The Overall Best Arcade Stick In the World


Thanks in advance. I’m looking to replace my MadCatz S4 TE PS3 VER stick with something due to the restrictive nature of trying to mod with Xbox360 PCB coming from the PS3 version. I thought about looking at modding myself with a hacked gamepad but funk that noise.

So I guess it starts there. I’m looking to get the best stick out that supports PS3/PC/XBOX as seamless as possible. Modding (buttons, stick, and art) is also very important to me. Top notch quality buttons,stick,gate (japanese preferred unless something Korean blows me away). I want to be one and done for a long time . I’m looking at the following but these are just a guide. I wanted to get everyones thoughts.

e-tokki Omni rev 3
eightarc Fusion Ebony and Ivory

Thanks again

Well the eightarc fusion/ Qanba Q4 seem to be the way to go if you want it for all platforms. seems to be the site to go if you want to shop for parts to mod it.

No selling in SRK unless you meet the required criteria.

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Best bang-for-buck value for a pre-made arcade stick, is the Qanba Q4. No reason to purchase anything else.

The best stick in the world is the VSHG perfect layout very heavy for its size and six buttons stock

I personally don’t like the eightarc fusion/qanba q4s because their button layouts aren’t centered. When you play with the eightarc/qanba exactly in the middle of your lap, your hands are shifted left rather than your arms making an equilateral triangle with your body. . Here’s a picture to explain, but it’s probably not a big deal for a lot of people.

I’m planning on getting a vshg because of how much everyone praises it. Just have to change the pcb out. How heavy is it rosserrooster? Is it heavier than a TE?

That is a pretty minor detail that only extremely OCD people would freak out about. Honestly, when you actually use the stick, this problem isn’t noticeable at all. I didn’t even know about this flaw until you pointed it out.

For what you pay to get a dual-modded stick that works extremely well, is easy to clean, easy to open-up and mod, has a fantastic felt bottom that sticks to your jeans like glue, the Qanba is a ragingly good deal.

I like the Omni for the pound for pound best out of the box. It’s a pretty weighty stick so it feels like you actually have something in your lap.

If you want easy of portability and a little bit cheaper, you can go with the Qanba or Eightarc though. You are right on those being the best two possibilities for out of the box compatibility. They have the same Sanwa parts, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them. The Omni definitely has the bulk you’d want out of a stick. But shipping from Korea on it can hurt.

The VSHG is around the same weight as a TE; however because of its more compact dimensions it “feels” heavier.

There is a small metal plate on the inside you can remove to bring it down to around Hori VX weight.

Also, +1 to Qanba/Eightarc.
The console selector being a physical switch is great. (I don’t own one though)

The best stick is the one that you mod for yourself

Best stick in the world is preference and not needing to ask others what the best arcade stick is. lol.

Thanks all for the responses. It gives me more information on what i’m looking for.

VSHG gets my vote. It’s so damn classy. People are scared to do sticks without art. They shouldn’t be. Omni for dual mod.

Lets not forget the price when it was available at playasia…an absolute steal.

How much was it on play asia? People are asking $200 plus for them now. Pretty crazy that a used stick with a shoddy pcb is valued more than a brand new stick from mdacatz/hori/eightarc/qanba.

it was like around 80 or so retail but of course Play asia is crazy with their shipping so I think is was just under $150 to the states. and that’s full Sanwa and its a decent amount heavier than a TE two metal plates. The bottom plate is about twice as thick as any retail stick I have ever seen.

Once the Omni 3 is out i don’t see why I would ever get a Qanba/Eightarc

The omni 3 is nice, but to me it’s a bit empty. It’s fully metal, with no real infrastructure. The vshg seems to have a metal body encasing a plastic body. Plus the plexi on the omni 3 isn’t flush. A qanba would be more comfortable to play on even with it’s lopsided button layout. In my opinion, the only real appeal of the omni 3 is the korean parts. If I wanted a stick with sanwa parts I wouldn’t spend the extra $100 on a omni over the qanba.

any mad catz model or hori that made of metal? i’m not talk about 100% metal, but certain part that is made of metal…so durability will satisfy us more. and i want to talk about mad catz SCV version, SFXT Pro, and the new Arcade FightStick PRO ( )… which one is better to buy? i heard that SFXT one use cheap plastic material than SCV one. all i can see is all of them look alike, nothing different; just the artwork and design. oh yeah i’m forgot 1 thing: MLG TE fighstick… so can you guys tell me which one is MORE WORTH TO BUY?