hits in, not taking damage. Oops, I ate a super. Oh, I’m dead.

God damn you pokeguy.

Time for 3S Team.

We get OCV’d by Jonstar then by some Elena.

Anyways, we’re out, and I’m just dead tired and sick as shit and want to go home. But guess what? Fucking Jon decides to be in the finals for all 3 team tournaments, and single handedly delays the tourny for like 5 hours. I’m gonna kick him in the nuts the next time I see him.

So Me, Watson, Paul, and a host of other people drop by Markham Station. Which is apprently some sort of 24 hour resturant. It’s pretty good, but the floor was sticky. I mean really sticky, like my shoe almost came off. And this whole entire time, Geese is like “when are we going home? who’s driving us home? are we going to take the bus back? when are we going?”

Shut up.

Ryan drives me geese watson and paul back to my place. We basically just crash 'cause it’s like 6 am. Even though Geese still wanted to play.

Well we eventually go to sleep.

Saturday, August 14th.

So Mike and Paul are hanging out in the living room, and out walks Geese.

Watson: "What’s up dude?"
Geese: "Not much, woke up with a hard-on"
Watson, Paul and Me: “WHAT THE FUCK!?!?”

I’m not making anymore comments on that.

Ryan comes to drive us to Orbit.

I walk around and eventually run into Herny. And then we start talking about the horse racing game.

Now, in order to buy a horse for the game, takes 7 tokens. That’s right $3.50. Well, I wanted to buy a horse. But I needed co-owners to help me buy it.

Herny wanted in. But for some reason he wanted to name it DarkDragon. Sure, why not?

More on that later.

AE Starts.

Match 1 vs Nagata Lock II

Justin is no match for WW Guile. And I mean, NO MATCH. Where’s your roll throw now? Huh bitch? WHERE!!! Take sonic boom throw MUHAHAHAHH!!!.

side note Justin beat me in the grudge match of the millienum at T4. I may have some resentment left over


So I beat him.

Then I get to play

Match 2 vs WATSON

Wow, this is the second time I had to face Watson; First in CvS2 Teams, now this. I am no match for his CE Guile, so I switch to Super Bison. I almost beat him, but gave it away 'cause I don’t know how to headstomp. Jump up roundhouse doesn’t work as well.


Match 3 vs WB!

I insist on using ww Guile and lose to his ST Chun. I dunno why, I kept beating him in casuals over and over again. Should of hid my skills. Goddamit, I’m out of AE.

CvS2 pools starts now.

People in my pool:

Veasna :mad:

Wait, what’s that? I have to play WATSON again? What’s going on here…

Vs. Veasna

His Blanka OCV’D me.

Vs. Pokeguy

I got poked to death

Vs. Karan

Can’t handle my yun!


It was pretty close until the end. I jumped up, did nothing, landed and waved super with Todo. WATSON JUMPS BACK, and eats it, giving me the lead. Then I chip him to death for the win.

So I’m 2-2 in my pool, I figure I’m out.

Not so fast!

Apprently, Pokeguy goes 1-3, beating only me.
So does Karan, who beats Pokeguy
Veasna beats everyone.

WATSON…gets 2-2 as well.

Guess who I have to play for the tie-breaker?

Tie-breaker vs. WATSON

I decide to pick my A-team, 'cause the last game was pretty close. I scam him with my A-Todo activate Command grab and win.

Now, it’s time to play


1st Match

me vs…



To be continued…



Hamilton Log

What can I say about Hamilton?

My first tournament at Pownz was fun, but I got home at 2am, and had to wake up at 530 am to go to work the next day. Not fun at all.

I missed the last Pownz tournament because JayWang hates me. He tells me to book a certain weekend off, but it turns out to be the wrong weekend, and I get baited. But I digress.

This time, I was smart and took the weekend off, so I wouldn’t fall asleep at work. I’m a cook, so it’s not like falling asleep at your desk in the office; I fall asleep, I burn my face off.

Day 1

It’s Friday, the day before the Hamilton tournament, and I pack up all my gear and get ready to meet JayWang at the GO Station.

