The Oro compendium



This guide was created to help organize the most relevant information from various oro threads into one. My goal is to help answer some of the most common questions asked about oro. If you are looking for basic moves, please check out

P = punch, K = kick
(light, medium, heavy) punch = jab, strong, fierce respectively.
(light, medium, heavy) kick = short, forward, roundhouse(rh) respectively.
u = up, d = down, f = toward, b = back
s = standing, c = crouching, j =jump
qcf = quarter circle forward, hcb = half circle back
EX = 2P or 2K
fb = fireball
dp = dragonpunch/uppercut

…A. SuperArt1 (Kishin Riki): qcfx2+P, tap P to throw (EX)
…B. SuperArt2 (Yagyou Dama): qcfx2+P (EX)
…C. SuperArt3 (Tengu Stone): qcfx2+P (EX)


…1. SPECIAL MOVES: (2P/2K for EX)
…A. Sun Disk Palm (fb): Charge Back,f+P (EX)
…B. Oniyama (dp): Charge Down,u+P (EX)
…C. Human Pillar Driver (special grab): hcb+P
…D. Jinchu Nobori (chicken scratch): qcf+K (EX)
…E. Air Jinchu Nobori(air chicken scratch): qcf+K (EX), EX version only: tap K for extra hits
…F. Double Jump: u, uf, ub once in midair

…A. universal over head (UOH): strong punch+forward kick
…B. standing fierce punch

…A. Strangle Hold : jab+short (tap buttons for up to 6 hits)
…B. Flip Throw: jab+short+back
…C. Air throw: Jump jab+short in air when close to opponent.

suitable moves to cancel into throws are:
…A. Forward
…B. Roundhouse
…C. toward+strong

… Oro’s command grab and his Super Art1 can also be kara-cancelled. The Commmand grab is simply hcb+ fwd or rh kick, punch. For Super Art1, activate super, hit fwd or rh kick, punch.

…A. jumping forward kick

…A. j.rh, s.forward xx special grab(hcb+fierce) or fierce dp(EX).
…B. j.rh, [s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x3, use this to build meter.
…C. j.rh, s.strong (1 hit) xx qcf+forward, s.strong (1 hit) xx qcf+rh, EX Uppercut.
…D. j.rh, s.strong (2hit) xx Super art2(EX), dashx2, s.strong, j.rh.
…E. j.rh, c.fierce xx Super art1(EX).
…F. j.rh, [s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x2, s.strong(1hit)xxSuper art1 xx jump hit P to grab them out of the air.
…G. j.rh, s.strong (1 hit) xx strong Super art2, dash, fierce Super art2.
…H. j.rh, [s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x2, s.strong(1hit)xxSuper art3(EX), (s.forward, j.rh) until corner, then s.rh, (when meter is about to run out) do s.fwd, [s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x3.
…I. j.rh, [s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x2, s.rh. Best stun combo.

note: [s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x3 only works on yun and yang in the corner and doesn’t work on hugo.

…A. [s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x2, s.strong (2-hits), Fireball(EX), crossup j.forward
…B. s.strong (2-hits), fierce fireball xx Fierce Super art2, crossup with qcf+k(EX)
…C. s.strong (2-hits), Super art2, crossup j.forward.

note: for some of these crossups to work, you may need to push your opponent’s character forward while they are laying down on the ground or you may need to find the right placement for oro before you perform the crossup move. Timing is difficult to explain. I suggest going into training mode and practice. Unblockables donot work on the Dreamcast version.


…1. Dashing:
Oro has the second fastest dash in the game next to mokoto. He can dash thru standing pokes, all fbs (except low ones) and hurricane kicks. When’s a good time to dash? Here are some suggestions:

If you telegraph someone jumping at you, dash right under them and start a strong punch juggle sequence. When they realize they have to parry backwards, you’d have already started the combo.

or Try it in combos:

[s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x2, s.jabxxdash to the other side of your opponent and start the combo all over.

…2. Best stun move:
s.rh! This is hands down one of the best stun moves in the game!

…3. Commonly used blocked strings:
…A. c.short, s.short, s.rh
…B. far s.short, c.rh

…4. Charge buffering:

…Oro’s only useful charge buffer is from fb to dp.

example: charge b, f, d+punch, slight pause, u+punch. What you will get is a fb then a slight pause, then dp. This saves time by not having to spend another 2 seconds charging for the dp move.

One use of this is for anti air: When opponents jumps at you, do a strong punch fireball, if the opponent parries it, charge buffer into an EX DP.

…5. Charge partitioning:
some suitable moves to charge partition into.
…A. dash towards or back into dp or fb.
…B. UOHx2 into dp (UOH can combo into dp!)
…C. s.rhx2 into dp

…6. Resets:

… [s.strong(1hit), qcf+forward]x2, LOW FIERCE xx Super Art3(EX), towards+strong, continue with favorite combo. The opponent resets at the LOW FIERCE. This reset only works when you have the opponent in the corner.

…7. After knockdown:
…A. c.forward, command throw
…B. s.forward, command throw
…C. command throw
…D. regular throw
…E. overhead
…F. dash in close, as they get up, dash out, supert art1(EX) or Kara hcb+p. This is a good punisher for throws/techthrows.


…Please note that this faq reflects my opinions and not necessarily those of whom I have given credit to. As with all tricks, don’t repeatedly abuse them. Good players will find counters.

…I just wanted to credit everyone who had contributed to the oro thread on SRK. Many of those ideas can be found in this faq.

