The patch is out!

Still no support for 1280x1024 resolution and it seems like copies bought via steam are not supported:

Post the the changes or bugs which are still left.

Sometimes I feel as if some patches add certain things to be able to do more combos so others can make new combo videos over time.

What’s the change log.

• Support for keyboards and gaming devices that were not being recognized by the game.
• Patch allowing re-mapped keys.
• Changes Fixed Mode as the default graphic setting.
• DRM removed for non-Steam versions of the game. (Unlocks all characters in offline mode)
• NVIDIA 3D Vision enhancements.

When is the steam patch coming? :frowning:

what link supplies the download??

This one:

thanks, very helpful…

Just log into the game. The patch will start downloading automatically.

I would like the patch files from a link myself.

I am regretting buying the game on steam. There was no reason for the patch to be delayed for the steam verison.

"The patch will be releases at this and that date. It didn’t? Oh wait, we forgot to tell that Microsoft has to check the files before. But now it’s ready. What? Steam patch ain’t available yet? Hmmm. Oh… shit happens… After M$ somehow checked the files, of course Steam has to check them, too. Obviously, isn’t it? But now it’s completely finished and will be released… hmmm… where are my dice? Sorry can’t find 'em. Then I suspect the files to be propped from steam tomorrow. What? You realized I didn’t say a single word about when it will be released? Just about when it will be propped… In the meanwhile, you can pay and download for some costumes, you can’t even use. But hey, at least it’s not boring anymore and you actively help increasing the gross national product… That’s a worthy cause…"
to be continued…

the steam patch is at least in Valve certification stage right? i hope it comes out soon.

im still waiting for it to use my gamepad, which worked PERFECTLY for sf4 vanilla which I bought on day 1.

its very bad that something that worked fine vanilla stopped working in AE. That’s the only thing I need from the patch, BASIC gamepad compatibility.

i loaded up the game & still no change… seriously, WTF!!

Anyone find the direct patch files?

It’s 11:30 here on the west coast. I’m hoping we see it within the next hour or two. Keep us posted guys.

Two hours later and still nothing??? C’mon Valve

That´s just plain stupid. I just wanted to play with a friend of mine who bought the disc release. I bought it via steam.
Now i can´t patch properly, can´t log in @ GFWL and can´t play online :[

Steam patch is out. :wink:

Yep, and I can verify my gaming keyboard is now recognized.