The Optical Joystick Discussion


No that stick doesnt have optical on it. Only micro-switches.


What meus said.
The First Post, First Page has a Quote of me showing which ASCII has Optical.


Going to scout flea makets around me for an ASCII stick, I’m bound to find one.


So I just got my DC ASCII Capcom. Trying to open the case and it seems stuck. I really don’t want to crack it in any way. I removed the bottom 5 screws, but it still feels like something is attached to it. I tried just rolling a screw driver between the bottom plate and the case, but not much luck. Any suggestions.


hello guys, is any one know that where i can buy parts of the sanwa…?? thanks in advice :slight_smile:


You have to peel off the top sticker/art. There are screws under there holding it in.


if you are removing the bottom plate, you have to get the 2 screws under the rubber feet.


Recently I’ve decided to replace the pivot and actuator on my ASCII Optical with sanwa parts as the stock parts were starting to see some wear. I tried replacing the stock spring with a JLF one but it was too loose. However, with an LS-55 spring, its perfect. The final result is a stick that’s smooth as butter.

Every part is interchangeable except the base. You can’t fit the ASCII Optical PCB inside a Sanwa base, although I think it should be possible with some modification. You might have to dremel some of the plastic on the side out to make the pcb fit.


Two screws under the two bottom rubber things.


I need to work on my reading comprehension…:confused:


Hey guys. I removed my ASCII joystick from it’s case. I have the PCB removed and ready to be plugged into a terminal. But I’m having some trouble trying to figure out how to put it into my TE. It doesn’t just pop into the black piece on the mounting plate. Am I supposed to remove the old one and somehow mount that to the JLF plate? If so how do i remove that. It seems like it’s glued in or something. I didn’t notice any screws. If anyone has any pictures they could show me, or any tips at all, that would really help.


See this is the problem I thought you were having before. You need to replace the black jlf base with the black base from the ascii. You access it from the top:


Thanks man. I was hoping to not destroy that case haha. Oh well, I’ll do something with it down the line. Took me a bit to figure everything out but i got it put in. My biggest issue was trying to mount the black base onto the plate. Finally realized the ASCII didn’t have any nuts and I had to pop them out of the jlf base.

But it’s all sanwa now with a square gate. I was surprised the square gate works on it while the ASCII Octo gate doesn’t work on a JLF.

All I need to do now is wire it up. Going to have to wait until Sunday sadly, wedding tomorrow. Can’t wait to test it all out. I’ll put some pictures of everything up when I get back on Sunday. Thanks for all the help everyone! Don’t know what I’d do without it.


yes changing the spring makes a significant difference. another thing i noticed is that the solder points on the ascii pcb are too high. if you sand them down about 1mm or so, for some reason it seems to effect the responsiveness of the spring too. i don’t know how that makes sense but there was a noticable difference for me when i did that. i originally did it because snapping in the gate over the pcb seemed harder than it should be. if that’s the case for you too, maybe you wanna try that.


Hey guys. So I installed my ASCII optical via a terminal, and soldered the 5V to the bottom of the MadCatz pcb. Is that all I needed to do?

I plugged it in and the controller button lights up but neither the stick or buttons respond. It’s a 360 TE modded with mc Cthulhu and imp. I am lookog at everything to see if maybe a wire came loose or something but haven’t found anything yet. Just wanted to see if I did something wrong installing the optical.


u didnt have to solder the wire optical to ur Pcb. the best options is use the both wires from imp -+v5 wire both into MC V5 spot with ur optical wire too and u should be fine. or wire from 360 pcb v5 and MC too into v5 spot and optical wire and u should be ok.

I know is one of those u need to do. After all u do have dual mod. So 360 and MM pcb’s need to be connected with Optical wire to work.


Hey sorry man, but i’m not really understanding what all you’re trying to explain for me to do.


let me put in short term Optical wire has to be wired to MC board and 360 pcb. It will not work if is wired to 360 pcb only.


I understand that concept. So what’s the best way to do that though? Because originally the JLF was only hooked up to the 360 PCB. And all I did was cut the wire harness from the JLF and put all 5 of those wires ( Ground, Up, Down, Left, Right) to a wire terminal and added 5V, exactly how JDM’s diagram shows it.


I would try swapping out your optical back to the jlf to make sure it isn’t something that got messed up with the dual mod.

Does your MC cthulhu have screw terminals? If so, try hooking up the optical to the points there, it’s a lot more straight forward than using a separate terminal IMO.

Pictures would also be helpful.