But first, I had to make a quick stop at Best Buy, because JayWang wanted to play RE5 together, and since I was going to buy it anyway, I decided this would be the a good time to do it.

So JayWang picks me up from the Erindale GO Station, and we start going back to his place. Now, he had wanted to learn how to cook a whole chicken, so I told him specifically what to buy, and I would teach him exactly how to make it.

However, the place where JayWang buys the chicken from only sells two chickens at once. I don’t know why. But it’s not a big deal, not that much harder to cook two chickens, and he bought extra ingredients to make up for the extra bird.

We go to pick up so more groceries at the local No Frills. Halfway there, his roommate calls, and tells us that he as purchased 2 MORE chickens, because two of his friends, his girlfriend and his brother are eating as well. So what was to be a small culinary 101 class has now become a mini banquet function.

When we get to his place, it quickly becomes clear to me JayWang likes to shop outside the box. He purchased white onions, like I asked, but decided to throw in a red onion. For fun I suppose. And instead of just baby potatoes, there are now large Yukon potatoes AND baby potatoes. Which don’t cook at the same time.

But it’s all good. JayWang and his roomate were very helpful, and chopped up all the vegetables, cut the Yukons into smaller pieces and prepped the chicken etc. And the meal turns out alright. Tons of food leftover. YellowS4 asks me to save him some so he can heat it up on the car engine on the way to Pownz.

Now it’s time for some secret training, by playing random people online. But of course it’s on his account, so everyone gets confused about "JayWang"s Gen. It doesn’t help that he tells everyone that he’s learning a secret new character, or that we switch every match.

We decide not to bother playing RE5, because then we would have to install it, upgrade it, stroke it, blah blah blah, and I’m just to tired. So JayWang shows me my bedroom.

By bedroom, I mean crawlspace. And by crawlspace, I mean a secret alcove in the laundry room, in the basement, with a curtain for a door, and a sketchy bed. The only thing missing were the chains on the headboard to keep the kidnapped victims from escaping. It was by far the scariest place I’ve ever slept in, and it doesn’t help that JayWang’s roommate keeps telling me that an old lady died in that bed.

Day 2

It’s breakfast time at McDonald’s, so we decide to grab a bite to eat before we get ready to go. We drive up to the drive-through.

JayWang: "What do u want?"
Me: "I want the big breakfast"
JayWang: "WHAT do you want?
Me: "Big breakfast"
JayWang: "What combo number is that?"
Me: "There is no combo number; just say big breakfast"
JayWang: "Stop trolling, what do you want?"
JayWang: "…"
Order taker: "Welcome to McDonalds, what would you like to order?"
JayWang: "Hi. Are you familiar with the big breakfast?"
Order taker: (laughs) "Yes"
Me: “…”

Anyway, we go back to his place, but we have 3 hours to kill. I figure I might as well install RE5 and play it.

Me: "Want to play RE5 with me?"
JayWang: "Sure"
Me: "Do you have a second controller?"
JayWang: "For what?"
Me: "RE5"
JayWang: "Why can’t we just pass the controller back and forth?"
Me: "…because it’s co-operative?"
JayWang: “IT IS!??!”

Resident Evil 5 is a lot of fun. We honestly considered skipping pownz all together, and just playing RE5 Co-Op the rest of the day. In fact, we wanted to play RE5 at Pownz while waiting between games, but we didn’t have enough PS3’s. Hmm, what to do, what to do? I go on JayWang’s IRC:

<JayWang> EMERGENCY! We need another PS3 system at pownz!
<Noodlenoob> Why?
<JayWang> We need another PS3, or something might get canceled!!!
<JayWang> !!!
<Noodlenoob> ???
<Noodlenoob> What’s going to get canceled?
<JayWang> RE5
<Noodlenoob> I’m not bringing my PS3

But of course, we have to pick up YellowS4 at the train station, so we pack up and leave. Not before a quick pit stop, however.