Thanks goes out to:
Superassrider for posting the first oro unblockable on SRK, dash games, general tactics. Thongboy Bebop for posting his unblockables, contributions to the reset combo, and various other strategies and tactics. Original Geese for providing a site that list the best combo for each 3S character. Burningfist for explaining charge partitioning. Xiii, EVIL5150, kal el, DeadlyRaveNeo, AneurysmX, Streaksrm, SlimX for providing knowledge on general game play. Kao Megura, just because he needs to be credited for everything. If I have forgotten anyone, please pm me and let me know. Special thanks to Pride and all the other moderators on srk for allowing this faq.


It’s back! I have refined it and made many changes. Thanks to everyone who helped out. I hope this can benefit some of the new players. If you have a question, please post here.


Glad you made this, Oro’s sort of a taboo character I want to learn more about.


Damn, i just read the compendium and its super informative. I have questions though. Does his crossup work on everyone cuz sometimes when i do it the opponent comes out of hit stun and attacks me first, also, What is his best super to use during play, or during play against Chun, Ken, Yun. And what are some of his weaknesses that opponents would try to exploit? Who are some of his worst matchups.

Thx alot



Afaik, the crossup fwd kick works on everyone. If it’s not comboing then try hitting them deeper. The super I use is Tengu Stone. Imho, I think it’s his best super but others here will argue otherwise. :bluu:

As for bad matchups, I think he has plenty. Definately has a hard time against the top tiers. I haven’t had much luck against ken/yun/chun maybe someone else with more experience can fill you in.


Try to get ahold of Hungbee. I think he’s dreamy.



You can cross anybody up with the jumping forward, but it’s almost impossible to combo off it unless you do it really really deep, like when they are waking up, or if they are crouching. After a cross up mix up throw and standing strong. You’ll get a launch if they think you are going to throw them.

I also use SA3, although SA2 is viable if and only if you can be consistant with the unblockables. SA3 always against yun, since the unblockable setup doesn’t work on yun/yang/hugo. Plus if you parry a dive kick, free launch into tengu.

Oro’s biggest weakness is his inability to punish from a distance. He can’t just low forward super like most characters can. If somebody whiffs a DP at sweep range, the best you can do is smack them with roundhouse(which isn’t a terrible idea because of the stun, but something more damaging would be nice). Also he has virtually no long range low threat at all. His low forward and low roundhouse have laughably short ranges when compared to the rest of the cast. Prepare to get your RH/Forward pokes parried a lot depending on who you play. Chun li is probably his worst matchup, when crouching, she can completely avoid his far standing pokes. This means she can low forward him all day long.

Work on timing your jump in roundhouse deep enough so that you can combo a standing strong after it. It’s difficult at first, but it’s something that suprises a lot of people when you do it. Kara throw with roundhouse, and always use his back throw.


About his tengu stone super.

Sometimes three floating objects will pop up and sometimes five will pop up. How do you execute the super so that five floating objects pop up?

Also am I right in assuming that you need five floating objects in his tengu stone to do those ridiculously long air juggle combos?

Ok, also, what exactly is a karathrow, not clear on that one.

And I had some problems doing the standing strong combo 3x. I swear I’m executing it the same way but it seemed as if it would randomly miss at times, like on the second go through.


QCF*2+P = three rocks. It’s out for 12 seconds and doesn’t juggle beyond six hits or so.

QCF*2+PP=five rocks. It’s out for 6 seconds and juggles infinitely.

A karathrow is when you quickly cancel a normal move that moves you forward into a throw, giving the throw more range. Think of CvS2 roll-cancel timing.

Speaking of timing, that’s the key in the chicken juggle combo. Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sean, and Makoto have strict timing; you need to connect the standing strong relatively late. It doesn’t work at all against Hugo except in the corner, and even then the timing is strict. It also doesn’t work on a grounded Yun/Yang unless they’re in the corner; however, it will work mid-screen if the first launch hits them when they’re slightly off the ground. For every other character, it’s relatively easy.

And in case you didn’t know, you must use QCF+Forward for the chicken combo, not Short or Roundhouse.


looking for some full screen tengo stone juggles.

right now i’ve been juggling w/ standing roundhouse, jumping roundhouse until they are across the screen. kinda boring though.


As far as I know, (s.HK, j.HK)x3 is Oro’s most damaging full-screen Tengu juggle. If you want to freestyle it, go right ahead after the first two roundhouses… you’ll be sacrificing damage, but not all that much.


There are no exciting tengu juggles, past the first two hits, it really doesn’t matter much what you do, the difference in damage will be negligible. On most characters I’ll just do RH, RH, [towards + strong, RH] repeat till corner. Well, there may be one exiciting tengu juggle, it consists of nothing but oroukens! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s just retarded. :lol:

There’s also tosaka’s corner juggle on Q. It’s been a while, but I think it’s (close Jab, air chicken)x2.


Pulling off the first two hits - j.rh, s.fierce or s.strong is so hard. I only connect one out of five times. Plus, the timing differs depending on where you hit them with the rh. Any tips?


The first two hits of what?


I meant j.rh + s.fierce or s.strong. That’s basically the first two hits to every combo Oro has. They just rarely connect.


Standing Fierce is the 2-hit overhead chop and is far too slow to connect after a jumping Roundhouse. You must mean some other move…

As for jumping Roundhouse into close standing Strong, just time the kick to hit closer to the ground. If you kick Ryu in the face you won’t be able to launch him in time, but if you kick him in the waist you will.


Exactly what I mean. Is there a way to hit Ryu on his head, and still connect with the standing strong? I think I did it a few times. I don’t exactly remember though…

If the answer is no, I will be so relieved. I’ve been trying to master that move for like… 3 hours and it was so difficult, I haven’t played Third Strike for two days now. Sorry.


You can be relieved. :wink:


“A. j.rh, s.forward xx fierce special grab or fierce dp(EX).”

That’s from the compendium. What is a special grab? How do you do it?