The Orange County Fighting Game Community (All and I mean ALL fighters;Wednesdays/Sundays weekly)


Hey all, I recently moved here from the East Coast, and I couldn’t seem to find any FGC stuff going down here in OC outside of UCI, so I took the initiative. Looking for others who play fighting games, Street Fighter IV primarily, but others such as Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat 9, Injustice, Smash and Tekken as well as the minor ones like SC and Persona (for the few who play it) and old stuff as well like Super Turbo and MvC2. If you’re looking to get salty and expose some frauds, now’s the time to speak up.

Current meetups:

Sunday casuals, weekly, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

A weekly meetup on Sundays. I will provide two PCs to play Super Turbo, SFIII:3S, SFIV, SFxT, Melee, Brawl, Skullgirls, BlazBlue, UMK3, MK9, KOF13, and of course, Divekick on. PC is good because you can use PS3 or Xbox sticks and pads without needing an adapter and has better graphics (Especially using a PC to play Brawl/Melee). I also have an Xbox 360 for Injustice, UmvC, HDR, 3SO, and MvC2, P4A, SCV, and TK6. I’ll also have a spare fightstick just in case.

Wednesday pro nights, weekly, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Capcom fighters and Smash Bros. only)

A weekly meetup on Wednesdays. I will provide two PCs to play Super Turbo, SFIII:3S, SFIV, SFxT, Melee, and Brawl. We can use a Wii for realism’s sake if preferred. I have my Xbox 360 for UmvC, HDR, 3SO, and MvC2. The intent with this meetup is for tournament practice, so bring your A game and pro attitude.

Check the our page for future event details. Pretty much any skilled players interested in playing should consider attending. It’s free and I’ll be making drinks and stuff for everyone available. Like I said, Street Fighter is the main game since the most people play it, but of course we’re open to others if enough people want it. I just started this, so we’ll need to give it time to grow, but if everyone supports this, it could become something big, maybe even a major or it’s own league someday. Dreams are just a preview of reality!

Visit see event details or email me for info.


If you’re serious about OC meetups for ST, I’ve got several dudes who live in the area who are willing to throw down.


I’d be down to meetup for some marvel. I can bring another ps3 setup.


Hello all,


I’m most definitely serious, I haven’t played ST seriously since I last owned a 360 with HD Remix, but I have the PS2 SF Anniversary edition that I start up time to time, so yeah, most definitely. ST is the old faithful, so I’m anxious to get back into it.


I’m not a Marvel player (because I don’t own a console), but there are plenty of them around, so sure, shoot through and bring your PS3 with you if you’d like.

The only thing I ask is to sign up on the Meetup page, it makes it easier to keep track of things.


Actually, I currently have some superguns in my possession. Do you happen to have any CRTs? That’s all I need. I can take care of the rest.



I don’t have any CRTs, just my own LCD. Just to be clear, I intend to start this out very low key and casual until the member base builds up. For example, this upcoming Sunday, I’m just hosting a casuals meet at my house for SF and anything else that is agreed upon. Once we get to a larger member base, then we would move up to a commercial event location where we could have larger events and have equipment for superguns and cabs and whatnot.


Just purchased an Xbox 360 and a spare fight-stick, so we can add console fighters to the mix as well. Hope to see everyone soon.


We had a good meet today, about 10-15 people showed up over the day and some good sets were had.

I’m now running events on Wednesday nights as well, to accommodate people who can’t do Sunday.

I also have a spare fightstick and Gamecube adapters to be used with my PC for Smash Bros.

This is taking off nicely and I’d love to see more people get involved.

Spread the word!

Next meet, Wednesday, the 18th, at 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.


We had a very good last week, with 10+ players showing up to both events. Street Fighter won out the popularity, but we had a nice showing for Marvel and Brawl.

Again, we have tonight’s event at 7:00 PM and we have Sunday at 11:00 AM. We will be playing Divekick this Sunday.

I will be getting a new laptop sometime this week. This will give us a third setup.

I will be getting a second monitor sometime this week as well. This should give us a potential fourth setup, depending on what we’re playing/how many consoles.


Had a great time playing with you guys. Thanks for being a great host Ex.
Hopefully I can make it again next Wednesday.


Hi all,

We’ve made some great strides in our first month. Some of our accomplishments:

  • Made it from 0 to 40 members in a month.
  • Organized regular events on days that work for everyone and at a location that isn’t hard to reach.
  • Got a nice groundwork as far as setups and equipment go.