Apparently, JayWang is running a CRT store out of his room, but two of them are broken, and because he doesn’t want to kill kids in Somalia*, we have to got to Value Village and do a “drop off”. By “drop off”, I mean take the monitors, make sure no one is looking, put them on the picnic table behind the drop off doors, and haul ass.

Finally, we pick up YellowS4 and go to the tournament.

I am so tired, and so old, I just wanted to take a nap before the tournament. But apparently, that’s not going to happen. I watch a few SFIV games. Some random white guy is watching as well, with his random white friend.

Tall guy: "What do those letters mean?"
Flowchart: "What letters?"
Tall guy: "The letters underneath the healthbar?"
Flowchart: “Oh they change depending on how you kill them. See, V means Victory, S means super, and C means you killed them with a combo”

I look over at Wilson, who just happens to be standing there. He looks back at me and rolls his eyes. I say “That’s not right AT ALL” and walk away.

The tournament has now started.

Here we go:



vs. Jelani.
I pick Gen, he picks Chun. I do tricks and win.

vs. Wilson.
I pick Gen, he picks Blanka. In the first game, it’s 1 round a piece. I’m down to a sliver of life, he has at least 30%. He does EX Blanka ball, I block it, and do counter Mantis Ultra. It hits, and as the the Ultra is doing it’s animation, I’m thinking to myself: “KO, KO, KO, KO, KO, KO, KO, KO”. KO, I win. 2nd game, I kind of just scammed him with wierd crossups.

vs. Noodleman.
I pick Gen. He picks Sagat. And rapes me for free. Apparently, he had put gen in training mode, to figure out how to punish him. And punish him he does. I didn’t even win a single round. Terrible.


vs. Tylor.
I pick Gen. He picks Bison. I lose the first game, and he turns an says “I wanted to learn Gen, but he’s just so hard to use” I show him my saturn controller, and say “that’s why you need triggers.” He looks at me with utter shock. “you’re using a SEGA saturn controller?!??!?!?”. Second game. I start doing wierd wall dives and cross-ups into super into Ultra. 3rd game, pretty much the same thing and I win.

Now I have to play STHD. Back to SFIV later.

ST HD Remix

Before I start, Nagata comes up to me and says “This bracket is all rigged! How are you seeded 4th!??!” :xeye: “You don’t even play this game!”. Now I have to tell you a secret everyone. After Nagata says this, I say to myself “You know what, I’m going to try to win this thing, just to spite Nagata.” I’m being dead serious.

vs. Jelani.
I forget who he used, but I used DeeJay and win.

vs. JED.

Jed: “Is that a SEGA Saturn controller!?!??!”

I pick DeeJay, he picks Guile. I pretty confident with DeeJay vs. Guile, but for some reason, when I go for sonic boom motions on the saturn pad, it randomly gives me up forward. So I do random machine gun punches when I’m really doing MAX outs. I think that confused JED, and I beat his guile. He then switches to Vega and beats me. So I decided to counter pick M.Bison, and I end up winning.

vs. !WB.

!WB: “Is that a SEGA Saturn controller!?!??!”

I pick Bison, he picks Chun-Li. I know this matchup, but it’s still an uphill battle. All I’m aiming for is knockdown via jumping mp, meaty punch, throw, rinse, wash repeat. It’s very tight. We go 1-1, and it’s down to the wire. 3rd round, we are both at almost no health, I get him in the corner and poke with standing mk. He tries to get out but gets hit by it and I win. Very close match.

vs. !Gerjay. Winners Finals 3 of 5

Gerjay: “Is that a SEGA Saturn controller!?!??!”

I pick DeeJay, he picks Ryu. Lots of close matches, but all I’m looking for is openings for slide and jumping roundhouse. I’m still getting random machine guns. I get him dizzy in the 3rd game, jump in, combo and win 3-0.

vs. !WB Grand Finals 4 of 7, 4 of 7

It’s going to be Chun-Li vs. Bison the whole way through. Jamie starts with the trash talk: “Are you on tilt?” “Are you being tilted?” “Is this tilting you?” “Is the screen ok, or is it tilted?”. Teddy will understand this**.

