The Party - KOF 10th Combo Video

Guess you didn’t catch on to the sarcasm.

Oh…Guess I didnt.

hahahaha…yeah I have played that crap. The game is a hack You never run out of powers,you can charge many times changing colors until you got quicksilver velocity,also you make more damage.Hell!! when you got all white you can beat the opponenet with 3 kicks. The game engine is 2002 but bars,meters,backgrounds etc,as you can see are from other games. Some characters have new powers for example kensou when you charge like 2 times instead of the ball he throw flames, or iori by getting close to the opponnet change position to the back of the opponent so you can counter from behind. The game is fucking insane everyone who play it just start to make hidden powers non-stop the ones effective are the unblockable ones from K or yashiro. Yashiro take all your life from his hidden power…crazy

I wish I had an extra set of hands to give that shit 4 thumbs down. :tdown: That was on the level of the vid that had that boy band footage cut in between combos.

lol…it had to be from kofbr.

These guys are known for putting out ‘keyboard combo videos’ and shit like that. Just ignore them.

The game and vid are pretty crappy, but Dragostea Din Tei kicks ass, I don’t know what the fuck everyone else is complaining about.

that shit was pretty fuckin boring

So, what’s the problem for putting out a keyboard combo video?

What ARE keyboard combo videos? Combo vids done on emulators or something?

Naw, They are combos that are easy as hell.

The music I did not like at all. The fact that this vud was a hack of 2002 was not cool and not fun to watch.

Keyboard combos are a video with some combos made using a keyboard, and a emulator. There are easy combos and some advanced.

Just Guess… :smokin:

Caraca Yamazaki, ate tu ? Vei no shory pra zoa o baguio ? Vou descontar ganhando do seu Zangief na sfa3… lol !


I’m going to make a Street Fighter Rainbow Black Belt Edition combo movie.

Cool, may I help you? :nunchuck:

Claro! T muito engraado. O pessoal aqui sabe se divertir, avaliando trabalhos sem levar em conta coisas como amizade ou “consideraes” pelos autores. Por aqui a avaliao mais sincera e confivel.

Just because you’re jealous of The Party’s sucess, and want to make something better. :rofl:

Who the hell would be jealous of a stupid kof hack video? Get the fuck out of here.

This idiot is probably Master Akuma’s apprentice or something.