The Outrageous Newbie Thread (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE)


So I spent some time working on combos and learned a couple, which of course went right out the window when I started playing lol. There are at least a couple combos I can hit in game though. I played eight or nine games. I lost to four people around my rank, lost two to a 4500 rank, and two to a 5000 rank (I took a round off him in game two but I am pretty sure he was just screwing around lol). Finally got a win against a fellow lowbie but at the end it started getting really laggy and that’s typically my internet connection so now I am posting about it here. I forgot how much fun fighting games are. I even have a blast losing.


cannot share your thoughts of fun in this game…on another note since i haven’t played SF in so long. i’m taking it with xiao that you should never be near zangief EVER. i got grabbed everytime he woke up i should’ve tried a jump in kick which i did once but he tornado’ed it -_- hate this game so much


That’s exactly what I said!


Losing is only really a loss if you fail to improve from it. No character is unbeatable, you just have to learn. Watch somebody beat Geif and then watch your replay, figure out why you lost, and improve. It’s a process, all fighting games are like this.


of course of course…i should go back to 3D fighters or blazblue, but screw it i’ll learn this damn game anyways


…because it’s really fun! :slight_smile:


honestly i would say so if xiao wasn’t so fucking annoying to learn along with juri -_-


Has anyone come across fighters that glitch when they walk or move? I came across a fighter tonight that basically skipped across the screen and passed through my moves. Is it a connection error or is there a way a fighter can make their characters move faster than the other player. I have also seen this while fighting in SF3 third strike.


Teleportation is most likely a laggy connection between both players


Any Lars players that can help out this dude? Character-specific sections seem to be dead.


Still getting torn up online. I’m having a really hard time getting combos down.


Don’t take online to heart. Not everyone online is playing to be a competitive gamer, so they won’t all play like one. But if combos are your issue, you need to spend more time in practice. In the end, it will boil down to experience. The more experience you have playing the game, the better you will end up doing in the long run.


Does anybody have any advice about what characters would be simple for me to pick up? I never really played Tekken so most of my familiarity is with SF characters. That said, I wouldn’t mind some suggestions about a good first Tekken character to play with. I haven’t had much luck in the finding characters department. I like Chun but have trouble hitting her combos for whatever reason. At this point I am considering just resorting to something really stupid simple like Ryu/Ken. I spent probably six hours in training mode today and as soon as I get into any of the more complex combos I just can’t make them happen, I’m having one hell of a time figuring out what chains and what links, and finding the right moment to hit, some of these combos are ridiculously sensitive to the point where I can’t even get a move connect at all. I seriously spent like 45 minutes trying to do Chun Li’s damnable #11 combo in the challenge mode.


If you’re comfortable with your neutral game, Nina is a strong contender for a beginning tekken character and gets great returns for even her easy-mode combos ( string xx qcb+k > cr.hp xx qbc+k > cr.hp xx qcf+p lol). If you need something more derp, I’d suggest law or Heihachi.

As far as the SF cast goes… Rolento is still pretty strong and not all that hard to pick up. The shoto’s are also decent, with akuma being the best of the three imo.

Also remember to look at the character forums for whoever you pick up. They may not be very active but there IS a wealth of information to be found there… everything from how the character plays to what combo’s you should be practicing.


Is it me or if it really easy to put pressure by jumping and doing easy cross-ups in this game? Very few characters have reliable AA and sometimes (a lot of times) they trade. The only thing i find that works is block (if you guess the crossover correctly) and grab, is this viable. How do other people play against jump happy opponents?


…You’re either playing:
A) version 2012.
B) in lag.
C) against idiots.

Take your pick, there’s very few characters WITHOUT a reliable AA… and a good number of them are invincible in some way.


I’ll probably ask this on his own forum but since it is so dead, does anyone happen to know some reaally basic stuff to focus on first with Lei? His threads are so inundated with knowledge it is hard to pick stuff up for Day 1-5 training.


hmmm…guess im playing against idiots…but the fact that they beat me means im a bigger idiot lol. Thanks tho…i guess i just gotta get used to this game…zoning also seems extremely difficult for some reason.


I’m a total scrub.

I’m playing as Kazuya/Bob at the moment, and all I do are boost combos and special moves. Additionally Contorno Farce and Double Chapati with Bob.

Any suggestions on how slowly expand my ground game? What is a good way to use training mode?


You should practice using your anti airs to force the oponent to play the ground game, if they jump a lot. From this point you need to find the most efective normals for your characters. Know their range, start up, recovery, block advantage etc. I don’t play Kaz often and Bob not at all though, so I can’t say much.
In training mode you can use the record function to record a typical jump in attack and to practice anti airs.