As soon as the first match starts, EVERYONE leaves to watch SFIV. Jamie remarks “This is Grand Finals! Where is everyone going?”

First Set, every game is super close. It’s almost always goes to 3rd round, every game. Now remember how my controller would do randomly go to up forward when you’re charging? Well apparently, if you try to do upforward normally, sometimes, I just jump straight up. Fuck you SEGA, now I know why you’re out of business. Jamie takes the first set 4-3

Second Set. Same thing. Amazing matches, down to the wire finishes. One round, I got totally mind fucked, and eat 3 chun-li roundhouse flip kicks, because I think it crosses up. It doesn’t, and I die. The games go to 3-3, Final match, Final Round. It’s down to the wire again. I somehow hit him with standing mk randomly, and win the whole damn thing.

Man, what a grueling set of games. Oh well, at least I get to rest now.

JayWang: “Good games, guys. Now go play SFIV!”

Apparently we’re playing each other again in SFIV.



vs. !Wb. It’s Gen vs. Chun Li. I have no idea what I’m going anymore, my brain has shut off. We go 1-1, and on the 3rd game, we go to 3rd round. So it’s down to the wire again. He starts doing Chun-Li Roundhouse flipkicks. So I block it like I did in STHD. However, what doesn’t cross up in HD Remix, DOES cross up in SFIV. I started doing a bunch of stupid shit and I die.

I’m out.

I was really disappointed, because I was really hoping to go further with Gen. At least 5th. To show everyone that Gen is the future. I’m so frustrated, I vow not to play SFIV for a long time***.

All in all, it was a fun tournament. A big thank you to the owners of Pownz for putting up with us, and the 12 hour, super delayed, CvS2 tournament which, hopefully, will never ever be run again. Ever.

Random Things:

  • Eric almost losing to Flowchart Ken. If I had a dollar for every random Fierce DP, EX DP, Super and Ultra JS Master ate, I would have $19 dollars.

  • Flowchart and his white friend talking about guns. Now, I don’t know if they were talking about real guns, or fake guns, but they were defiantly talking about which guns had better recoil, ammo, stopping power, etc. Very, Very scary.

  • Eric losing to GOAT in the best money match ever. SEGA Dreamcast pad for the win.

  • FloE, meet FloE Squared

  • Sitting down at Turtle Jacks, eating the world’s shittiest coleslaw, and having everyone at the front of the table scream “FUCK YOU KIN!!!.” I didn’t know what was going on. FML.

I’m out for now.

Kin “kymah” Mah



Reading this reminded me of my ‘T6 Yearbook’, aka ‘That time someone (pretty sure it was Kin) snagged my unattended sketchbook at T6 and I got it back 3 hours later full of random signatures, comments, and even weird little blurb / rant from TFGM.’

I document it below in the interest of history:



Dear Toronto FGC (especially anything pre 2009)

This site as we know is closing down and I just want to say it was my honour and pleasure to have shit the shoot here.

I was so into this scene that my schedule legit use to be go to school, go to down town fun land during breaks and after class and play the hell out of 3s
mostly (fun fact, I actually started playing GG there first as my favourite fighter {still to this day} ) Then Thursday and Friday nights I’d sneak a take my dads car and drive all the way to Loveghetty and play till the am. Saturday (possibly my most favourite day), I’d get up and have a small small ass brunch because I know I was going to feast like a champion when I get to Orbit (Pacific mall). Anyone that was an Orbit regular knew it was a sin not to have food at Pacific Mall. Id try to get to Orbit in between the hours of 1-2pm.

By the time you had had your first real break it was always like 7-8pm, time literally just flew in that place. Orbit had the best of the best players in practically most games. From a World class 3s scene to a lucky if we break top 16 at a major in Marvel, to the beginning to your current anime scene (some players still around), every game was represented.

Alas, a majority of this stuff was because we all used to post it all here … GGs Srk, it was real

(you can still ppls history if you click the avatars and follow their chats lol… boy were some of you shameless lol)



fun times on irc