The Parasoul Combo Guide! (Slightly Updated Edition)



1. Introduction

Thanks for stopping by!

With a new Guilty Gear and Blazblue sitting on the horizon, [S]and the patch lost somewhere in limbo[/S], and godlike GGPO bestowed upon us by the gaming gods, I thought Skullgirls could use [S]a little love[/S] a firey phoenix explosion of mighty resurrection. And thus, The Parasoul Combo Guide is born!

After browsing around Dustloop’s Parasoul combo threads and piecing together my own combos from the scattered bits here and there, I thought it would be nice for Parasoul to have her own combo guide available as people get back into the game.

I consider this thread to be a work in progress, and I welcome all comments and feedback. I’ll put down everything I know and have seen, but I’m sure I’ve missed things here and there, so help me out and drop me a line if you think something can be added or improved!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Notation
3. IPS 101
4. Parasoul’s Movelist
5. Parasoul’s Combo Extension Tools
6. Parasoul’s Loops
7. Let’s Put It All Together!


2. Notation

As a native Dustlooper, I write most of my notation in numerical notation, where numbers represent the eight directions. After all, American notation can get pretty complicated, especially when trying to pronounce aloud to a friend.

789 LP MP HP
4_6 LK MK HK

There’s a handy diagram! For those out of the loop, the numerals 1 through 9 represent the eight directions, with 5 representing the neutral position. They correspond to the numpad on your typical keyboard. So sf.LP would be 6LP, qcf.MP would be 236MP, and so on. It just helps me to keep directions and buttons separated.

As for other notation and keywords I’ll be using:

44 / 66 : Double tap left or right, in other words, a dash. You can get the same effect by pressing PP for forward-dash or 4PP for back-dash.

j.XX : Whatever XX is, but in the air.

4_6LP : Underscored directions denote charge attacks. Usually the charges have to be buffered before the point you actually see this, but Parasoul’s charge time is so short, and her attacks so lengthy, that you can often start charging during the preceding move. Also written by others as (4)6LP. If you haven’t played a charge character before, don’t worry, it becomes second nature after a short while.

PP / KK : Two punches or kicks pressed simultaneously, used for Blockbusters and dashing about.

Throw : I don’t like to type out LP+LK, so I’ll just type it out as Throw.

[Assist] : Notes points where an assist fills in part of a combo, I’ll usually mention specific details about the timing and assist interaction afterwards.

j.4LK(3) : Numbers in parenthesis denote specific numbers of hits in a combo for multi-hit attacks. I don’t think Parasoul needs to abbreviate any moves for her combos, but other characters do.

LK MK HP HP : Normal chains are typed as is, separated by only spaces.

LK MK 2HP j.MP j.HP : Jump cancels are implied during the transition from grounded to aerial moves. Parasoul doesn’t have any mid-air movement options, so it suffices for her. If I have to explicitly point out a jump cancel, I’ll type it as JC.

[land] : If you see this in between two j.XX moves, that means Parasoul will hit the ground between the two moves. Usually something has to fill in the gap, such as a Napalm burst or an Assist.

[otg] : Short for On-The-Ground. When your opponent hits the ground untechable for the first time, and they bounce pink, allowing you a follow-up combo. Unlike Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where only select attacks would hit OTG, Skullgirls will let you OTG with any attack that can reach a downed opponent. Also, any launch or knockback properties of the OTG attack are replaced with a small, standardized launch.

(with tear) : I’ll add this prefix to combos and sequences that require one of Parasoul’s Napalm Tears to already be on-screen.

[burst] : I’ll use this notation for when Napalm explosions fill in parts of a combo.

4_6LK, LP : Links will be separated by commas. To make long combos easier to read, I like to use line breaks, instead, so you’ll be seeing both.

214HK~MK~LK : I’ll use tildes to denote a direct follow-up move, such as Napalm Toss follow ups or Cerebella’s Tumbling Run series.


3. IPS 101

The IPS, or Infinite Prevention System, is a system in Skullgirls that detects repetitive loops in a combo and disrupts them. I’ve sure you’ve seen it in action at some point: the hit noise changes, your opponents starts flashing pink, and then they explode you away and get out of the combo.