The most popular game so far has been Street Fighter, followed by Smash Bros., and then MvC. We have had players express interest in KoF, Skullgirls, and Tekken though, so if you play any of these games, feel free to join and show your interest. We can only be accommodating to people who speak up!

I have a lot of plans in the works, but for now, we would like to see more players join and attend regularly. Once we hit a certain member mark, we will start streams and our first ladder tournament as well as our first local tournament for a prize. Until next time.



Hi all,

We’re now two months old. We’ve had over 25-30 people show up to the events over the past weeks and we continue to grow bigger by the day. People in the local FGC scene have reunited and new friends made. We’ve taken people from low skills to competitive. We’re now 46 strong. In other words, we’re doing great, and it’s thanks to everyone who who joined. Some things of note:

• I have someone on the hook to design some sample logos for us. Once we decide which one we want, then we can have t-shirts. Buying t-shirts will put money in the leagues pocket and help support events.

• Once our logo is decided, work will begin on our personal website. The website will have a calendar for all future events, it will have an update feed for posts and articles from the community, a ladder ranking in an easy to read format, and any other things I can think of.

• I added a trial meetup for Thursdays. I want to see who is interested and who would show-up on this day. If I determine more people are interested in Thursdays than Wednesdays, then we will switch to Thursdays, or hold both days. Please RSVP, signup, comment on the event, or message me to let me know that you’re interested.

• I’ve added a tentative event for our first Tournament. I’ve dubbed it the OC FGC Proving Grounds. It will be a ladder ranking tournament, followed by a formal ranbat for a prize. I will provide more details when the time comes including titles, prize (most likely a pot). Tentative date is December 7th. Location TBD.

• Donations are now being accepted via Paypal or cash if you prefer. It is not a requirement to donate to attend meetups, but a few dollars are appreciated to pay things (beer, food, drinks, and other expenses; league funds will go towards more setups and eventually a brand new and larger location).

  • Some stats for you:

• The majority of our players live in Tustin.

• The most popular game in our league is Street Fighter by far, followed by Smash Bros., then MvC. There has been interest shown in Skullgirls, Tekken, Injustice, and Soul Calibur, so if you want to play these games, speak up and establish your presence. Remember, we play ANYTHING.

If you are curious about about joining us, just go for it. We welcome any and all players, so long as you have a competitive spirit.

  • Ex


A few updates;

  • We are moving from Wednesday night sessions to Thursday Nights. We are also fielding tests for Monday sessions.
  • I’m acquiring CRTs for supergun setups and other arcade boards/old school consoles.
  • We want to have an event to celebrate three months in existence on December 7th. Details TBD.
  • We will soon be throwing ranbats and basic tournies.

We have more active members than ever and we continue to grow each month. Come on through.


Anybody from 714 Westminster, Stanton area willing to carpool? I would love to show up.


I’m in Anaheim, on the border of Buena Park, which is sorta close to Stanton. My buddy’s gonna swing by and we’re gonna car pool this Sunday. We have room for one more.


I sent you a msg.



A group of fellow gamers is having casuals at a Video Store in SANTA ANA, CA.
The address is:
616 S Main St
Santa Ana, CA 92701

This happens every friday from 6-11pm
Games that are played:

More games will be added if interest sparks

At the moment they only have 2 setups but more could be added if more people show up.
Venue fee is $6 dollars which are given to the owner of the Store for electricity.

There are lots of places to eat nearby also a liquor store on next door.

Stop by and have some fun!


Hello SoCal Fighting Gamers,

The Oomba Tournament Center, a new community gaming venue in Laguna Hills, is hosting several fighting game events every week.

Currently we have Melee (Wednesdays), USF4 & UMvC (Thursdays), and Smash 4 (Fridays) every week, and are looking to expand.

This also means we are seeking out local Tournament Organizers. All fighting games are eligible. If you can rally the community and run a kick-ass tournament, we should talk! We offer great incentives to TO’s, including a commission-based payment structure (the more people, the more money you make)

For information on becoming a TO at Oomba, or anything related to our FGC events, please reply on this forum, or email our Community Manager at


is umvc3 on xbox 360 or ps3?


hi all, i moved to irvine about 2 years ago but haven’t been on srk in forever.

is anyone interested in playing/learning yatagarasu: attack on cataclysm? 3s inspired fg, super fun to play.