The Option-Select thread - Decimate your opponent



So I got inspired and found some sick stuff.

vs Balrog:




vs Chun-Li






“forgot to add”

ill update this post when I find other ones.

Feel free to add ure own Option Selects for Mr Long.

Skillful Rekkagnition (Fei Long Matchup Thread)

Great stuff, bro! Good looking out!


Nice dude :wink:

Too bad Fei Long throws boxer 2 or 3 times per match lol.

At “Fei vs Chun-Safe jump after back throw”, you can do the following motion :

backthrow, (whiff), 941236 + LK

if she reversal ex SBK, Fei will lk flame kick her. I don’t know if it covers the backdash option though but i think it does.

Also did you try with MK instead of LK ? if it works, w’ell have to use “backthrow, (whiff), 941236 + mk” (that’s the set-up i personally use against Honda with cover ALL his wake-up options).

Oh and against Chun, if the backthrow throws her at the corner, it’s better to do :

backthrow, dash, neutral jump HK~EX Flame Kick which cover everything (backdash, all Hasan Shu, EX SBK).


Sweet stuff, posting it in the master thread.


merci, je ferai un enregistrement de sa. Tu connais dautre option select pour dautre chars que je peut tester?

As for Chun, Dp unfortunately whiffs on her back dash. but ill still retry it, since this is off a cross-up so perhaps the dp is meaty enough to tag her. I was very surprised that ex dp caught her.


Good shit freddy, makes me want to start playing again.