*The "padhacking" thread*

I thought a pad hacking/pad info thread should be started so that everybody can see where to solder on different pcb´s.
If you want a picture added please write in the thread.



Xbox 360:

Chimp with Madcatz Xbox 360 PCB.

MCC with Madcatz Xbox 360 PCB and Imp PCB.


Turbo Grafx 16:


Nintendo Entertainment System (NES):

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES):


Nintendo 64:

Nintendo GameCube:


Sega Genesis:

Sega Saturn:

Sega Dreamcast:


Sony Playstation 1:

Sony Playstation 2:

Sony Playstation 3:

Nice idea. Pad hacking is one area I’ve always wanted to venture (I say always, but I mean more since I got into sticks), but obviously lack of skills gets in the way. I’m happy with my knowledge of sticks atm, as far as wiring and general knowledge goes I’m perfectly fine. Hopefully in a couple of years I’ll be on my way to cutting my own cases and soldering things my self, but right now it’s way too much and far too expensive for me to get into.

the black stuff that you colored blue and red… do you solder directly onto that? it doesn’t stay on even if i put flux on it. or am i supposed to take that off somehow first?

Scrape the black stuff off with an exacto knife or something similar, and it should have a gold type of medal underneath it to which you can solder onto.

Great idea, I’m glad this exists.

alright thanks, im gonna try that

ill post pics up of the sf:ac pad later. i need to go buy a new cam first.

Thank you for this.

great idea.

Thanks, I’m gonna try that H-series hack this weekend. I always depend on someone else to do it for me. I didn’t know that image even existed!

lol… geo man i was just fixing to do this too… just got me a new sony t9 6.0mp camera and i was hacking like crazy… altho i dont do xbox so thats great man… good shit

As usual, Per takes the initiative to help out the building community. A very comprehensive list of PCBs.


Paik, where do u buy your wires from? I’m looking for 26 gauge wire. My area don’t have them.

What xboxcontroller should one use when doing custom sticks you guys think? Pros and Cons?

You know what I think, Per : )

Reflex Arcade:
Pros: Very easy hack. Everything is labeled. All buttons/directions have their own grounds. Can be done solderlessly. Headset functionality. Small PCB.

Cons: Harder to find controller. Rather expensive when you factor in shipping (about $20). Solder points are pretty small compared to easier hacks.

1st Party (Regular or S):
Pros: It’s a first part PCB so optimal compatibility and reliability.

Cons: Both are rather hard to hack because of the triggers and small solder points. Also it is a lot more difficult to hack the memory card/headset slot. Also still very expensive PCB. A larger sized PCB.

Ongback: I don’t buy 26 gauge wire. I’m assuming you looked at RadioShack. If you can’t find it there, your best bet is to probably find it online like eBay or Vectorplus. I use 22 gauge and it’s easily found at RadioShack in both solid and stranded in at least 3 different colors.


I dont think I’ll actually be doing this now, but could someone tell me what I’d need and how much it would cost for a nice starter pack for hacking pads? I honestly don’t know what I’d need besides a soldering iron.

i’m biased here. cause i simply love the sf:ac pad for xbox for pad hacking. i’ll definately up some pics today of the inside of my pad. it’s so super to hack and solder. NO ANALOG STICKS! makes for a VERY slim profile; so whether you decided to toss it in a project box or toss it into your stick casing, it’s perfect. As a matter of fact, i suggest it for both xbox and ps. price is wicked aswell. $10.00USD.

Demon Dash
read above what i posted for TheRealNeoGeo. $10.00USD pad. $7.00USD Radioshack iron. $3.00 solder. i used a 30watt iron. also, spilt solder on this pad is very easy to clean up.

to everyone
i forgot to mention that the headset slot is easy as well. cutting the pins and extending them is no problem at all.

as promised. the inside of the sf:ac pad for xbox.

with some simple diagrams i put in.


remember to zoom in. (that is, if your browser scales them down.)

sorry it took so long. my friend gave me his old sony mavica 3.2 camera. no one sells mini cdrws anymore. and this camera can’t be hooked up to just take pics an transfered. so i had to buy some minicdrs (sucks cause i can’t erase).

but the pics came out wicked clear :slight_smile:

Anyone got a pic of a PS controller M

Does that controller have memorycardport on the top of it?