The Online Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Competitive Thread!

So I made an IRC UMK3/General MK channel.

This can be reached by using your IRC provider of choice and going to the following:

EFNET (server)

and then…

#UMK3srk (channel)

This is an IRC channel for MK fans to gather. Discuss MK and set up UMK3/or other MK online matches. I’m also using this channel to advertise MKIX information as it’s announced and as I recieve it.

When MKIX is released (and pending how well it’s recieved), this channel will go under a different name. But since UMK3 is the most popular “competitive game” we’ll stick with this title. :smiley:

Please join us/me. Thanks. :cool:

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 can be played on the MAME emulator, online via kaillera, p2p is recommended.

  • The most popular version of MAME to play this online is MAME64k.*

However…MAME Plus! Plus! 0.117 is A LOT more stable than MAME64k and NOW we have access to the unlockable characters (Mileena, Ermac, and Classic Sub-Zero) cheat with NO annoying graphic glitches. :slight_smile:

Please PM me or visit the #UMK3srk IRC channel for more info.

Note: please do not ask where to download UMK3 Roms. You’ll have to find those on your own and at your own risk.

Also this thread can be used for a GG/BGs thread too. :slight_smile:


Im in here , UMK hype.

:woot: Hell fucking YES!

New MKIX video (incase people are lazy to head on over to FGD):

Count me in for some UMK3 action.

Tite. Hopefully we see yha soon in #UMK3srk .

This is a bit of help for everyone

First of all you need MAME 0.117 Plus! Plus!, Here’s a link for that.

Secondly, You need the P2P Kaillera Client, When you open netplay remember to go to change mode and hit P2P and to set your name and hit UMK3

Thirdly YOU MUST, Have these rom’s we will not provide a link but here’s a list

So basically you need all the MK3 and UMK3 Rom’s for this to work, Also you have to forward your port’s to host or be the DMZ Host.

Remember also to set your rom directly and press f5 to refresh!, Get into the IRC and start requesting a host or someone to join your game using your ip if you host a game and don’t know your ip go to to find out, a good free IRC program if you don’t HAVE one is ChatZilla a firefox addon, It’s wonderful

If anyone need’s help setting anything up feel free to PM me, Or DIGI or come ask for help on the IRC

Everyone should stop in and play some MK, GET HYPE!

Cool… make sure everyone plays this P2P though… it really is very laggy any other way.

That would take away from the point of having ‘‘ONLINE UMK3’’ as the header

fair enough, I’ll create a gg thread then.

Mame 117 plus doesn’t recognize my arcade stick.:frowning:

You might want to try something like XPADDER, You did make sure to go into MAME0.117 Options correct and go to Controller (Not Controller mapping) and ENABLE JOYSTICK Right? Options > Defualt Game Options > Controller > ENABLE JOYSTICK, Picks up on my SE, TE, HORI-EX2

Not being harsh you can do what you want it’s not even my thread, Just stating it’s a ONLINE MATCH MAKING Thread, Not a after game Good Game thing

More people hop on that umk3 hype train!!!

Question… are specific ports supposed to be forwarded like GGPO… no P2P connection if we’re not forwarding the same ports iirc…

download to mame plus plus is very slow and unresponsive. provide a new link plzzZ?

I just dled the file 20 times to make sure the link was quick downloaded in less than 10 seconds, Download has been tested in cali, canada, and us


Set up your connection (Complete Guide For It)
Port 27886
You will need to port forward port 27886. i.e. make sure that your modem/router and whatever you might have forwards all UDP packets of port 27886 to your pc. Its the same as if you were configuring your bittorrent client or other any other p2p systems for usage behind your router.

If you’ve never port forwarded before and you’re totally confused, visit
Find your router brand/model no there. Look for the default guide for your router. These are really easy to follow step by step guides designed for those who can read and click.

Also, if you have firewalls and internet access control softwares such as Norton or your windows firewall or [insert name here], be sure to add your emulator program or port 27886 to their allowed/excepted list.

Step 2: Use p2p

The idea behind p2p is really simple. One person hosts and the other person connects.

2.1: Activate netplay from your emulator. Select the “host” tab if not already selected and you should see the p2p mode screen.

2.2: To host a game, activate the host tab, select a game and press host
It should show something like this.
To enlist your game in the public waiting games list, tick the “S: Public” checkbox (marked red in above screenshot).
Also note the “whatismyip” button. Use it to determine your external IP as well as to see if the waiting games list server is up.

2.3: Connect through waiting games list.
On the p2p mode screen, switch to the “connect” tab and click on the “waiting games” button. It should open up the waiting games window and automatically download and ping waiting games. You can just double click to connect if you find the game you are after.

3.3: Connect with IP.
If you dont want to use the waiting games list or the waiting games list if offline or when playing in your own local network, you can connect to host with his external IP/hosting port. All you need to do is put his ip in the PeerIP box and click connect.

3.4: The game will start as soon as both users mark themselvs ready (marked blue).

Just needed to know what ports/port to forward… already know the whole forwarding bs since I’ve already gone through this nonsense for GGPO… took me 3 months to figure out the entire process… annoying lol… but well worth it looking back on how much I play on GGPO…

I never had to forward my port’s on GGPO i heard some people did but i never had to i mean i eventually did because it did however not connect with some jap players i wanted to play and when i did it worked but i could connect to just about everyone else, Also i was posting the entire thing for the people who don’t know might aswell since the question rised more will ask

To new players to mame
Arcade Stick Tutorial:

  2. Download This:
  4. Once in game press TAB to open control menu and set and map your key’s

Button Order For UMK3
These are how the button’s are mapped in MAME starting from button 1 to 6

Connecting To A PLAYER in P2P
1. Once you open mame hit file and click start kaillera netplay and you get the following window

I see tutorials…will try to play UMK3 online due to the effort put in by BeRB. Thanks BeRB!

Not a problem, Just love UMK3 try to help when i can