The Outrageous Newbie Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE)


S there a way to cancel Into the hard version of a special move off of the end of a lmh chain? Like lmh to hard shoryu? Launcher seems to come out every time even if I do the special move motion.


Rolento is very good at rushdown, kazuya is ok but his AA game is weak and his wakeup options suck so he will be getting rushed down a lot.

For a second character Abel is looking good, he’s not really a true grappler anyway. Ibuki also seems to be a good offensive character.

You can only do EX special move cancels at the end of chains. if you link lmh you can do whatever you want ( assuming the heavy is cancelable ).


Does anyone know how to unlock more than 4 colors for color edit?


I believe this is going to be (free) dlc down the line.

Taunts are done with the Back/Select button.


thanks for the advice brah. ill check out abel when i get the game. im gonna pass on ibuki. is there any tekken characters with an “uppercut”?


Can the LMH chains only be done standing or even crouching or even mixed up? =) Thanks for answering otori :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What do vs rolls? They seem super safe even vs jumpins. Atleast the game on block all says it can block anything after the roll.


Hey guys, having problems linking lights to mediums.
If they’re too fast, they chain, if they’re too slow, nothing comes out.

But since chains still hit, I’m having trouble figuring out if they’re actually links or chains. So often I’ll try to link but end up chaining and having my special move not coming out.

Any general tips for this?
It was much easier in SF4 since moves would just not come out at all or get blocked.


Yeah, jin, kazuya, heihachi have the forward, stick to neutral, down, then down forward lp uppercuts, i don’t think they work as wakeup options though because the movement is needed for the uppercut to come out.

A bunch of the tekken characters have up kicks like yang and jun from the sf series, function like an srk for the most part.


Are all the character based titles in black in white?


No some are in red, I think you get one for beating arcade with that character and the rest from doing trials, but I could be wrong.


Is Hwoarang a good beginner character? I played him in Tekken 6 and I was wondering how he was in this game.


If you played him in 6 then you should be good with the transition, he still has the left right stances which is awesome.

Yeah he is very good in this from what I can tell.


Thanks, Jarekov

Btw, can you tell me how to perform the cross cancel in tutorial? It’s starting to tick me off.
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Yeah its a bit tricky at first.

Its basically just block and then at the right time hit forward plus hp+hk. Its pretty quick… idk how to explain this in easy to explain terms, as soon as you see that blue shit that implies your blocking hit forward. hp+hk. The timing isnt easy so it’ll take some practicing.

Just go fast and your good, thats what I do when I do them in matches and it works lol.


Excellent thread for us newbies.

  1. How do you perform the roll?
  2. What are some good universal ways to get in in this game? I’ve been doing mostly Jump-ins which is getting me anti-aired.


Hey I know this has been going on before but can someone explain or link me to explain tick throwing and p-linking in this game? thanks…


Hey I have been getting completely bodied in online and was wondering if there are any good videos or guides on basic fundamentals. I usually play rolento/ken.



What is the precise input for the roll escape on wake up?


Hold down Forward.