The Orlando Gauntlet Results 1/25/03


First off, I’d like to say thanks for Platnium Pinoy for giving us the place to have a tournament. That shit was sweet, 4 projectors, and then 4 little tv’s. Can’t beat that shit!

Here are the results for MVC2 and CVS2.

** MVC2 singles! **

  1. Mike “Mixup” Mixson - Magneto/Storm/Doom, Cyc, Psy, Sent…

  2. Adam “Sugarman” Burghardt - Sent/Storm/CapCom, other teams.

  3. Eder Resendiz- Storm/Cable/Tron, Doom/BH/CapCom.

  4. Erik “DBS” Johnson - Magneto/Storm/Sent, Storm/Sent/CapCom.

  5. Ben “BshidoHEAT” Acosta - Omega/Storm/Doom, Doom/Storm/Ken

  6. Justin “Blaziniflo” Zhou - Storm/Sent/CapCom, Cable/Sent/CapCom.


A very fun tournament, a lot of low tiers comming out in the first round, Adam’s T-n-T (Tooth n Tron) team, Mike’s Team Army (Jill, Cammy, Guile) and Eder’s Team Shoto.

Too bad the Gainsvillie people couldn’t play a long :lol:

Omega was used nearly every one of my matches, and some of those hopefully will be brought online.

Adam puts Mike in the losers with an OT win.
But Mike comes back in the grand finals 4-2, 4-2.

Everyone with the first name starting with an E, I automatically lose too. :frowning: (Eric, and Eder, and Ed this includes you too) :lol:

** CVS2 Ratio **

  1. Dwayne “enk!du” Schultz - C-Chun/R2 Blanka/Vega
  2. Alex “GUINNESS” Jebailey - Ratio 4 Tr3nt :evil:
  3. (I think he was third) John Sindel - I have no idea, but he RC’ed into Giefs command grab… which was hella cheap.

Alex used the highest ratio possible Tr3nt to ALMOST beat Dywane in the grand finals. :evil: I believe that the count was 3-2 2-3.
Alex’es charaters where - N- Bison/Hibiki/R2.Blanka
I think this was the highest turnout for ANY game in FL for at least a year or so.

CVS 2 had 40+ people.

Once again, I had a lot of fun at this tournament. Justin taped some MVC2 matches, so hopefully they’ll be released online. And lets not forget who set this up, so it could all be FREE (like my plate of fries :D) Joe aka Platnium Pinoy.


Sounds like a great tournie, wish I could have gone… but unfortunately people weren’t responding to the requests for a ride, no biggie though, maybe I can make it down to the next one, if there is one. Betta’ watch out for the d-pad. >)


Chris, this tournament was BYOMS which means, Bring Your Own MASS (made) Stick, no D-Pad boys allowed. (Or they paid entrance fee)


Bushido heat, You got everything on the money lol.

CvS2, don’t forget the Grudge match of
Guinness/Alex Jebailey VS.
Rick/Shinma-sama for 10 bucks.

Guinness wins 5-0 against Rick :stuck_out_tongue:

But thank you Trent lol, I should of just given him my controller lol, but I wish we recorded our finals me and Dwayne, nothing compared to my 4-0 run to get back into the series after 2-0 lead By dwayne in 1st set. Amazing Tourneys today, everyone loved the setup.

And Dwayne, I will beat you next time.


heh, it’s not nice taking Shinma-sama’s money. You know that.


Damn, I can’t believe Dwyane called that shit. Call his ass Ms. Cleo from now on.


lol damn it Alex, you almost beat that bully Dwayne. That final match was sooooo close.
CvS2 tourney was huge, definatley one of the biggest ever in FL. I really really wanted to enter, lol, stupid promise. Anyways good job Alex! you too Dwayne.


<thumbs up>. :lol:


Just remember you were my Hibiki’s Bitch.


Yeah, but think about it. Alex and Dwyane wouldn’t be half as motivated as they were if they were fighting for second :smiley:


Damn 40+ people on Cvs2?!:eek:
Man that game suxs. jk

Anyhow, good job Mike on winning this one and good job to Adam for bring him to the losers.

It seems that Mike’s skillz are dropping…:lol:


After watching Mike’s Magz I’ve come to one conclusion: even he has no idea what he’s doing until it happens. That’s the only possible explanation.

Props to everybody there and thanks to Justin for running the MVC2 tournament.

Highlights of the day:

Me inching my way through CVS2 only to lose to Placido. Even though me and my boy were BOTH blazed lol. I need an ave that says higher blanka.

Me perfecting some guy on Tekken. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Dennis losing to Justin in the tournament only to play him immediately after that taking his money.

Eder pulling the comeback Blakheart

Bad moments:

Eder trying to sucker me out of my cash over an MVC2 match after I wa nice enough to let him use my Mas (next time you just take that T4 ass whoopin on a d pad!!!)

Someone kept spilling drinks!!!

People were to scared to play exhibition so they spent their money in the Arcade. WTF?

me losing to team shoto… :depress:


no way fool, i’m getting way better, it’s just these guys are too!!:eek:


If anyone has the VF4 or T4 results, please post them :smiley:

BTW- GGXX LOOKS AWESOME! I just saw a minute or 2 of it but the graphics blew me away. I’ll probably be getting that this Febuary. :eek:


Naw your just dropping.:lol:

Anyways can’t wait to play you again, I learned a ton of stuff while you were out.:evil:
Well really not learn but things that I can do now.

Muhahahaha :evil: +:lol: =:D


What do you know anyways:lol:


Nothing…:frowning: thats why I said not really learn anything cuz I know jack but I just now know how to do do stuff easier.


Those were MY Free plate of fries… lol :lol:

The finals between Dwayne and Alex were pretty good… too bad dwayne missed so many supers :bluu:

Oh well, it seems alex will never get first in any other tournament but DDR lol… :lol:

btw, Trent finally lost in smash… he lost to Jon. :lame:


I did chun li’s c.qp x2,, lvl2 kick super, lightning kick cancel at the optune time for 2 hits, s.fp, lvl 1 kick super, j.RH, combo to someone, and then got the crossover after they landed from that with c.qp x2, to make them dizzy, then did a j.fp, s.fp, fierce hibouken on the PS2 version. I’m pretty content with that alone. Haven’t tried that combo in months, and it never got them dizzy before, and never on the PS2. I didn’t do supers to Alex because I didn’t want to dominate him that much. Alex was crushed. Should have made Hibiki a ratio 2. Doh, nice coaching Trent!:rolleyes:


EDIT: What won it for me was putting Chun Li on point and putting Vega as the anchor, instead of vice versa like I was using in the other games. Hehe.


More like you couldn’t hit me with a super, like you couldn’t punch your way out of a paper bag… Just remember who fell for my roll, roll super 3 TIMES BIYATCH, and hibiki, run slice lvl 3 super, and, ah, no need to speak on this more, I was the better player in that match lol, You’re lucky my hibiki wasn’t level 2, ZDamn Conscience, I mean Trent.

P.S. Crushed my ass, I had you on lockdown.