*The "padhacking" thread*


What, where you get using a butane soldering iron from?

Use a electric soldering Iron that produce heat 99.99 of soldering irons out there. (avoid cold weld soldering guns as it uses electrical current not heat to solder and can fry boards.).


I get that from my complete lack of knowledge. Thanks for your answer, I’ll return if something else comes up


Is there a way to use the switch on the qanba q4 or te2 to use it for switching a pad hack instead of the ps3?


Has anyone managed to wire up the 3-way position switch on an xbox MadCatz Fight/Brawl pad
I’m specifically looking to remove and replace the incredibly tiny switch with a bigger one. The bigger switch would then be fitted somewhere reachable on the outside of a case/cabinet.
The switch on the PCB has 6 solder points but I’m not sure if all should be used or …?


I figured it out in case anyone’s interested:
2 is Ground

Get your self a 2P3T swith like this one and you are good to go


I assume you are speaking of the LS - DP - RS switch? Just set it to DP and forget it.
No console fighter (worth buying) does not use DP only LS. There no Fighting games that use RS.


Hi, so i finally got to own my first Madcatz TE 1 Stick PS3 and I intend to swap out the PCB with a SFXT Fighpad PS3 for Windows compatibility. I can safely follow along this guide which is for the swapping in the Paewang? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVA564Dq9ZY (Thanks to Mr Myers)

Sorry for double posting please remove this post =)


Hey ya’ll.
So, I’m trying to add a 360 Afterglow pcb to a PS3 Hori Fighting Edge as a dual mod. I got everything connected up but haven’t set up power to the touchpanel/led for Start/Select yet (not confident enough yet with that part).
In the mean time, I decided to test out what I’ve already done. Everything worked fine until I press the buttons wired up to the triggers (LT/RT). When I do that (connected to PC), the afterglow pcb disconnects and reconnects (with a flash of lights).
I rechecked my wiring and I don’t see anything unusual. Anyone got any tips please?




I’ve never padhacked that pad but if I were in your shoes, I would get rid of the LT & RT pots and do Toodles’ trigger mod. The mod seems to fix almost all trigger problems I’ve encountered modding. I even built a little tester board of it that I use whenever I run across a new or strange pad.

My tester board for triggers.



Nice! I’ll have to keep this handy. Opens up the number of pcbs I can make use of :slight_smile:

I replaced the pots on the afterglow pcb with 10kohm resistors and everything seems to be working.
Just gotta wrap my head around powering the hori’s touchpanel/leds and I’m done :slight_smile:


The 360 controller I did was semi-common ground. I ended up finding 3 or 4 buttons to one ground. I just wired both current and ground for each button to the switch. Worked great, I’m the only person I know who had both ps3 and 360 wireless custom fight sticks. I disagree, I thought the 360 was SIGNIFICANTLY easier to solder than the ps3. Be creative when you make the battery pack. I just taped two batteries together and made bridge wires. Good luck.


Hello first post here

II’m complete noob on all this fight sticks shenigans :stuck_out_tongue: and padhacking for that matter.

I want to get a fight stick (my first) and I kind want to build myself one using a Tek case. My knowledge on electronics is light though. I don’t have experience on soldering but I have a friend who is really good at it.

I have 4 360 wireless controllers and I can butchered one to try doing a padhack. How hard it is? and would I be able to use it with my PC wireless receiver?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Is anyone here familiar with raw DualShock 3 padhacking? Are the shoulder buttons active low or active high? And how would I invert it so I can direct solder (if I need to invert)


Okay. Just bought the silver PS2 controller model “A” from my local used game store. I opened it, and it was this PCB –

Big mistake!

However, two-to-three weeks ago, I bought the black PS2 controller model “M” from my local flea market…


Anybody can help making a dual mod with xbone and ds4? I saw gummos pics but no tutorial.


I would not recommend the DS4 any more, there are easier pad hacks, mods and even standalone boards.


I had them padhacked already. Im asking for the tutorial how to dual mod them


If you got that far (and it works) you already got the hard parts out of the way.
Check out Dual Modding 101 for the basics.


Does anyone have a wiring guide for the PDP Wired Fight Pads for wii? I’ve been meaning to padhack one to work as a gamecube controller. (the one adapter you can buy is apparently really bad). I also need a guide to safe cuts for a GameCube controller.




Let’s see some pics, you’ll probably be able to do a non common ground hack as a worst case.