The Party - KOF 10th Combo Video

The Party - KOF 10th

A combo video in commemoration to KOF 10th anniversary, great video. :clap:

Link:The Party

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Sickest. Canceling. Ever.

Nicely done.

good shit… but…

a) please dont use realmedia

b) always use techno instead of trance or hardhouse or whatever that crap was… that coupled with the video being named “the party” put an image in my head of “party boy” from the jackass movie dancing through the entire video. needless to say, it detracted from me enjoying it and now i must bathe with steel wool.


yeah what rainbow flavored KOF is this? Is it a handheld version with 2k fonts, 2k2 bars and 99 cancels?
Other asking myself every 5 secs “is this a bootleg kof?”, the video is nice…

It’s definately not a KOF I recognise, so I think it’s one of the bootlegs.
And god the music was AWFUL! I had to mute it a minute into it.

I also can’t figure out whick KOF it was. '99 backgrounds and '00-'01 characters?? Nice combos but, without knowing which game or gameplay system I can’t judge on how great the combos are. Who knows it may have has a looser juggle system?

Ill tell you which one it is when Im done downloading.

Given the thread title + some Googling I’m guessing it’s KOF 10th Anniversary, a 2002 hack.

edit: Wow, much better than your SFA3 one imo. Good, clean production, but less obnoxious than your previous vid. I’m not familiar with the hack so I can’t comment on the quality of the combos, but I certainly enjoyed watching them. I agree with others than the music was lacking a bit though, you need something with more personality for a combo video…and something that doesn’t lift the melody from that fucking O-Zone song.

Oh, and please don’t use realmedia in future :confused:

Ok, Ill not use real media in the next time.
More vids coming soon.

Thanks to download…

ither Mugen or a hack. I deem hack, that shit had Garou, Last Blade, and Metal Slug? BG’s. Had misc bgs from ‘98 to 2k2. In that case, I can only like some of the combos. Considering some are impossible aka Max 2 SDM to DM cancels. Hell k’ linking his kick fireball into his HSDM (full screen away) or Chang going armor mode, well half the juggle properties. All in all, change the music and its still interesting.

WTF KOF was that…?

That was fun to watch, but a pain to listen to. And boy was the KOF odd.

Jesus christ it’s the fucking Numa Numa song.

Plus yeah, it’s a hacked game. I like how in the last combo, Kula gains half a meter from one kick. :rolleyes:

That video was fuckin lame, Stop making videos.

Nice video.



Hack version of 2k2 known as 10th Anniversary Edition.

Uses the same engine as 2k2.
Has BGs from 99-00, and some originals.
Different pallete swaps.
New hack moves(Kula can send out what’s-her-face from her SDM in a DM at varying speeds)
Whiffed specials build 1 bar :tdown:
HSDMs can be done at any time:tdown:
Changes to the BC mode:
-can activate multiple times
-each consecutive activation boosts your attack strength, overall speed, and adds elemental damage to your normals
-You can BC cancel ANYTHING into any special/((H)S)DM
-if Ranbu DMs are cancelled your opponent is usually stuck in an unrecoverable stun that is only broken by you hitting them again(refer back to whiffed specials build 1 bar to see how gay this hack is)
-Multiple activations = recharging of your BC Mode time

Nice that you came up with these combos, but the hack itself is VERY stupid.

Wow, sounds like it’s perfectly balanced. SNK, take some notes…

Balanced? That shit is BROKEN, You fuck up ONE time its game over for you.

Take easy dude, this vid is funny… :party:

That vid is horrible. What are you smoking?