The Ongoing Tier Thread

Ok. This is going to be the ONE tier list for CvS2 I want to see on SRK. Seriously. The next person that comes on here and makes a tier thread will get forcefully sodomized by Prince AND the entire Revolution.

Here’s my tier list based on what I’ve seen in Japan and America. Discuss all you want in this thread, I’ll make edits to this first posts as things develop. DON’T MAKE ANY MORE TIER THREADS!

Top Tier:

several different flavors of Blanka

High-Mid Tier:


Mid Tier:

Low-Mid Tier:

Low Tier:

All the characters in the High-Mid Tier can be (and often are) considered Top Tier among different respected players.

Is Chun Li still considered to be top tier? I got the impression that she was dying (particularly C-Chun) and getting very predictable. She’s still good, though.

Anyway, great thread. I take it you’ll only list the best groove(s) to represent each character which makes sense. Nice to see P-Cammy and C-Honda up there. I personally think A-Kyosuke is the worst, but it’s not like it matters.

even though buk is a decent cvs2 player hes not my hero. dont change my posts buk. :tup:

Some members here might like that. Don’t you think K Sagat should be top tier? What about K Cammy wouldn’t she be 1st or 2nd tier?

so Kyosuke has been bumped up from bottom tier, leaving King on her own?

You can’t be serious are you? You obviously never seen shoshosho, and her excellent zoning abilitys. Not to mention her fucking crazy dive kick. Oh wait she has more, RC hurricane kick is the most annoying roll cancel in the game. That chick is a beast. :wow:


Personally, I’d bump claw Vega up in rankings… maybe even switch Vega for Honda. Did you tier in order, or is it just a general list of top and mid? Honda is a decent character, but IMO he’s not top top tier.

come on buk, you’ve got to be kidding if you don’t think C/A eagle is in the high-mid tier. i guess i’ll have to start winning some massive tournies with him to prove something, although combofiend and arturo have already proved his tourney validity.


Your kidding right Honda is a solid mid tier and Sak is almost godly in A Groove and decent in C.

Athena doesnt get much love, I really think if utilized right she is close to high mid tier.

Same for Joe as well. :karate:

Each character only gets their best version on the tier list. If we were to tier each character in every possible groove, it would come out to 264 entries on the tier list. Would you want to do that?

And notice that both Combofiend and Arturo have dropped him. =D
Anyway, winning tourneys with any character doesn’t prove any kind of top-tierness in CvS2. Sawada could probably take Evolution with A-Zangief/Blanka/Bison. Doesn’t really mean much. Anyway, the high-mid tier was composed solely of characters that are pretty much top tier, and often are considered top tier by many respected people. How many people besides yourself believe that Eagle is top tier?

I think eagle is high mid. Damage potential, counters sagat pretty well and does ok against other top characters, good defense and range. It just takes a lot to be decent with him.

Eagle is a good high mid character imo.

I think K Hibiki has an advantage over A Hibiki though and that P Kyo is top tier not high mid.

it feels like i’m living in crazytown the way everybody keeps on bringing up Sakura and Honda when they talk about toptier. you people just needs to play good Blanka and Sagats.

I think C-Rolento is definitely not his best groove. I would put A-Rolento above C-Rolento any day. Even better, I would say P-Rolento is really good. At Evo, everytime I turned around I was playing a P-Rolento it seemed. He has much more potential in P or A than in C.

As far as Eagle, I saw Combo play him in the round robin pools on friday at Evo. So he hasn’t completely dropped him.

I am very surprised to see Honda and Guile on Top tier. High-Mid maybe, but I don’t see them as Top tier. Who besides Daigo/Mago uses them successfully?

yeah, i noticed arturo droppped him awhile ago for C-sakura, and he plays C-sagat/sakura/r2 blanka now. but i thought combofiend either played A-eagle/rock OR rugal/r2 bison…OR K-rolento/cammy/sagat. but i thought combofiend still played him, he did at evo at least.

and if winning tourneys doesn’t prove any top tierness in cvs2, then how else does a character prove its validity? how well a character performs in certain matches? if that’s the case, then eagle counters 6 of your 8 TOP TIER (with the exception of C-guile and C-sagat, and i don’t know much about the guile matchup, and the sagat matchup isn’t retardedly lopsided or anything). how can a character who does that well not even be considered HIGH MID tier? eagle isn’t top tier, i’m not going to say that, but high mid? absolutely. apoc and roger williams (ratio1beatdown) believe eagle is ranked highly, and they’re pretty respected players IMO.

what do you think is holding eagle back then if you don’t consider him high mid?


