The only evo champ i respect?

is daigo 2 time evo champ and top 8 for everyyear using ryu a mid top like what fei long high damage or akuma and gen full of mix up to cheat the game to win .

Get this guy out of here

Agreed. I respect the ones who use underdogs. Gen was a prim example and so was Infiltrations Hakan.

Daigo is G

Infiltration is like Rodney Dangerfield, he gets no respect.

Daigo top 8 every year which is very impressive, xian winning everything with gen was awesome…pr rog winning with balrog would have been the bomb though. Anyways everyone loves the underdog.

Ryu was top tier in vanilla. And Fei Long is not a high damage character, not even in AE.

And Daigo mained Yun during AE…

That’s a hell of a way to spend your first post.

Free the iceclimbers!

You can’t take away from xian simply because he was using a character a lot of people don’t play. Hell you should give more credit for that alone.

And Guile during SSF4…