The IPS works in an organized and predictable manner:

  1. Combos are broken down into “sections” of chained attacks.
  2. Each time you link attacks, jump cancel, land from a jump, or call an assist, you start a new section.
  3. Your initial jump-in along with your first ground chain are free. IPS doesn’t keep track of these sections at all. IPS also ignores the first hit of the following section, unless you jump or call an assist, so keep that in mind for combo building. It’s also why you can sometimes get away with using a starter three times in the same combo.
  4. Starting on the next section, IPS keeps track of every attack you’ve used.
  5. If you start a new combo section using an attack that IPS has recorded, you activate the IPS, and your opponent may burst out of the rest your combo by pressing any button!
    **UPDATE: **6. As of Skullgirls: Slightly Different Edition (v1.01), all grounded versions of the same button count as the same thing, as do aerial versions of a single button, and all strengths of a Special attack. This means that 5LP and 2LP are the same in the eyes of IPS, as well as j.5MK and j.2MK. It’s not such a big deal with Specials, since they’re rarely used to start strings, but this significantly reduces the potential length of combos.

So as you can see, the system prevents infinite combo loops without resorting to hit stun deterioration, allowing a large degree of combo freedom. It’ll only ping you if you start a section with a move you’ve used before, so it’s typical to use heavier attacks early in the combo, and use lighter attacks in later sections to combo back into those heavy attacks. For example!

LK LK MK MK 2HP j.LK j.MK j.HP [otg]

In this combo, the entire bolded section will trigger IPS! You can get around this by changing the second j.LK into a j.LP:

LK LK MK MK 2HP j.LK j.MK j.HP [otg]

And there you go! The IPS is happy, and so are you, because Peacock doesn’t get out of your pressure for free and ruin your weak pressure for free.


4. Parasoul’s Movelist

~work in progress~


5. Parasoul’s Combo Extension Tools:

Most players who pick up Parasoul will be able to figure out her basic combos pretty easily, for example:

6LP/2LK MK MK 2HP j.LK j.MK j.HP [otg]

But Parasoul has various tricks and shenanigans to employ to add sections to her combos without using up her pink bounce:

j.HK : This move hits multiple times, and if timed properly, will cause the opponent to land standing during the active frames of the attack. It has a pretty sizable stun on it, so you can link up to medium attacks if your timing is sharp.

j.MK j.HP : Typically, connecting with j.HP in the air will send your opponent careening towards the floor to eat your pink bounce, but j.MK carries enough stun on it to ground certain heavier characters before the j.HP comes out, causing the j.HP to hit grounded for a big, chunky stun that can link into basically anything. I usually see this used against Double, but it shows up in fancy Napalm Shot corner loops, as well.

Egret Call (4_6LK) : Using Egret Call will immediately cancel the recovery of any of Parasoul’s ground normals and replace it with Egret Call’s recovery. Useful after certain laggy attacks, such as after a throw or 4HK.

LP Napalm Shot (4_6LP) : The meat of Parasoul’s extended combos. LP Napalm Shot generates enough advantage on hit that Parasoul can link any of her light attacks afterwards. The link window is the widest at midscreen and against characters with thinner hitboxes, because the Napalm Shot travels a longer distance before it hits. This means that Napalm Shot loops in the corner against Double are horrendously difficult. If a Tear is already on your opponent from a previous Napalm loop, both of the Tears will ignite, giving you enough time to link into anything, even a j.HP.

(with tear) 5MP : After a Napalm Loop, you can use any of Parasoul’s MP and HP attacks to set off the Tear. If you hit it with a medium attack, the stun is long enough to link another medium attack, or to combo into things that normally wouldn’t work, such as (with tear) LP MP [burst] 4HK.


6. Parasoul’s Loops


(2HP) j.LP/j.LK j.MK j.HK : This is a relatively simple air loop that should end with your opponent standing. You have to delay the j.MK and the j.HK just a bit. It can be used twice, once for each light. Can be followed by your choice of mediums, although maybe not 6MP.

(2HP) j.LP/j.LK j.MK j.HP : Normally this loop will end in a hard knockdown, but if you throw out the light as soon as possible, and delay j.MK and j.HP, the j.HP will hit grounded, resulting in a lengthy hit stun that will combo into any medium attacks.

