The Panic Factor in UMvC3

And no, I’m not talking about an alternate name for X-Factor.

I’m talking about when your opponent’s last character comes in, and their strategy becomes oh so predictable. Basically they throw out advanced logic and start noobing it up for survival. Ex: Wekser using his gun to teleport instead of Raw 'porting, Doom using every projectile in his arsenal, Akuma spamming Tatsu like his middle name was Katrina.

What, too soon? =)

Anyway, has anyone ever had that moment in this game, or fought someone who was having that moment?

In ultimate I’ve noticed a trend of people leaving Arthurs and Hawkeyes as their last player to chip out your entire team with projectiles. You just gotta learn to adapt!!!

When I see my opponent start trying to scrub me out with the usual wesker lvl 3 xfac bs or a tatsu crazy Akuma… I use even SCRUBBIER tactics to punish them… :slight_smile:

Nothing more funny then a level 3 sentinel player sitting in a corner hitting B and doing his missile special whenever the opponent gets close… Oh wait, thats me. lol.

Teleporters have everything in this game if you ask me; one input and all that momentum/pressure/XF3 is right down the drain. Then you turn the tables around and give a teleporter XF3 and WAM, suddenly you’re being opened up by shit you’ve been trying to avoid all game.

Love it. Love even more how Capcom didn’t do anything to change it.

I sometimes panic factor and just mash all four buttons while spinning the control stick in a mad circle when my anchor comes out.

It works 90% of the time though because I’m playing Phoenix and have 5 bars.

The smartest thing to do when you’re low on life is to play the same way you’ve been playing. Your opponent is going to expect to exploit your desperate mashing attempts; don’t let them.

just gotta adapt and just play like you normally play, I honestly don’t care anymore if say a level 3 x-factor character comes out . if you don’t panic you will most likely beat them but say a level 3 character kills off my 3 characters it doesn’t even bother me anymore. it’s part of the game that I have accepted and TBH if a level 3 character takes out 3 of your characters then you most likely made 3 mistakes. You should know all your characters strategies to either get away from someone that is just going crazy or a way to counter them.


This same thing happened to me today when some dude killed 2 of my chars and I was down to Sentinel :smiley: ( he still had all 3 of his characters with high stamina) … Most players would expect for you to turn on X-Factor right when your down to your last character but Im an old warrior of a 1,000 battles lol

I guess dude was expecting for me to turn on x-fac because my Sent was down to half-stamina but I made sure I killed 1 character before I turned it on and from there it was a smooth sailing to finishing off his entire team LOL

Wait, so using everything available to you is considered panicking now?

When you are down to your last character, play it safe. Use pokes to get in, or just punish your opponents moves by blocking and then activate x factor. You should be able to do ToD combos easily in lv 3 x factor. Once the first character is destroyed, your speed boost should be enough to make up some wild mix-up on any incoming character. Also, practice makes perfect. Train under x factor lv.3 and learn some combos. Sure, just pressing buttons could help you, but that will only help you if your opponent isn’t smart enough to punish.

“You gotta keep cool under pressure. That’s the mark of a great lawyer.”

  • Phoenix Wright

Do lariat, x-factor.

If hit, kill the character(s).

If whiff, spam j.:d::h: to put opponent in the corner, then kill the character(s).

my friend, every time. with XF3 Akuma.

…and admittedly me too as of this posting since I -still- don’t have a Strider. @.@

I tend to use Doom as an anchor, so I only activate X-Factor if one of the following conditions are met

  • I land a hit on a problem character and need to take him out ASAP
  • I’m about to die from chip
  • I’m the one trying to kill with chip (usually if it’s the other person’s last character, time is running out, etc)
  • Guard Cancel > Doom Time

The last one is my most common one, as well as my favorite.


No, but I commonly see inexperienced Doom players only spam the Finger Lasers & Plasma Beam to keep out problem characters. No Foot Dives, No Tri-Jumps to start combos, just the projectiles.

Just be Combofiend and continue going bonkers.

Combofiend’s Vanilla Spencer had to be the nastiest XF3 anchor I have ever seen. It wasn’t that his approach was predictable; it was that his safe pressure strings, cross ups, mix ups, and damage were just too good to ignore. I’ve never seen anyone ignore Advancing Guard like Combofiend does.

Deadpool is my usual anchor.
I play safe, i play lame and if the opponent is in my face. blockstun cancel XF3 GO BERSERK BWAAAAAA.

Till the guy pushblock and back to trying to zone.

I’m sure you’ve seen his video against that guy who used Doom where he grabbed him out of the air with Spencer despite the fact that he had a magic pixel worth of health and Doom was trying to chip him out? James Chen was going apeshit at it.