"The other SA" SA2 Stuff

Trying to find some interesting combos with this sa. Particularly EX juggles. Please contribute. Even though sa3 is more versatile and does more damage. I feel this one is kinda neglected. The reason why may seem obvious but if you had to pick another sa this one would more than do the job.

Enter the Super:
Mp> lp link- found this today. Not used much. I think it goes into super

CMK > super: You have to buffer it like a shinku into super in st.

lpx2, lk, mp, lp shoulder xx super

clk x 2 super- not quite sure if this works

st lp x2> super- not the most useful thing, but possible.

EX juggles and setups:
(arrows indicate individual option branches, not one whole combo. there are juggle limits with ex.)
EX dragon kicks, stand mk> zeshou houhou.
> dragon kicks
> sjc divekick reset
> hit confirm into super
> st Hp into any move
> tick throw or normal throw.
> hitconfirm chain xx anything
> clk x2 link zesshou houhou
> blatant move or ex move
> sweep
> another ambiguous DK into whatever you want.
> low short (blocked) ioh> super or throw.
> yet another close mk to any option you can think of.
> Jump mk divekick chain> whatever
> Whiff divekick
> meaty crossup
> throw set up
> almost any option from the previous main option
> Reset target combo
> whatever

St hp, ex shoulder, mp shoulder, lp zesshou houhou.

close mk, ex dragon kicks.


short short super does work. c.mk xx sourai doesn’t have to be buffered like the st way. i don’t think anything in 3S has that requirement, and thank god. a far hitconfirm off a low is c.mk x ex shoulder xx sourai but you risk being left at a big disadvantage. but if youre using sa2 i guess you dont care about being good in the first place.

a bunch of that stuff doesnt combo. ex shoulder into mp shoulder? close mk into ex upkicks probably exhausts the combo limit and doesnt allow anything else.

long story short: use yang

Just pick SA3 and practice some set ups to begin with (learn to hit confirm xxGJ, SJGC, kara lunge punch.That’s a good start). It is not that hard.
If you prefer a standard auto-combo super, pick a different character or