(2HP) j.MP j.HP j.HK : Probably the easiest of the air-combo restands, but it has to be used pretty close to your opponent, since the j.MP hits so high up. You can follow up with mediums, but it won’t work on Double since she hits the ground too quickly after the j.HP to save the pink bounce. I don’t think it works on Cerebella, either.

(HP HP) 4_6LP : Against grounded, standing opponents, you’ll want to use some Napalms sooner or later. Napalm loops will work mid-screen, but the knock back means you won’t be getting as many out as you would in the corner. You can link any of Parasoul’s lights (except for 6LP, of course) after an LP Napalm Shot. It whiffs on a couple of the girls’ crouching boxes, notably Valentine and Painwheel. It seems like it should whiff over Peacock, as well, but it gets her ridiculous hat, haha.

(4_6LP) LK 2MK 4_6LP : Double-Napalm loops usually don’t work in the corner, because you’ll push them away from the first Tear before it explodes. LK and 2MK push Parasoul forward slightly and allow you to connect a double-Napalm mid-screen. This one seems to be character-specific, I can’t get it to work reliably on Peacock and Valentine.

(4_6LP) [Any light] MP [burst] : After a Napalm loop, you can use the on-screen Tear to extend your combo further. Hitting the Tear with any of Parasoul’s MP and HP attacks will cause it to explode, giving you ample time to link into a medium, or…

(4_6LP) [Any light] MP [burst] 4HK 4_6LK : … you can combo into Parasoul’s 4HK, which causes a big, floaty floor-bounce on hit. Cancelling the recovery with Egret Call gives you enough time to step forward and juggle with any of Parasoul’s lights without using the pink bounce.

(HP HP) 4_6MP 236PP : Parasoul’s Silent Scope Blockbuster causes a forced crumple on hit. Usually you’d have to OTG with a dashing LK or 2LK, but MP Napalm Shot explodes at just the right time to OTG for you, tacking on some damage.

And a personal favorite:

(HP HP) 4_6HK [MK Hornet Bomber] : A mid-screen combo using the MK Hornet Bomber assist. You have to hit MK Bomber between the two HP’s. MK is the perfect strength for the Egret Charge to scoop your opponent up before the pink bounce, pulling them all the way to the corner regardless of where you started. Parasoul’s dash speed is high enough to chase them all the way there, allowing you to OTG as they ricochet off the wall. You can usually pick your opponent up without expending the pink bounce.


I’m not really a Napalm-looping fiend, so this section will probably be incomplete while I work on these combos.

(4_6LP) [Any light] MK MK 4_6LP : With the corner, Parasoul’s Napalm loops can get even fancier! After the first Napalm, you can link into another Napalm, which causes both of the tears to explode at once. The resulting stun is so hefty, that you can follow up with basically whatever you want, including HP, HK, and j.HP!

(4_6LP) [Any light] MK MK HK 214MK [burst]
j.LK j.HP [burst]
Super fancy! This is my favorite loop: the HK bounces your opponent off the wall, and the first Tear catches them. The j.HP sets off the second Tear, which causes your opponent to land standing with enough stun to combo anything!


7. Let’s put it all together!

First, some notes:

The second hit of MK MK hits pretty high up, and will whiff over certain character’s crouching hitboxes: Valentine and Painwheel come to mind, so be sure to skip the second MK in this situation. Napalm Shot whiffs over these two as well, so make sure to start your combos with a restand on these girls before attempting a Napalm loop.

Anyway! Here are some example combos that I use often. As long as you understand how the IPS works, it’s easy to assemble some impressive beat-downs!

Midscreen :

6LP/2LK MK MK HP HP [Cerecopter]
Dash-MK HP HP 4_6LP
LK 2MK 4_6LP [Tear x2]
6MP 2HP j.LK j.MK j.HK

5,764 x1.0 Damage

My typical midscreen combo if I catch someone with a Cerecopter lockdown. The assist button has to be pressed between “HP HP”, and the following Dash-MK is a dash-canceled MK to catch your opponent just as Cerecopter throws them out. But don’t feel limited by my assist choice, you can fill the Assist with a lot of things, such as:

Cerebella: Lock 'n Load (236P)
Double: Cilia Slide (4LK+HK)
Ms. Fortune: Zoom! (Headless 3HP)
Peacock: Screwball Cannon (5HP)

Feel free to stick in whatever it is you’re using.

