The Origin Of The Combo-System?


I was pretty sure I knew. In fact I still think I’m right. But this seeing this the other day on Twitter annoyed me,
and of course I responded saying: “Do better research next time”.

And you get that link which gives you this:

I read that, and was pretty sure they were specifically referring to (even though I don’t think the writer was aware of it)
—is the chain-link combos, which we all here know are different from the user-base-created combos.

I was certain that it started with the original SFII cabinets, not Championship Edition, not Turbo,
and definitely not World Warrior, when players found out how to 2-in-1 with other moves/specials. And from that,
is where the ‘combo-system’ really took off into the statosphere. Am I way off base or what?



If I’m reading this right, you’re confused a bit. Combos were discovered in the original SF2, And original SF2 was World Warrior.

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SF2 IS World Warriors.


I see. I’ve somehow confused “World Warrior” (the edition of Fei, DeeJazy, Cammy, T.Hawk) as though that was the
subtitle of Super StreetFighter II. Hahah, goes to show how long ago I was playing those fuckers. -_-. That article however still makes me
think they were speaking of chain-links though and I’m sure certain yet why.



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