What is a SAWADA?

Sawada is name of a Japanese player.

What makes A-vega so great?

the same thing that makes vega great in any groove, jump and walk

LZJ I think you’re a cool dude, but if you keep posting nonsense in threads with the intention of sidetracking them and causing flame wars, I’m gonna have to ban you.

Popoblo: countering 6 out of the top 8 characters? I’m having trouble believing that. You should probably elaborate more on those match ups, then I’ll see what I can come up with in terms of counter-points.

yes, countering. eagle vs…

several different flavors of Blanka

is at LEAST 6-4 in eagle’s favor, because that would be the most basic definition of a counter (5-5 would be a tie). i’ve elaborated on all of those matches in my eagle thread, and i won’t re-post all that info, so i’ll keep it short.

  1. vs A-Sakura, standing fierce her whiffed divekicks and whiffed standing rh, you CAN use mp counter to nullify RC hurricane kicks and fireballs if your reflexes are that good, but it isn’t necessary. RC lariat crossups, crouching fierce jump ins. no real point to jump in.

  2. vs P-Cammy, RC lariat her jump ins (the day somebody parries all 4 or 5 hits of that and then punishes me is the day i quit cvs2, it’s not practical). standing fierce her whiffed standing rh, stuff her walk up advances after a standing fierce with a crouching mk, link a standing fierce (IF cammy doesn’t have a level 3) and she’s pushed out again. obviously watch for parry setups after she walks in after a close standing fierce. press standing mk if you get nervous, it trades with cammy’s standing rh at WORST. no real point to jump in.

  3. vs A-Bison, RC lariat jump ins, standing fierce periodically from long ranged, or just continually walk up and press crouching mk. bison can’t do much in this matchup. NEVER jump in, because you already own the ground game and bison’s AA options are too good.

  4. vs Blanka, crouching fiere jump ins, standing fierce blanka’s crouching fierce in recovery. eagle’s crouching forward > blanka’s. use crouching rh periodically. mp counter eats RC electricity. blanka hops, he gets a stick in the grill (standing fierce). NEVER jump in, you’re giving damage to blanka.

  5. vs C/N-Chun Li, RC lariat crossups, crouching fierce jump ins. chun li has to REALLY space her standing strong perfectly to punish eagle’s crouching forward because the range is deceptive, so that will be eagle’s primary poke in the matchup with a few standing fierces. eagle can selectively jump in with jumping mk. the biggest thing is to RC lariat crossups, because people like to think eagle can easily be crossed up, which definitely isn’t the case.

  6. vs C-Honda, mp counter eats headbutts AND honda hands, or if you’re in C-groove, you can do late air block, crouching roundhouse to punish a headbutt (thanks kcxj). same thing on the ground game, crouching forward and standing fierce. NEVER jump in.

plus eagle has the 2nd most damaging level 2 super, dizzies surprisingly well, is a great battery, above average vitality, and 8000+ CC regular ground CC, with an easy link into CC so he doesn’t have to guess (does around 6500 i think).

remember, i’ve gone into more detail in the eagle thread, so you can check the finer points in there because this is the bare bones of it all. and remember, when in doubt, hit crouching forward :tup:.

maybe people don’t play eagle because it takes too much patience. lifetimeboy should play eagle, he’s definitely got the patience. that’s what gets me sometimes, i want to use eagle’s awesome jump ins when i shouldn’t be jumping at all.


PS- so when i said that eagle counters team BAS, that actually has some validity. while eagle shouldn’t be OCV’ing the team for free, he does have favorable (6-4 or better) matchups with A-sakura/bison/blanka. just wanted to clarify that.