Outdated Combo

[details=Spoiler]6LP MK MK HP HP [Cerecopter]
LK 2MK 4_6LP [burst x2]
LP MP [burst] 4HK 4_6LK
66 2LP MK 2HP j.MP j.HP j.HK
2LK MK MK 2HP j.LK j.MK j.HP [otg]
2MP 2HP j.LP j.MK j.HP 214LK

7,259 x1.0 Damage[/details]

Corner :

6LP/2LK MK MK HP HP [MK.Bomber] 4_6HK
MK MK 2HP j.MP j.HP j.HK
LP MK MK HK 214MK [Tear]
j.LK j.HP [Tear]
j.MK j.HP
MP HP HP 4_6MP 236PP

7,043 x1.0 Damage

In this combo, hit the second HP and Assist at the same time. Egret Charge (4_6HK) catches between the third hit of Hornet Bomber and the pink bounce, saving it for fun times later, for example a Sequel combo.

Outdated Combo

[details=Spoiler]6LP/2LK MK MK HP HP [MK/HK Hornet Bomber] 4_6HK
6MP 2HP j.MP j.HP j.HK
LP MK MK 4_6LP [burst x2]
j.MK j.HP
2LP MK MK 4_6LP [burst x2]
j.LK j.MP

10,642 x1.0 Damage, 1 Meter… not bad for our Princess.[/details]

Because of the nature of IPS, it’d be a waste of space to list combos from every possible starter. IPS isn’t paying attention to the beginning of your combo, anyway, unless you’re comboing off of a throw, assist, or Blockbuster, in which case it’s pretty simple to adapt a given combo depending on what you started with. Say, if you started my midscreen combo with 4Throw 4_6LK, and then picked them up with a dash-LK, you’ll have to remember that you can’t start any other sections with LK, so you’ll have to do something else, and maybe omit a line of the combo if necessary. It’ll also burn up your otg!

Outdated Combo

[details=Spoiler]Midscreen, off a throw:

4Throw 4_6LK [otg]
66 LK LK MK MK HP HP [Cerecopter]
2LK 2MK 4_6LP [burst x2]
LP MP [burst] 4HK 4_6LK
66 2LP MK 2HP j.MP j.HP j.HK
MP 2HP j.LK j.MK j.HP 214LK

The bolded sections were changed from the original combo to accommodate the different starter and the used otg. Easy-peasy![/details]

So hopefully after reading this, you can string together your own combos for our Princess of the Canopy Kingdom! When building a combo, you have to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Save your lights! : 5LP, 2LP, 5LK, and 2LK are the only things that can link from a single LP Napalm Shot, and out of those, I’d only consider 5LP and 2LP to be reliable. Off of j.HP or a double-Napalm explosion, use heavier attacks.

  2. Write it down! : If you type out your combo, you can often see at-a-glance where it’ll set off the IPS, or if you’ve forgotten an attack you can stick in somewhere to add another section!

  3. Try it on everyone! : Parasoul’s attacks affect different members of the cast in varying ways. Some characters are short enough to make certain attacks whiff over their heads, and some characters are really fat and are difficult to re-stand.

So piece things together and give it a try!

Obsolete Combo is Obsolete

[details=Spoiler]Bonus Corner Combo! :

This is my personal combo for when Parasoul is on point.
Parasoul (Napalm Pillar) / Cerebella (Diamond Drop) / Double (MK Hornet Bomber)

6LP/2LK MK MK HP HP 4_6HK [MK Hornet Bomber]
6MP 2HP j.MP j.HP j.HK
LP MK MK 4_6LP [burst x2]
2LP MK MK HK 214MK [burst]
j.LK j.HP [burst]
j.MK j.HP
2MK HP HP 4_6MP 236PP 360Throw (whiff)

(Blockbuster Sequel to Cerebella)

2MP 2HP [burst] 4_6HK~Throw
2LP 2MP 2HP j.LK j.MP j.MK
MK 2HP j.LP j.MP j.ML
LK MP 2HP 623Throw [otg]
2LK 2MP HK 623HP 236PP

16,507 x1.0 Damage, 3 Meters.

