The only thing that kept STREET FIGHTER from being the absolut PERFECT MOVIE

is why the heck didn’t Ryu fight Sagat in the hughe showdown?!?! :wow::wow: Ken fought him!!! :mad:

True Street Fighter fans like me know tha Ryu is supposed to fight Sagat… not FREAKING Ken!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad:

who did Sagat lose his eye to?! That’s right RYU!!! Not FREAKING ken!!!:mad::mad:

What makes me so mcuh more mad is that it could have been such a perfect movie. But that one mistak allmost ruins it for me! But its wicked awesomeness is just too great to be ruined all the way.:cool::cool:

Kylie was such a hot camy. Her hotness rules all!!!:woot::woot::woot:

Sagat lost his eye to Dans father. There were way more things with that movie.

Not to be a dick, but Sagat lost his eye to Dan’s father. Which is why Dan wants to fight Sagat.

ah my badz dudezers! Your right though! Ry put the scar on Sagat! That scene upset me so much it made me forget!!! :mad:

Anyway, atleast Ryu did a hadoken (but with no actual fireball :sad:

Was I not the only one watching it on TV last night?

I dont know why you even like this film.

No way dude!!! I was wathing it too! Thats what inspired me to join this sweet forum and tak about it!

I actually enjoyed it, I like the movie. I mean instead of those stupid romantic comedies, I enjoy cheesy flicks like SF.

Now, we’re going to use this thread to discuss this AWESOME movie.

Did you guys watch the same Street Fighter that I did?

He joined today. Ya’ll gettin’ troll’d.

I honestly think that the street fighter movie was a very well made action flick. The movie did try to represent EVERYONE from the games (a respectable goal) got everyone in costume by the end (also nice) had JEAN-CLAUDE FUCKING VAN DAMM, and has a suprising amount of references to the original game.

I like to look at the film as a bit of a pragmatic adaptation of the game. like Blanka and charlie for example. yes the two are unrelated in the game, but the movie basically combines 1 character with little to no past, with 1 character with little to no future (since he’s dead). Guile still wants revenge for charlie, but now Blanka’s backstory fits into the films plot, without having a random green monkey man about (remember, they had to figure out a way to insert EVERY character from the game in a somewhat logical way) dhalsim still got a little shafted, but he could have been worse. alot of the character’s backstories were changed to make their being involved make sense (otherwise, it would just be alot of even MORE random characters collecting in one movie)

on the surface, the film seems like another game movie where no research outside of the game manual was done. but if you really pay attentioj through the whole thing, there were alot of REALLY well thought out and obscure references to the games, that only fans would notice. like in the shadoloo locker room fight scene? one of the walls was painted just like E.Honda’s stage from the game. if you didn’t play the game, you wouldn’t notice that, but fans would. the movie is honestly full of stuff like that.

but the reason I like it the most, is because the movie was trying to have some fun. was it cheesy? hell yeah. was it silly at times? also yeah. but you cannot deny that it was a genuinely entertaining film. also, RIP Raul julia!!!

I liked the Oscar-quality acting.

The guy who played Zangief was perfect. Couldn’t have picked him better myself

oh heck yeah. they might have mixed up his allignments, but that actor got him spot on!



oh zangief :slight_smile:

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What movie?

This has what to do with IV? Moving.

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That movie was supposed to be a comedy, right?