The Pandora Discussion Thread

With the addition of this new mechanic, we thought it would be a good idea to make a separate thread for specific discussion of the Pandora system.

What we know so far:

  • Press :d::d::mp:+:mk: when your vitality gauge is under 25% to activate Pandora. When you activate Pandora, your partner’s strength will increase exponentially.

  • Activating Pandora sacrifices the life of the character that activates it.

  • Pandora is a system with a built-in time limit - seems to last around 7~10 seconds. In Pandora mode, the Cross Gauge will be filled to maximum capacity, and you will be able to use EX and Super Arts infinitely. However, if you are not able to defeat your opponent within the time limit, you will automatically be knocked out as well.

So there you have it, post away.

I ask again - anybody know can I hurt my oponent when he is in Pandora mode? Or PM means inviolability for this 7-10 sec?

You’re not invincible in Pandora mode.

They activate pandora mode

Tag in Dhalsim

Loving it already. :blush:

Infinite Super Ar and EX moves? Yeah this will be as broken as X factor in Vanilla MvC3 unless they nerf it hard.

it’s only seven seconds, a super move is three seconds or more…

Infinite EX meter whyyyyyyyyyy Capcome whyyyyyyyyyyy.

You need to have 25% health - in a game that combos do a lot of damage, if you are barely above that threshold and you get hit again you ain’t getting up - and it only lasts a short time, killing you afterwards.

No matter how strong it is, it will never be as stupid as X-Factor.

To be fair, I don’t think there would much use to it if you could only use your normal moves, considering that without a partner your combo possibilities are severely limited.

I mean, what the hell will Dhalsim be able to do on Pandora mode?

Another mechanic that does nothing but detract from the game.

Anyone think this’ll force the player to be careful how they damage the opponent? As in, they could damage them to near 25%, and then try to get in with a combo that’ll KO them?

It’s a way of forcing the opponent to choose. I could just leave you barely alive but not able to use Pandora and you’ll have to do something, otherwise I’ll win anyway. There might be other tactics like dropping combos so you leave them just above the limit, or even letting them activate Pandora so you can run away and let them kill themselves.

Dammit was hoping to keep this secret so I can win tourneys with this strat. :arazz:

Besides I need to see more of this Pandora thing in practice because on paper it might sound good or bad but results can always show otherwise. If this turns bad I wouldn’t mind an option to toggle it off.

atleast they look cool when they activate :tup:

lol I was thinking they should an option to turn off Pandora too, for those that don’t want to play with it. Seeing how the game’s months away from release they could add in this option.
…but I agree we need to see more of it in action.

I’m pretty sure that’s what they do in Tekken to avoid Rage.

@Jamp: I think giving them a full bar of meter would be more than enough. I mean Kazuya or someone with good juggle potential could get a hit in, juggle for 5s then tack on the super at the end and possibly win the round just because they could go over the meter limit.

Kazuya + infinite EX meter = And 1 mode

Dudes getting bounced all day.

Doesn’t look like you’ll damage the guy in Pandora, you just have to waste the time which is pretty short.

The damage dealt is pretty high. 2 SPDs were like 80% easily.

Looks pretty bullshit.

Does this mean no more free Cross Art near death?

80% on a below average health character mind you.

Well to be honest, Lili took like ~25% damage from LP SPD in this video
And the Pandora HP SPD in this video did like 40%… I’m guessing a regular HP SPD on Lili would cause at least 30% damage, so Pandora is looking like it boosts damage something like 20-25%, which isn’t all that crazy.

Lil and Poison have below average health too, even for a female fighter.

Isn’t there a limit to bounces? I’ve seen combos drop after 3 or 4 ground bounces.