A touch of death, even against a lower-ratio team! It uses 3 Meters, but builds 2 Meters over the length of the combo, so there’s always the threat of a touch-of-death if someone allows me to corner them. I use a lot of non-optimal loops because I’d rather burn an extra bar of super than whiff something difficult online and lose a character to a mashed-out Ultimate Showstopper.[/details]


8. Resets and Shenanigans

With the IPS changes looming on the horizon, Mike Z. has commented that the game will be “more reset-y” (I may be quoting that wrong). Combos will be cut in length due to standing and crouching being considered the same attack, touch of death combos may become a thing of the past (maybe with a double-Sequel combo, we’ll see), damage and loops are being nerfed left and right, and resetting pressure will become more important as you can no longer guarantee a kill (and the subsequent switch-in mixups) off of any random hit.

I’ve enjoyed silly reset gimmicks (yeah, I said it) since I first picked up Iron Tager in the original Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (Mike Z.'s goofy faux-Russian video in the tutorial DVD sold him to me forever) and first discovered online combat, where I quickly learned that my amateur tactics of poking, trades, and simple oki weren’t cutting it. But with judicious application of Tager’s magnetism and careful study of A.X.I.S.'s tech traps thread, suddenly any stray hit from the Red Devil could potentially end the round! Do Svidanija!

The point for Skullgirls being that a well-placed reset has the potential to turn a damaging combo into two damaging combos and a dead character. Here are some of the tricks that I’ve been applying with our Military Princess, but first, some notes:

1. Don’t get predictable! : The biggest rule with resets. If you successfully pull a reset on a reasonably intelligent opponent, they’re going to be looking for it next time! You’re far less likely to land any given reset the second time. And revealing that you use resets at all will change the way your opponent behaves.
2. Study their tendencies! : Some people like to violently mash out throw techs, some people like to mash out reversals (LIKE SHOWSTOPPER), and some people just block. Guess wrong and you’re looking at a potential Fenrir Drive/Gregor Samson reversal into a Sequel combo or a (my greatest antagonist) Lonesome Lenny Sequel’d into Ultimate Showstopper. Be mindful of these possibilities and don’t get caught with your pants down!
3. Don’t rely on gimmicks!!! : Possibly the most important rule. At the end of the day, a gimmick is a gimmick, and they won’t stay fresh forever. Aside from randoms, your opponent will adapt to these, and you’ll have to adapt with them or else get predicted, punished, and eternally branded a scrub.

And now… the shenanigans. The arrows mark the different reset options.

Solo Shenanigans:

2HP :
The most obvious and overused of all online resets. Easy timing, beats most forms of mashing, and most characters don’t have good aerial reversal options. Every character in the game can do this, and it’s the primary reason people like to mash out throw techs when they’re being hit. So why bother? You can throw this out simply to check if your opponent is awake. Or you can use this to condition your opponent to start pressing buttons, because if they weren’t mashing throw tech before, you know they’re about to start.

j.HK (restand) :
–>6LP : When j.HK is used to restand an opponent, it normally combos into any lights or mediums, including 6MP, but 6LP immediately upon landing is just slow enough not to combo, and it’ll catch crouch-blocking, mashing, and throw techs.
–>2LK, 6MP, 2MK, Throw : If you want to un-combo a low or a throw, you’ll want to dash-cancel them to get the timing tight enough that you won’t get jabbed or thrown yourself.

2HP j.LP j.LK j.MP : I first encountered this reset in a match against severin. The j.MP leaves your opponent to recover in the air as Parasoul lands, giving you a few options:
–> (slight delay) j.LP j.HP: A slightly delayed j.LP hits as a frame trap, punishing mashing, throw-techs, and air-dashes. The j.HP will eat your otg, though.
–> j.Throw : If you’ve successfully conditioned your opponent to stop pressing buttons, you can go back to air-throwing them!
–> 66 2LK : If your opponent chooses to simply land on the floor after they recover, you can quickly dash underneath them and throw out 2LK, which connects as a meaty low crossup, which avoids most attempts to counter you.

