The Orlando Gauntlet Results 1/25/03


Trent, why didn’t you enter?


maybe if i didn’t fugg a blanka ball to win the match on dwayne he wouldn’t be so happy!!



Btw i just quit playin cvs2, i was sick of playin games at that point:bluu: :smiley:

Also, justin post up the mvc2 team tourney results!

Team magnus wrecked that shit with erik at the wheel:evil:


So uh Cordell, how many tournaments have you won lately?

Edit-Besides a team tourney with trent lol, Seems like he can coach the both of us.

We’ll be Team 3


<–hasn’t practiced cvs2 in over 6 months. You’re happy that all you can do to hit me is roll roll super? I hit you with Vega’s level 2 cancel like 4 times: lvl 2kick super, fierce ball and claw. You couldn’t do that in a million years scrub.

Enk was taking big risks.



My bad man :wink:


Enk = Showboat



I dunno about you Alex, but Enk was being a little RC’ whore to me…course that was just casual play. :lame: But the hat was just too pimp! :lol: :cool:


How about we just settle this whole “Alex vs Dwayne” deal once and for all? We could have D fight Alex with Trent not even in the same building and see if Alex can take out D w/o Trent holding his hand.



i ain’t got the brackets
i gave em to joe


congrats mike.
after watching u play on friday i knew u would be ontop of your game up there.
I tried using that ‘sen/IM/tron’ team against eddie this weekend but to no success.
o well, back to the drawing board.


Really? The only brackets you gave me were the singles. I don’t have the team brackets. If you did, I’ll look for them. Otherwise, I don’t know who won. Laters.



i guess I was mistaken. Someone prolly used that sheet to blow their nose.

Marvel teams:

  1. 2 Magneto Fags (mike and erik)
  2. 2 Storm Fags (eder and dennis)
  3. 2 Rock Hard Sentinels (adam and justin)
  4. 2 kids that drove 10 hrs damn dedicated (bryan and chris)
  5. 2 random fuckers that both beat me sat (alex and ben)
  6. 2 random fuckers (period) BJ and Yop


Hey damn it, Alex beat both Bryan and Chris! And we still end up after them? BOO!!


haha 2 magneto teams finish higher than both storm and sentinel teams:lol: :smiley:


CONGRATS!!! on the win mike


see all u guys in a couple of weeks.:cool:


Yo, for the next one (may I think) If you can find a ride you and the tally crew are welcome to chill at my apt.


Yeah, that sounds cool, I’ll take you up on that offer if I ever get a chance to go down there. :smiley: I need to get a six button pad… Heh. Upgradin’, gettin’ closer to that stick. :smiley:


lol. I got 2. :smiley: …but they’re both all beat up from me practicin before I got my mas… lol


What kind are they ? I was thinkin’ about gettin’ the 6 button Madcatz one but I remember seeing one somewhere that had a Saturn like controller with orange buttons, it looks like it would be good for my hands. I dunno if I wanna use the madcatz one. :frowning: