The Outrageous Newbie Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE)


Taking an idea from the and Tech Talk section where we have one thread for anyone and everyone to ask their newbie questions.

Welcome to Street Fighter X Tekken
Street Fighter X Tekken is Capcom’s crossover game between their Street Fighter and Namco’s Tekken franchises. Seeing as it is a crossover between two fighting franchises there are bound to be many new techniques, mechanics, etc. on top of new tactics and strategies. With all these, then people are bound to have many questions. If you find yourself needing to ask these questions, feel free to post them here and someone more familiar with the game will come and assist you.

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]Be helpful at all times.
[]Avoid asking repeat questions, try to see if your question has already been asked/answered.
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Where the fuck is the SFxT forum?
How the flipping duck do I do those damn links?!?!
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Can anyone suggest on reliable USB splitter (aka minimum delay) for 2v2 play with 4 arcade sticks?


What I don’t understand yet:

Can every character chain the same normals or is it characterspecific?


How do i get 2 console players vs online to work on XBL??


There are universal chains (L M H) and there are characters specific chains (unique to each character)


So L, M, H always work?

I am asking because I saw a video of Akuma linking cr.MP -> cr.HP. Shouldn’t this be a chain, too?
Sry for asking, the game isn’t out yet in europe ^^


Is there a demo of the game available on ps3? Thanks

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Can someone explain the combo/juggle system to me? I heard it was 5 hits to a juggle, but hten if you tag in it gets reset?

When does a juggle start, like two of Chun’s trials are:
Trial 15 cr. LK, cr. LP, st. LP > st. MP > cl. HK > EX HSU
Trail 14 EX. HSU > cl. HK > U/UF > d. MK > d. MK > d. MK

Can all of that combo?

Also there’s
Trial 19 cl. HK > LK HSU, st. LK > st. MP > st HP > Super

I’m thinking there is a very long combo here, that I can’t try it because I’m at work.

And how many ground/wall bounces can you use?


How are gems to be handled in a tournament environment?


LMH always works, it’s universal. You can’t cancel these into regular moves, only ex and supers.
Some characters, specially tekken characters, have specific chains (ie.: Ken’s mp x hp, Law’s f.lp x6, etc. These chains can or cannot be special and super cancellable, depends on the character and the chain.
This game still has links like sf4 (except they’re all much, much, MUCH easier in this game). The benefit is that links retain the normal’s properties of being special cancellable and/or super cancellable unlike chains.

Akuma’s, cr.hp could be a chain or a link. Most likely a chain, because he couldn’t do this link in sf4 and I don’t think they changed it for this game.

There will be no demo for this game.


One other thing to remember is that chaining normals gives the moves different properties and damage as opposed to linking them. If you chain something that could be linked your always going to have worse frame data and less damage, so links are very important in this.


I’m stuck in tutorial on the cross rush combo part. Such a noob, smh


So up until the game’s release I had set in stone that my team would consist of Poison/Lili, but now I’m having second doubts. I’m somewhat new to the fighter scene and I’m just confused on what team is exactly the best team for me. I was thinking of going with Nina/Heihachi…but I don’t know if that’s a good team or not. I could really use someone’s opinion on my choices.


Are there taunts?

Can you plink?


I have trouble on hitting link timing, most tutorial 16’s for most characters I get stuck on, is there a trick to it? Im not using my stick im using the fightpad, maybe that’s throwing me off? I feel right now they wouldnt be useful in game.


I couldn’t find a Q+A thread so I guess this is it.

Can anyone with the PS3 version (or the glitched xbox version) show us a quick video or pictures of Pac-man’s movelist?


are links just timing? is there any other tricks to hitting them cuz im baffled right now lol


If you pm me a specific combo I will do my best to help you with it, but yeah links are just timing, some are more awkward then others. For the most part links are easier in this game ( way more 3 frame links then 1 frame links ) so double tapping is a very efficient method.

Poison and Lili both have low health so they aren’t the best to learn on if your still new to the fighting game scene.

Grapplers are a good spot to start, they teach you to rely on footsies and get you good at spacing. They also have more health so you have a bit of a fail safe. This game is really footsie dependent so learning that as well as you can is very important.

Try out a team of hugo on point, and then ryu/ken. Hugo is actually one of the better grapplers to come out of a capcom game in sometime, he does great damage and has amazing tools to work with. Shoto characters will teach you basics with a non grappler, which is important because most people shy away from grapplers as the game develops more.


Hey I’m not able to pick up my copy of the game until the end of the week and I am going to enter in a tournament one week after I own the game. I want help picking my main team. I want to play a complete rushdown, mixup game. I would prefer not to play a grappler or charge character, I would like characters that have a reliable anti-air. The team I have put some thought into is Kazuya/Rolento, however Ryu would be a good character as well but imo doesn’t fit the bill for a rushdown character. What are your guys thoughts or suggestions?