Assisted Shenanigans:

This is just some of the stuff I use with my team of Parasoul / Cerebella / Double. Feel free to contribute!

Diamond Drop

Parasoul with Diamond Drop assist has some semi-unblockable tick-throw setups. A curiosity of the guard system is that you’re not allowed to chicken-block tick-grabs if the timing is sharp enough. More specifically, right after blocking any attack, holding up-back will cause a defending character to stand-block rather than jump, allowing the grab to connect. Not enough people know that you have to escape grabs with either up, forward-up, or a reversal, so this technique is VERY powerful.

Two setups:

LP~[assist] : Hit this as a slide input. LP has the perfect amount of hit-stun for Diamond Drop to connect on the first possible frame, even on block. Your opponent cannot chicken-block this, they HAVE to choose to either react to the throw with up, or guard the possible chain continuation, they can’t do both. Absolutely devastating after a Napalm Loop.

LK LK MK MK [assist]~4HK : Hit the [assist]~4HK as a slide input. 4HK is usually poke-bait, so having Bella fill in the blank is wonderful. Also can’t be chicken blocked!

And it doesn’t end there! Once your opponent wises up to your Diamond Drop assists, feel free to start playing with the timing. For example, instead of LP~[assist] (a slide), hit it as LP [assist] 2MK (a normal chain), so that the grab whiffs. It’s a fun tactic to intentionally call false Diamond Drops, the scare value of seeing her causes people to hold up, getting you a free kick to the shins. Then they have to start guessing whether any given Bella call is a real grab or not. Diamond Drop isn’t just a grab, it’s a dangerous 50/50 dare!


A good pressure tactic is overhead behind a lock down assist, mixed with overhead -> Role Call -> low for fake overheads. Just watch out for alpha counters.


The patch is dropping tomorrow, so I promise I’ll update this thread when that happens.

Things in store:

  • Filling in the moves list section (my computer ate the last version)
  • Updating to American notation (as much as I prefer numerical, when in Rome…)
  • Nerfing the bloody hell out of all my combos (sheds a single, masculine tear)


Did a lot of people request that change your combo notation? The numbers are not hard to use and the standard for tons of games these days. I adjusted to it from the SF notations in a matter of minutes. It just seems like a waste of your time, especially after you’ve spent all this time just *giving the *info out.


Well, people often mention that they prefer American notation in the general threads. I’m from Dustloop, so all my stuff is already formatted that way, but… eh, I’m not sure.



This is the best my lazy self could come up with. xP


As of now, I’ve edited out any irrelevant information, so this stuff should be safe to use for Slightly Different Edition. Lemme know if I’m wrong, though.


So far the most Ive gotten in the corner off st.Lk wtih no assists and one meter is 6238 it builds and uses one bar and setups up perfectly for dhc combos. I should try mine with a jump in and starting from st.fp to see how much damage i can get…

Combo:,,cr.hp,,j.hp,j.rh (land) st.mkx2,st.hpx2 xx 46+lp, st.lp, 46+lp, (land), xx 214+lp,,, xx super, (shot explodes),

You can cancel the last into pillar for a bit more damage. There are some places to optimize but it becomes really hard at a certain point because of the way people float and such.
I’ll try and make a video soonish

Next up is to DHC into cats and see what I can do from there.

For the most part my midscreen didn’t change at all, except either have to call double hella early to combo into the pull soldier or just end it with shot early. Either way its like 5.5


Yeah, the HP~HP [HornetBomber] EgretCharge combo feels pretty wonky to me now, probably because of the new Green Bounce thing. The timing’s all weird, and I can’t even get Bomber to Motorcycle to work midscreen, anymore.


i have been using magic series ending with 6hk, double butt call, drop three tears ~ 6lp as a hefty and easy combo extender in the corner. off of a restand, I do 2mp~6hk.

Can get an easy 7+ k using that


I would probably go for something like that at the end of my combo, I was just messing with assistless stuff. If you do double butt call into drop tears you might be able to hard tag heh.


I have been using that extension all over the place, since you can modify it for some really gross resets, so I put it in different places to fuck with the flow.

Yeah I should try more tag shenans


So I thought I understood how IPS works, and I apologize if this is a silly question, but could someone please explain why IPS is being triggered in this combo here?
Thank you