The Pac-Man Thread



Cant believe this Lil’Yella bastard is in.



My Opinion:
Apparently He’s no pushover and looks like a brute kind of character with big damage, low speed, lots of health, and long range(but this is only off of appearances so far). One thing is for sure, HE LOOKS FUCKING EPIC! he fights with a big Mokujin Mecha-thingy sorta like tron but way cooler. It also shoots laser, as you can see in his super(It also plays his theme when firing, which is cool as hell). Unlike the other guests with the exception of Cole he looks actually useful. I’m planning to use Pac-Man as a main in this game because of how damn awesome he is.

Thoughts, but I’d love for this thread to not get clogged up with hate and whining.


This is a great day for the people who are going to play this game competitively on a handheld.


he’s on the PS3 also.

All guests are, and I think they are more for the fun loving fans and not for the competitive players.


He seems to have some real nice range on his normals. I really like what I’ve seen so far, so I might play him.


Looks like he’s got a rekka(first video).


I agree, but it’s sad that they won’t be seen on a tournament stage because of the exclusivity thing. I’m glad to know they will be on the PS3, though; that makes a little more sense than what I initially heard, which is that Pac and BBAMM would only be on the Vita.


billy mitchell is the next jwong in america for fighting games

hold dat


I was already hype for the Pac-Man because I’ve always loved his games(even some of the dumb ones) but now that It turns out he’s a big guy type of character and dare I say it, possibly even a grappler I’m going to main the fuck out of him.

I also like Mokujin as a character(I was never skilled enough to use him though to be honest).


I wasn’t expecting him to seem so powerful. Hopefully some gameplay videos will turn up before the game’s released.

That’s what it seems like to me so I can’t wait to try him. :smiley:


I wonder if you can color edit pac-man.


Id love to see high level pac-man and megaman play…and im not joking


I hope he incorporates the ghosts and power pellets into his moves.


You might get your wish if these guys ever come to 360. And Capcom loves to milk money so of course they will.


DLC characters day one. 5 dollars for both.
Im thinking that him and Megaman are an official tag team


Prologue Added.


The videos from the folks exploring the on-disk DLC files reveal that Pac-man has a slow walk speed and a fireball-

a Pac-man shaped fireball.


updated with trials yall.


So, Pac-Man is coming out tomorrow and I have some questions for the people who are getting them.

  1. What are his safe blockstrings and normals?

  2. What are good pokes?

  3. Does his projectile have good durability? what versions beat say, Ryu’s Hadoken?

  4. What are his best jump ins?

  5. Is his dash speed decent?

  6. Can you customize what colors pac-man has and what the robot has?

  7. Do any of his attacks have armor?

Will probably update later with some questions when I can think of them.


you can customize Pac-man and Megaman.


OK why the FUCK isn’t this thread blowin up right now with new tech for pac-man?